Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference

(Li Hongzhi -- April 20, 2003)

Hello! (Applause)

You've been working hard! (Applause) You may have seen recently that, through Dafa disciples' constant efforts, through clarifying the facts, and by way of sending righteous thoughts, studying the Fa, and cultivating yourselves, you have caused significant changes in the state of things before the entire, enormous force of Fa-rectification arrives. The evil beings in different dimensions are indeed very few now. So they're not able to form persecution and interference on a large scale anymore. But, as long as they still exist, they're going to interfere with students in places where there's inadequate understanding and attachments in the mind. Don't let them take advantage of the gaps in your xinxing anymore.

At present there are some frictions among students, and you all need to watch out--you can't let minor things affect the important things that Dafa disciples are supposed to do. I'm going to tell you that no matter what kind of conflicts arise, or what kind of situations emerge, it's bound to be that we have gaps in ourselves. That's for sure. If there weren't a gap nobody could exploit it. When there's a xinxing friction among our students or disharmony when you're cooperating with each other, and it doesn't matter if it's something big or small, I'm telling you, it's definitely demons exploiting the gaps. You're Dafa disciples, so the part of you that's completed cultivation meets the standard of Gods fully, but your surface is still cultivating in Dafa. Basically, as Dafa disciples, you should display the state of a Dafa disciple in every respect. So when there's friction that tries your xinxing from time to time, that's caused by your understanding or your own attachments related to your xinxing. Although those incidents are minor, they can easily be taken advantage of by messy, bad beings in the different dimensions. Pay attention to these things! You've gone through the evil test so you should understand everything.

In the audience there are people from Europe, Asia, Australia, and also South America and lots of other regions. It's not easy for all of you to sit together. There's something I said before. I said: although you're together now, when you reach Consummation none of you will be able to find each other (laughing). As you know, this cosmos is incredibly vast. Because of the Fa-rectification the Three Realms was created, and because of the Fa-rectification the human society was created, so high-level beings from many colossal firmaments came here in the past. At that time they didn't come in large numbers and they were of a representative nature, coming in different time periods to cooperate and do these final things. What this means is, a large portion of the Dafa disciples came with those cosmic bodies, and everybody formed karmic relationships. Once you've reached Consummation and returned it'll be almost impossible for you to see each other again, even if you want to. So, you should treasure this part of your karmic relationship. And what's more, those karmic relationships of yours have been intertwined with each other, and different karmic relationships were formed over every lifetime--it hasn't been easy. So, cooperate well when you do things. Each Dafa disciple's thing is everybody else's. Don't create distance and disharmony between each other over some little, trivial thing. You can't do that, and you should treasure all this. And also, you need to cooperate in Dafa things, and you should do a good job of cooperating.

For Dafa disciples there are just three things right now. One is clarifying the facts. One is sending righteous thoughts--sending righteous thoughts has an effect on your own bodies and things outside of your body. And the other is cultivating yourselves and studying the Fa well. These three things are of utmost importance. Now you're all clear on the purpose of clarifying the facts, which is to expose the evil persecution and to let the world's people know and to let the beings in the cosmos know. While you're clarifying here, layers upon layers of your bodies that have completed cultivation are also clarifying at cosmic bodies of different levels. You have to expose the persecution and the evil drama, and you have to let the world's people see it clearly, and this too suppresses it and eliminates it. Clarifying the facts is most powerful, and it's an act of grand compassion since this persecution is completely based on lies and deception. So you're all clear on the purpose of Dafa disciples' sending righteous thoughts, which is mainly done to clean out the evil beings that control the human race and make it do evil against Dafa and persecute Dafa disciples and the world's people, and it's to save the human race and sentient beings, and to clear out the obstacles to Fa-rectification that were set up. So it's of utmost importance. No Dafa disciple can neglect this. Nor can you use any excuse to neglect sending righteous thoughts. That's because if you don't cleanse yourself well you won't be able to do well yourself, and if you don't cleanse yourself well you'll also interfere with others. The third thing is studying the Fa well. If you don't study this Great Law well your own Consummation won't be secured. What's more, all the important Dafa things you should do will be like ordinary people going about their business, with ordinary-person thoughts and with an ordinary person's basis, and then that's just ordinary people, at best that's just ordinary people doing good deeds for Dafa. Since you're Dafa disciples you can't dissociate yourselves from the Fa when you do things. You're still continually changing this most surface part that hasn't changed. That's why you can't go without studying the Fa. You must study the Fa well. In the process of studying the Fa you'll be able to keep clearing away bad elements in yourself, changing the last bit of stuff you have that hasn't yet been changed. Why did I always use to tell you so emphatically to study the Fa, study the Fa, and study the Fa well? Because it's of utmost importance.

