The Jianping County Court of Liaoning Province held a court hearing and unjustly sentenced nine Falun Dafa practitioners. The court did not inform the practitioners' families and did not allow the practitioners to defend themselves. The prosecuting materials were filled with lies. Before the trial, the nine practitioners had been detained for over five months. However, the court declared that they were only detained for 15 days and were sent to brainwashing classes. The court charged practitioners with crimes that they did not commit and quickly announced their sentences.

The jail terms of the nine practitioners:

Mr. Li Hailin, 14 years.
Ms. Xu Shuhua, 13 years.
Mr. Chen Hai, 13 years.
Senior Ms. Yang, 8 years.
Mr. Shang Yanming, 7 years.
Mr. Zhou, 5 years.
Ms. Li Guangzhen, 3 years
Mr. Guo Hao, 3 years.
Ms. Qi Xiuzhi, 3 years.


Deputy Director of the Police Department of Jianping County: Pan Zhanxian.
Head of the Political Security Section: Jiang Jie, who is especially vicious.
Political Director: Liu Yingxuan.
Leader of the National Security Squadron: Wang Zhi and Wu Shuyu.
Legal System Section: Wang Xiankuan (recently appointed to vice director of the detention center).
Police: Liu Min (especially vicious), Yang Guoxing, and Zhang Likui.