Truths About the Persecution

In 2000, the Mudanjiang City Labor Camp in Heilongjiang Province founded a Female Division for the sole purpose of persecuting female Falun Dafa practitioners. They sent some female guards for that purpose. At first, they put on a hypocritical mask and faked kindness. After that failed, they beat and tortured the practitioners and spread rumors about them. They fanatically tortured determined practitioners who kept studying Fa and doing Dafa exercises. This kind of persecution lasted for more than half a year. In the end, they sent three determined practitioners to Harbin City Labor Camp to be further persecuted.

The Truth and People's Heart

A Dafa practitioner's song resounded in the narrow hallway of a detention center. When a criminal heard the song, she cried so hard she was covered in tears. Li, a common inmate who was arrested for theft got very excited. She completely changed after she heard the song. She couldn't wait to recite the poems from Hong Yin, and conducted herself according to Dafa. One day, she fell asleep after she recited the first two paragraphs of Lunyu. She had a dream in which she saw Master coming to her. After she woke up, she was so surprised and happy that she became twice as diligent. Everyday when she made her bed, she concentrated on reciting the Fa.

My brother-in-law is retired and used to work in the field of politics and ideology. He was against Falun Gong and sometimes said some things against Dafa. Other times he even turned in truth clarification flyers to the police station. In early April 2002, he was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer and was hospitalized. He was too skinny to undergo surgery. I thought about clarifying the truth to him and left him a copy of Zhuan Falun. In May, he miraculously left the hospital without having had any surgery. When he went for another diagnosis, the X ray showed the tumor had disappeared. It has been more than one year since then, and his state has greatly improved. It's true that one implants the seeds for disaster when one opposes Dafa, and one's cancer can be healed when one sincerely repents.

Practitioners Exchange Insights

Dafa practitioners in prison: completely negate the old forces and break out of prison with righteous thoughts. We Dafa practitioners are open and dignified on our path of Fa-rectification. How can we take a defensive stance? We should at every moment completely negate from the root all arrangements made by the evil old forces.

Why were some practitioners brutally tortured by the evil, while some other practitioners suppressed the evil with righteous thoughts? Any thought that acknowledges the persecution will cause dreadful consequences. Acknowledging this evil persecution is not our opportunity for improvement. Let imprisoned practitioners form a whole body and together eliminate the evil with the aid of practitioners on the outside. We must walk out of the demon's den with pure righteous thoughts and righteous actions. We have omissions. There are times when our righteous thoughts are impure, but they absolutely should not become the excuse for the old forces to "test" us. We must walk the bright path toward Consummation arranged by Master!

Media Reports

A social commentary on Xin Bao: Continue fighting; never compromise! Although the Hong Kong government encountered strong opposition from professional organizations, the media and some members of the legislative council, it is very determined to pass the National Security Bill (Draft) on July 9. They gave two reasons: first, you must trust the government; second, this National Security Bill is Hong Kong's responsibility after its return to China and it cannot be delayed. To have the people believe in the government and believe that the Security Bureau chief will not abuse his power endowed by the National Security Bill, the Hong Kong government is even making the people beg the government not to abuse its power on them. What kind of ruler philosophy is this? In order to prevent the government from abusing its power, there is no good method other than restricting it with a well-designed system.

Reference material: On Article 23: "There is Something Wrong with this Government." Professor Perry Link from Princeton University pointed out at a forum entitled "Freedom and National Security -- Have We Reached a Balance?" This forum, presented by the Hong Kong Bar Association (association of lawyers), relates that the issue concerning Article 23 legislation is not only Hong Kong's own problem. "The Beijing government is manipulating the Hong Kong government, Regina Ip, Bob Allcock and others. These people belong to a connected system. In order to solve the problem from the root, we must wait until the upper level (Beijing government) changes." He called for lawyers and journalists in Hong Kong to work with their counterparts in Mainland China in an effort to break through China's blockade. He also said, "With this Article 23, the Beijing government, a totalitarian government, is trying to interfere with the normal life in Hong Kong. I think the common people in Hong Kong have not yet fully realized this crisis."

News from China

A letter from an incarcerated Dafa practitioner to the family: I have been held at the city detention center for a long time. The trial opened on March 21, 2003, and I was illegally sentenced to 13 years in prison. Right now we all know the things that are currently taking place. No matter how rampant the evil is, no matter how much tribulation we undergo, they are all temporary. Everything will be fine. No matter how hard it is, we are always Dafa practitioners.