As you already know, Dafa disciples have gone through the process of Consummation, and history today has bestowed upon Dafa disciples an even greater responsibility: not your own liberation and Consummation, but saving more sentient beings. That's why you deserve to be Dafa disciples. So, you've been granted such a great, historic responsibility, and along with it you are given corresponding honor. I haven't said who I am. But all the same, I am rectifying the Fa. Then, as Dafa disciples, today you're able to rectify the Fa together with Master, so I think that as far as what's in store for you in the future--I've never told you specifically but today I'll hint at it--it's going to be the most supreme, unprecedented honor! (Applause) Have you thought about this: whoever has persecuted Dafa, whoever has persecuted Dafa disciples, however high the involved being is, an equivalence between that being and you has formed. No matter how high it is it becomes equal to you. But, what's involved are Lords of very high colossal firmaments, Lords of boundless colossal firmaments, and even higher beings, and yet now those highest places of different colossal firmaments that have done bad things against Dafa have formed an equivalence with different Dafa disciples of mine. Think about it everyone, what's that mean? I can also tell you that although a lot of my Dafa disciples have been killed by the persecution, the Fa has been set: their beings will switch positions with those highest beings that persecuted them! (Applause)

That's how it is. Why have such high-level Gods gotten involved in this? Why have such high-level Gods influenced the beings below to have them persecute Dafa disciples? They didn't participate directly but their factors caused it, so how could they not be held responsible for it? They participated, so they must be held responsible for that interference. That's a law of the cosmos. Otherwise it would have nothing to do with them. As long as there's a little bit of connection with them they have to be held responsible. When they no longer deserve to be sitting there, Dafa disciples will be allowed to cultivate up and sit there. That's how it works.

Actually, there are many things here that ordinary people can't even imagine. They might seem ordinary, but all the things Dafa disciples do are the most magnificent, and they're unprecedented. You see, this persecution against Dafa disciples is evil to the extreme and has caused a huge uproar, and the Great Law of the cosmos is providing salvation to people in the human world--such a grand Fa is being spread in the human world--but why are so many of the world's people indifferent and unmoved? They're in fact being restrained by the old forces, and they've been tightly sealed off. The old forces think that cultivating in the Fa-rectification period and validating the Fa are Dafa disciples' things and that other people don't deserve to take part. Under this circumstance it's hard for the world's people to realize Dafa's Fa-truths and the sacredness of the Fa itself. But they are able to understand things like what humankind, today's people, call "human rights" being squashed and freedom of belief being squashed. So when you're clarifying the facts your words should revolve around those topics, and people will be able to understand and they'll be supportive. As long as someone still has a sense of justice, or still has a good side, and can still be saved, he'll give support. So when you speak at too high of a level the effect will actually be bad. That's because whoever obtains the Fa at this time is a Dafa disciple, and when you want to turn ordinary people into Dafa disciples right away as you clarify the facts you're overanxious for results. Anybody who talks too high when he clarifies the facts is being irrational and doing harm. And if he doesn't listen to words of caution and is too attached, he might do even worse bad things and be taken advantage of by demons. When you've truly committed those kinds of sins demons might take you down.

So none of these things are minor, and you should handle them well. Your path is, and I think you've all seen this now, actually very narrow. If you deviate just a little bit you won't measure up to the standard of a Dafa disciple. There's only one very righteous path we can walk on, and we can't deviate even just a little bit, because this is required by history, and required by the lives of sentient beings in the future cosmos. The cosmos in the future can't have any deviation or errors due to your having omissions during the Fa-rectification, so it's important for you to walk each and every step well during your own validating the Fa. It only looks as if it's ordinary. Don't leave any stain or regret on the path that you walk when you validate the Fa and during this period when you establish your mighty virtue. Those can never be erased. Of course, whether it's cultivation, validating the Fa, or clearing away the persecution with righteous thoughts, this affair hasn't ended yet, and before it has ended it's an opportunity for those who haven't done well. If in the end you still don't handle things well, when the end comes you will fail. When the persecution first began the students in Mainland China and outside the Mainland alike indeed didn't do well with a lot of things. When they didn't do well at that time you could say that they lacked experience, or that they hadn't ever run into something like that, so they didn't know what to do. Now that a few years have flashed by you can't say that anymore. Now you know full well and rationally how to handle things, so you should do even better, and what happened in the past shouldn't happen again.

