Truths About the Persecution

The thugs at the Jiutai Labor Camp make illegal profit off the slave labor of the innocent, as they force Dafa practitioners to work overtime. On May 10, guard Wang Weiyang found excuses and beat practitioner Gong Maoqiang by kicking his face and stomach. On May 12, guard Li Xiaofei brutally beat and kicked practitioner Li Xiangzuo until his nose and mouth bled and he collapsed on the ground. Practitioner Jiang Jianfeng didn't follow the guard's order and was also brutally beaten.

The Truth and People's Heart

A Dafa practitioner has been accessing Minghui Net and printing truth clarification materials. One day a debased person reported him. The district head, secretary of the Politics and Judicial Committee as well as the head from the "610 Office," police, head of the street committee and the person who reported him surrounded the building where he lives. Two police officers entered his home and tried to take away his computer. The Dafa practitioner told them, "Good is rewarded with good and evil meets with evil," and he said solemnly, "This is used for Dafa, to clarify the truth and rescue people. No one touch it!" He double-crossed his legs and began sending forth righteous thoughts. The police said, "We didn't want to come, our superior sent us." Then they turned around and left. They reported to their superior that the practitioner had not done anything. The head of the street committee also said this Dafa practitioner is a good person. At this time, the heads turned to the person who reported the practitioner and said in a vicious manner, "From now on, don't make trouble!" They got in the car and left, without doing anything.