Hon. Charles A. Heimbold, Jr
United States Ambassador to Sweden
Embassy of the United States
Dag Hammarskj lds V g 31
115 89 Stockholm


Dear Mr. Charles A. Heimbold, Jr

Kindly read my letter of appeal asking for your help to rescue Dr. Charles Li, an American citizen who is imprisoned in China.

Like Charles Li, I practise Falun Gong, advocate the human rights of persecuted Falun Gong practitioners in China, and have personally experienced the tyranny of the Jiang regime.

I was staying in Thailand where my husband was working. On the morning of the 29th of April 2003, the police searched our home in Bangkok and arrested me without any explanation and wanted to deport me. On that day, the Chinese Premier was due to attend a SARS summit meeting in Bangkok. When I demanded to know the reason why they locked me up in the detention centre, unofficially, I was informed that it was because I was a Falun Gong practitioner and the Chinese embassy was behind it.

The Swedish Ambassador reacted firmly by demanding my unconditional release. When the Thai authorities stalled, the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs summoned the Charg?d'affaires of Thailand to meet their demands.

Charles Li has been imprisoned illegally and mistreated in jail. To protest the unjust treatment like every dignified American, he went on a hunger-strike, which was the only possible way. According to sources at the U.S. consulate in Shanghai, Dr. Li has been force-fed since May 31st in a hospital inside Nanjing Prison. U.S. consular officials have been denied permission to visit him and I fear for his life. More than 10% of the deaths of Falun Gong practitioners in custody in China have resulted from force-feeding.

Dr. Charles Li was imprisoned in China after being ushered through a "show trial" in April. His refusal to co-operate with his persecutors exemplifies the spirit of freedom that Americans are known to have cherished and defended for hundreds of years.

Since Jiang banned the practice of Falun Gong in July 1999, the State Department, various human rights organisations, and the House of Representatives have all condemned the brutal nature of the crackdown on peaceful people. Now that Jiang has stepped down as head of state, he is facing lawsuits in the United States and Europe for genocide and crimes against humanity.

The circumstances surrounding Dr. Li's arrest and subsequent ill-treatment are further proof of the atrocities of this persecution.

I beg you to look into the case of Dr. Li immediately. His life is in danger.

Thank you.


Pirjo Svensson,
Swedish citizen, professional nurse


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