If you do well in cultivating yourselves it will have a bearing on major things in the future cosmos. The process of Dafa disciples' personal Consummation is over, but as my disciple, as a Dafa disciple, the responsibility that history has bestowed upon you today doesn't end with your achieving personal Consummation--it asks you to do even greater things, and wants to establish for you even greater mighty virtue. Of course, that means an even higher Attainment Status is awaiting you, and the cosmos has even greater responsibilities awaiting you. That's how they're related. I said before that Dafa disciples should continue their efforts as long as they haven't done well enough. Although you've gone through the process of cultivation, you should still cultivate yourselves to be even better, and cultivate well the most surface, remaining part that hasn't been fully cultivated, so reading the books and studying the Fa is of utmost importance.

You know something? I discussed the Fa of "Ascending in Broad Daylight" before, and that's about the surface body ascending in broad daylight once it's fully cultivated. But do you know what kind of people used to ascend in broad daylight? None of those who ascended in broad daylight left the Three Realms. The reason being, in the eyes of the Gods in the heavens, human flesh bodies are the filthiest and absolutely can't be brought to the heavens. So no matter how well you cultivated you couldn't do it. You wouldn't have the kind of purity and sacredness they do in the heavens, and you couldn't reach that state. But what I'm doing today isn't just making changes to your body at the surface, and it's not just about making it truly possible for people in the human world to cultivate into Gods beyond the Three Realms in the future. Rather, it's to harmonize the entire cosmic system. In the past almost nobody was able to cultivate into a God outside of the Three Realms. Like I just said, even though they ascended during broad daylight they were all becoming Gods within the Three Realms. They didn't leave the Three Realms, but they were Gods. Yet what I want to do today and the cultivation method I've conferred to Dafa disciples are to establish in the cosmos an unprecedented, higher wisdom. The goal is to make it possible for beings that drop down in the future to return from here--at the very least they'll have such a chance. This is part of the cosmos being able to harmonize itself. Why do I emphasize this often? Today, the ability of Dafa disciples to get to that final step will create the path for human beings to become Gods. Never before in history has that happened. In the past, those who truly left the Three Realms were all Assistant Spirits. A number of beings within the Three Realms succeeded in cultivation with bodies, and they were all Gods within the Three Realms. But this time, not only will Dafa disciples cultivate their bodies out of the Three Realms, but also I'll have you cultivate to different levels, up to Kings and Lords of extremely high levels. And that's also validating the wisdom of the new cosmos, and it will be one of the forms in which future beings reach the state of harmonizing. So this is no minor thing. The very end of changing the surface body is about reaching the highest purity. Reaching such a high degree is something that's never been done by Gods and no Gods ever dared to think about it, because in the eyes of Gods everything down below is unbearably filthy. This time I've done such a thing. Dafa disciples' Consummation is setting the precedent, and it has created this path for the future. We're saying "create," but in reality the Fa had the wisdom long ago. It's merely being fulfilled now.

Why was it necessary to do it this way? As I just said, it's because the cosmos needed to be harmonized. Actually, there were many, many factors. If this path is blazed one of the biggest problems will be resolved, and that's something no God in the cosmos dared to imagine. Do you know how Gods exist? Those of you who've been to the middle part of the United States may have seen that some of the barren mountains and exposed rocks in the U.S. resemble human beings, particularly those in the South and the Southern part of the middle of the country, and they look a lot like Gods. Some of those rocks resemble Bodhisattvas and Buddhas, and some look like other Gods. Why is it that way? Actually those correspond to Gods--they're the lowest part of Gods. The Gods of the past have a correspondence with the surface planets, and they all have a life-circulation system. The Gods make sure that the rocks don't decay, and the existence of the rocks guarantees the life of the Gods; once the rocks decay, the divine bodies will dissolve, and some Gods would then fall down. That's their relationship. It's in fact controlled by higher Gods. Yet this kind of corresponding is not a particles-forming-particles process in which small particles form big particles, and big particles form a layer of even bigger particles. Rather, the material nature becomes less and less, meaning, the matter fades away more and more until it fades to the standard of a divine body; in fact, the matter also gets lighter and lighter until it gets to the Gods of different levels and the highest Gods. Of course, the more it has faded, the purer it is. I've said before that when Dafa disciples came from Europe to attend a Fa conference by airplane it seemed like they'd traveled quite far, but in the eyes of Gods the particle Earth is like a small grain of sand, so tiny, and the distance you moved is like not moving at all. That's how it is for humans. And Gods in fact have the limits of different Gods. The Gods of the past traveled within their boundaries, and the limits resulted from the correspondence with the rocks on Earth. They couldn't dissociate from, and they couldn't bring with them, the rocks on the surface planets of the cosmos. If they lost that corresponding rock it'd be like they lost their roots and lost what assured their lives, and they would disintegrate and be destroyed. I've never told you this. (Applause)

I've revealed this to you today. This means that the problem has been solved. Why did I say that the Gods of the future and the new cosmos of the future are incredibly wonderful? It takes a long lecture on Fa to discuss each and every wonderful thing. As I see it, the Gods of the future will truly be like Gods--they won't need to correspond to the rocks on Earth anymore. And Gods of other systems won't need to correspond to rocks and matter on the surface particles in their own systems. The reason is, in the past, if Gods didn't have the lowest and largest matter to correspond to, they would lose the circulation system of matter, and their lives wouldn't be assured. There was that kind of relationship. Then have you thought about this: rocks are made of molecules, and that's to say, so are human bodies, so when you've succeeded in cultivating the most surface, material body a human has, won't you be bringing with you this fundamental assurance? Wherever you go you won't be limited by that. But you have to achieve the purity and sacredness required by that level. And I can tell you all, during the Fa-rectification I've already turned the worst into the best and most perfect condition. (Applause)

Gods of different levels all in fact have their own scope of limits at different levels, the limits of beings at those levels. As far as human beings are concerned, nobody's ever told them what kind of state Gods are in, and that's not allowed. The old cosmos will completely disintegrate and everything will pass. What I talked about all had to do with the past. The future won't be that way, it's really wonderful. The Gods of the future will completely break away from the limitations of the Gods of the past, and they'll become even more wonderful, noble, and God-like. So, rectifying the Fa in the cosmic bodies isn't just about rectifying the order in the cosmos because it's no longer good enough, or rectifying the Fa of the past because it's no longer good enough. It's not limited to that. If it were, then think about it, it actually wouldn't have to be done by me. It was because there were many, many problems that needed to be resolved on a fundamental level that I came. (Applause) Like you, no matter what Master says, this surface body of Master's looks the same as yours, here we have a human appearance. But as you know, you're cultivators, so you're fundamentally different from human beings. Of course, there's another difference between you and me, and since I've discussed that with you before I won't talk about it here.

What I'm saying is, during your cultivation you have to seize the day and cultivate yourselves well. No matter how busy you are or how many things you have to do, you can't neglect your own Fa study and cultivation. It's the fundamental guarantee that you'll do well in validating the Fa, and it's also a guarantee that you'll be able to make it to the last step. Many, many things appear ordinary, but infinitely wonderful and magnificent special honors are contained in them. If you can do the three things well then everything is covered, everything is encompassed. There isn't much time left to validate the Fa. Just take a look--the evil is about to fall apart. You folks in the audience have come through from July 20, 1999. You've seen how things were then and now. It doesn't matter how rampant the evil is in some parts of China, it's not the same anymore. And this is true around the world. People are more and more clear about this evil persecution. The world's people are awakening. Changes like this only come about when the evil has been eliminated to that extent. Only when the evil is purged can people awaken. To put it another way, the evil persecution can't hold up anymore, and the time that was given to the evil is running out. If before the enormous force of Fa-rectification arrives the old forces think that they can no longer test the Dafa disciples and establish mighty virtue for this Fa, then the old forces will make them get off the stage of history and enter the gate of no life, and this thing will be over. So you've got to seize the day. During this last period of time before it ends you really don't want to let yourselves down, and you should do the last things well. Now, Master isn't leading you to revolt like those revolutionaries (people laugh), Master isn't leading you to take away somebody's political power. Master is leading you to cultivate. (Applause) What you expose is the evil, the evilness of that scoundrel regime, and the purpose is to restrain the evil, to eliminate the evil, and to eliminate the persecution of Dafa disciples and Dafa (Applause). It isn't about getting some ordinary people's things out in the ordinary world. So when you do things you have to do them from the standpoint of a Dafa disciple. You need to have ordinary people understand the things you do, and you don't want to make ordinary people think we're after some ordinary thing--absolutely not! Of course, as of today that which doesn't understand is just the human surface--the people of the world actually do know. And why do I say they do know? Because every being has a side that knows; he knows what Dafa is all about. Things were how they were a while ago because evil elements separated the human surface from the side of people that knows, and they manipulated the human surface that doesn't know. Now those elements are being gradually cleared away, more and more of them are being eliminated, what's left is becoming less and less, and the world's people are becoming ever more awake.

You must have seen the epidemic that's come along in China now, right? Hasn't a huge epidemic arrived? To put it in human terms, it's Heaven punishing people. What it's targeting, we Dafa disciples know full well: it's targeting those who don't deserve to be saved, who are impossible to save while Dafa disciples clarify the truth, and who aren't useful to the evil rotten spirits. This is the first round of cleansing. Heaven is punishing the evil, yet China is still lying to cover up the number of deaths, and I'll tell you, it's huge, and it hasn't peaked yet. People find it scary, but in fact, the truly horrible thing hasn't begun yet. This isn't the real, big cleansing when the Fa starts to rectify the human world. It'll be even more horrifying when that big cleansing arrives, and it'll target the entire world. When the vicious people go crazy they don't fear anything, but, when the calamity really descends on them they'll be stunned. Wait and see, this is going to be an eventful year. A lot is going to happen.

A lot of students rushed over from other regions. They might have a lot of things they want to ask me. I won't talk for too long, as I don't want to take too much of your time. If you feel there are questions you have to ask Master you can write them on slips of paper and pass them up here, and I'll answer them for you. (Long applause)

I'll talk to you about something in passing. Master is treating sentient beings with the greatest compassion, and this is the case in every situation. At every Dafa conference, as long as I attended, I've always referred to you as Dafa disciples. All of the students that have seen me in a public setting, I've always referred to you as Dafa disciples. (Applause) But a number of you didn't form karmic relationships with me in the course of history; you entered during the spreading of Dafa this time, and relatively speaking you have more tribulations. There are students like this in Mainland China and overseas, too, and the tribulations manifest differently for you. However, the pressure on removing human attachments and on your mind is by no means light. But regardless of your situation, Master will definitely treat you equally. As long as you're counted among the disciples of Dafa, Master will treat you as a Dafa disciple and guide you. (Applause) But, you have to do well yourselves. (Applause) It looks to me like the persecution and your validating the Fa amidst it have come to the latter stages. Time is running out, and those of you who haven't done well should think about it--you should really take a hard look at yourselves. This is the first time I've warned Dafa disciples this way. (Applause) Whether you can Consummate is up to you.

There are some people who are still doing some shameful and filthy things, things that are a disservice to Dafa, and things undeserving of the title of Dafa disciple. I haven't treated you differently. In the end, when you can't progress to Consummation, you yourself will have to bear the responsibility! Master isn't trying to scare anyone. Whoever misses out on this historic opportunity, whoever misses out on this chance, when you realize what you've missed out on you won't even want to live even if you are allowed to! Don't think that since Master is always merciful you can take Master's mercy for granted! There are standards for Dafa disciples, and the Fa has standards. It's not like everyone can just goof around together and pass muster. Every person's spirit is being hit upon, every person is genuinely cultivating himself, and every person is thinking about how to be responsible to his own existence! Why are some of you not able to do this?! Looking at you, Master is so worried! Looking at you, Master is so worried! Master's words today might have been harsh, but maybe it wouldn't work if I didn't use a heavy hammer. If I'm not able to save you it will be my greatest regret. It would be great if you could be as worried as I am.

All right, I'll answer your questions now. (Applause)

Question: All of the Jinan Dafa disciples pass on their greetings to Master.

Teacher: Thank you. (Applause)

Question: Austrian Dafa disciples send Master their greetings. Dafa disciples from Urumqi, Xinjiang, send their greetings to Master.

Teacher: Thank you. (Applause)

Question: Whenever some calamities befell human beings, such as "9-11," the current SARS virus, and the mad persecution against Dafa disciples, or for instance the massive arrest of Dafa disciples on Tiananmen Square on October 1, 2000, my body would suddenly experience strong karma-elimination reactions. But they quickly passed. Was I enduring karma for ordinary people or were there other reasons?

Teacher: Each and every one of you is in the process of cultivating, so there's really no such thing as your bearing things for others. Maybe the old forces happened to create a situation at those times. The old forces made meticulous arrangements in the past. It's hard for you even just to bear what's your own [karma], not to mention things for others (laughs). But, this doesn't rule out cases where you fail to pass tests well or where you have attachments or do something wrong but haven't realized it and the old forces or evil beings interfere and cause discomfort in your body. Earlier on those kinds of things happened a lot.

Question: In the solemn and tragic long process of history, why did most of the people play roles that they didn't want?

Teacher: This is simple. It was just as if everybody were acting, and the old forces absolutely would not let you act it out according to your own will. They definitely arranged everything about it, as if there were a script. In other words, in different historic periods what kind of state this drama would reach, what human beings would have, and what would happen after a period of history was over, all the way till obtaining the Fa in the end and how it would assist in obtaining the Fa--that's how they arranged things, and that's why a lot of things didn't turn out the way you hoped.

Question: Why had the idea of "formation-stasis-degeneration-destruction" been around for so long before "harmonization without destruction" was thought of?

Teacher: You're thinking about all this as a human. How do you know that it took "so long"? Different times exist in different levels of the cosmos, and this results in different lengths of time for the beings that are constrained by times at different levels. Ultimately how long [in terms of time] is the universe? To you it looks like I've been doing Fa-rectification for so long, but actually it's been just an instant. During this instant, in some places a dozen years or several decades have passed, in some places it's almost concurrent, and in some places tens of millions of years or hundreds of millions of years have passed, and all of that is caused by the times defined for beings in different dimensions. You can't think about things in terms of human time.

Question: Master, please shed light on two questions I have. What's the difference between a cultivator's looking inward and an ordinary person's self-examining?

Teacher: I think this question is… (people laugh) You all know what I want to say, but I'll still say it: it seems like it was raised by someone who's just started. When you cultivate in Dafa, and when every disciple clarifies the facts among ordinary people, in what way does it look different from ordinary people going about their business? You're all cultivators now, and how are cultivators different from ordinary people? You eat, and ordinary people do too, right? The fundamental nature is different, the ultimate goal and basis are different, the goal in life that you're trying to achieve is different, and the fundamental changes in the bodies are different. While the human race pursues things it constantly accumulates karma; while Dafa disciples continually cultivate they eliminate their karma and constantly transform their bodies into divine bodies. Could these be the same? Maybe they look the same. (Applause)

Question: When discussing China's dynasties and reincarnation, Master mentioned that the United States is from the Great Qing Dynasty, (Teacher: I didn't say the United States came from the Great Qing, did I?) (People laugh) Australia is from the Xia Dynasty, but France is a country with a long history. So, is this a misprint or is there some other inner meaning?

Teacher: Alas, (people laugh) since you call me Master, I'll answer it for you. (People laugh, applaud) Actually, I didn't say that the United States was the Great Qing. What I said was the United States is the Great Ming (people laugh)--France is the Qing. Of course, this is speaking in general, broad terms. It doesn't apply to every single person in those nations, because in the past there was a large number of people who came and reincarnated on their own, and that happened in different regions. France is a country with several hundred years of history, and it's the country that has best preserved the fine arts of this human civilization. There wasn't any misprint in the book.

Question: I obtained the Fa after "7.20." When the phenomenon of sickness karma occurs, if I regard it as sickness karma and acknowledge it, would I be acknowledging the old forces' arrangements? Should I send righteous thoughts?

Teacher: I've talked about this in Zhuan Falun. Eliminating karma doesn't simply involve eliminating karma. Although you're cultivating now, you can't think like "I won't pay off any more karma, I'll just eliminate all of it and I'm done." You can't do that. You created karma by doing bad things in your past. Only when you've done bad things in the ordinary society do you generate karma. You can't not pay off the debt you owe. That's why you suffer when you pay off your karma cultivating. If you didn't suffer you wouldn't feel anything when the karma was removed, it'd be just a nice cool breeze. You know, when you were in the seminars back in the old days--some of you attended seminars held by Master--when Master waved his hand, and when you walked out of the class without any health problems, you felt light all over, your whole body was light as a feather, and the feeling of being sick was gone, wasn't it like that? (Applause) But you can't ask Master to endure it all for you, so you have to cultivate yourselves. [Otherwise,] when you really got to a high realm, Gods would take a look and say, "All of your karma was taken away? You didn't cultivate your way up here? Can we allow this? No." When you're eliminating karma it is painful, and that's why you can improve. That's how things are.

As to whether there are old forces interfering, when you're changing your own most surface bodies there is a portion that you need to endure yourselves. But relatively speaking it isn't much, and it won't have too much of an impact on validating the Fa. When big hardships come along, that has to be the evil interfering, and you have to send righteous thoughts to eliminate it! Today what Dafa disciples are doing are things that validate the Fa, and they're the most sacred and most magnificent things. If you're doing Dafa things and something happens during a critical time for saving sentient beings, then it must be interference. You need to evaluate it rationally. Don't be attached and think, "Whenever I suffer or don't feel well, it must be interference. I can't accept it if I'm suffering or don't feel well. I have to send righteous thoughts." Of course, it's okay for you to send righteous thoughts. The gong you send out takes care of the things it's supposed to take care of, and when it comes to things it's not supposed to take care of the gong will act according to the Fa, because that gong was cultivated by your cultivating according to the Fa's standard. (People laugh) So what I think is, you should do things rationally.

Question: Do karmic relationships exist between the master souls and subordinate souls?

Teacher: Some have karmic relationships, some don't. I'm only talking about ordinary people, not Dafa disciples. With the world's people, I often find that a person was so-and-so in history, but then at a different place I'd discover that another person was also so-and-so in history. Even in the U.S., so far away and separated by the ocean, I still find this phenomenon. Why? This means that people have master souls, subordinate souls, and other elements. I've also said that people also have elements of the human flesh body. So it's possible for several persons living at the same time in the world to have been the same person in history. There are a lot of phenomena like this.

Question: Dafa disciples from Harbin send greetings to esteemed Master.

Teacher: Thank you all. (Applause)

Question: No matter how harsh and perilous the environment or how rampant the evil, we will for sure follow Master and walk our final path well. Master, please rest assured.

Teacher: Thank you. (Applause) I believe it, I now truly believe it. When the evil persecution first began around July 20, 1999, I could only watch and see whether you could make it (laughs). Do you remember something I said in the past, before July 20, 1999? I said that even if I could successfully save just one person, my things wouldn't be done in vain.(Applause) I'll tell you, at that time I wasn't sure in my mind--I didn't know if you would be able to come through at truly critical moments. Of course, if there really was only one person who succeeded in cultivation I would make him the cosmos, and he'd have everything. (Applause) Of course, (laughing) now there's not just one person. It's just like what you've seen. Now I truly believe it. Dafa disciples' righteous thoughts can't be undermined by anyone. Success is a question of Dafa disciples' accomplishment during the Fa-rectification period, and it's a question of whether those people in the world with karmic relationships can be saved, whereas the Fa-rectification in the cosmic body is bound to succeed.

Question: On behalf of Beijing Dafa disciples, I pass on greetings to Master.

Teacher: Thank you. (Applause)

Question: I have another question, which is about whether a certain individual is a spy or was brainwashed. Can we ask Master such questions?

Teacher: Here's how I look at it. Whether someone is brainwashed or not is just a human thing. What I look at is a being's fundamentals. Everyone who doesn't walk his path well will stain his own history and bring irreparable damage and loss to his own future. But, in order to save sentient beings Master offers the grandest compassion. Like I've said in my past lectures, I don't care whether you're a spy or what kind of work you do, I treat you as a human being. You're all human beings first--it's just that your line of work is different. Don't miss this extremely rare opportunity just because your line of work is different. Be responsible to your own being. I can't deny you salvation just because your line of work is different. But, on the other hand, I can't have you Consummate and stay on in the future just because your work is special even when you've done things that damage Dafa, or when you've done disservice to Dafa and Dafa disciples. That's how it works. Of course, there are still chances since the persecution hasn't ended, but time is running out fast. What to do and how to make amends is up to you. Seize the day!

Question: Some people can't give up Dafa, but also can't let go of their humanness. On the surface they are cultivating and doing some Fa-rectification things, but they are in fact stirring up trouble and creating disturbances, with some even committing suicide or being gay. What will become of these people? Will they go to the dimension of demons? And what will happen to those who stick up for them?

Teacher: I know about all of that. Unless I have absolutely no choice I don't want to expel them, so I'm observing and watching these things. It's best that these people, if they want to do themselves justice, wake up quickly--wake up quickly! If you're determined to do that, then tell Dafa disciples about the things you've done, and that could help. Time is running short. I'm really worried about you. Don't take Master's mercy so lightly. The Fa has standards.

Question: How can we better help our fellow cultivators so that we can improve as a whole?

Teacher: Actually, when it comes to these specific things you still need to do them yourselves. Mighty virtue is to be established by you yourselves, and the path of cultivation has to be walked by you yourselves. If I were to tell you how to do every little thing you'd lose the opportunity to establish mighty virtue. On this path of Fa-rectification, and on this path of cultivation, there are bound to be tribulations, there are bound to be all kinds of disagreements, and there are bound to be the type of people just mentioned by that student. It's because the old forces think, "If your Dafa disciples are so pure and have no interference, then how are they going to get rid of some of their bad thoughts? How can you prove that your Dafa has emerged from such a complicated environment and established mighty virtue?" That's why they wanted to do that and why they arranged for there to be some people and for some things to happen--it was the old forces that wanted to do those things. I don't acknowledge any of it. So why don't I get rid of those people, then? As I just said, I have the greatest compassion toward them, I'm waiting for them to change themselves, and I'm waiting for they themselves to not lose out on this opportunity. That's what I think about it. (Applause)

Question: How can we better improve as a whole and elevate as a whole?

Teacher: If you cooperate with each other well then you can do it. Everyone's realm is different, and I'm telling you now, Master has seen that some of the disparities among students have increased. It wasn't apparent before, but now they've increased, and the more it's toward the end the bigger the disparities. So there are bound to be differences in people's understandings. The key is how to cooperate better and coordinate better with one another.

Question: What's Latin America's role in the Fa-rectification? How should we do better in Latin America?

Teacher: The students in some regions are affected by their environments, their immigration status, and even their financial situations, and that makes validating the Fa really tough for them. Master knows about all that. But no matter what, you are the hope for the beings there! In the future you'll see this. (Applause) If an ethnic group or a country doesn't have Dafa disciples right now, it will bring them a ton of difficulty--and that's at a very minimum. So no matter how few Dafa disciples there are in a certain place, that is hope for that ethnic group.

One time a student asked me what "Buddha's infinite grace" means. How could human beings understand it? They say that Buddha having grand mercy and saving people from suffering and hardship is "Buddha's infinite grace"--that's how shallow people's understanding is. Think about it, no matter where you are, no matter which ethnic group, which region, or which country you're in, on the surface you're an average, ordinary person, and you're just another being, but in reality, there are always people who have karmic relationships with you. Not only that, as I've told you many times before, particles at the infinitely microcosmic levels form particles at the next level up, and the particles at the next level up form particles at the next higher level, continually forming larger particles like that. And in each layer of particles there's an infinite number of beings. If you magnify a small particle you'll see that there are, just like on Earth and the planets, countless beings on it. Think about it, how many particles make up a human body? And these are just things within your own scope. A human being is also a being that exists in the scope of this environment, just like a sponge being soaked in water. This world is like water, and the microcosmic beings and matter are so numerous that the density is like that of water. Wherever you are, within your scope there are pretty huge, gigantic microcosmic beings that correspond to your body. So when a person cultivates, you haven't just cultivated the layers upon layers of your own body, the cells of the layers upon layers of your particles are all in your image. And have you thought about this: after you magnify a cell of a particle, aren't there still countless beings on it? And could there be beings that are in the image of man? So how many cells like that are there? Actually, to microcosmic beings your cell is their planet. And it's not just cells--how many microcosmic particles make up a cell? A cell or a microcosmic particle in your image is the King of all beings in that particle, and all the countless beings in there are governed by it. If you don't cultivate yourself well your cells won't be well-cultivated; if you have cultivated yourself well your cells are well-cultivated, and the beings in the domain of your cells' jurisdiction are well-cultivated. Then think about it, when one being succeeds in cultivation, how many beings are successfully cultivated as a result?

In the eyes of Gods, it's not that large beings are precious and small beings aren't. You know, there are Buddhas even in worlds that are so tiny that they're considerably microcosmic. A being's size doesn't matter--it makes no difference, and there's no difference in structure. It's just that the particles that compose them determine the size of their bodies. Beings are equal. Think about it, if one person is saved and succeeds in cultivation, how many measureless, countless beings will be successfully cultivated and saved? But during the process of cultivating successfully, it takes so much wisdom and so much thinking and care to reconcile every single being that's in the groups of beings in the countless microcosms and macrocosms! It's just like with saving you: their issues have to be resolved just the same. What does "Buddha's infinite grace" mean? Think about it, when a person is being saved, how much will the Buddha who saves him have to give? For all those beings in the infinite microcosms who correspond to the person, he has to--just like what's done during your cultivation process--adjust their bodies well at the beginning, allow them to obtain the Fa, make them able to handle it, and deal with their karma. What a huge, involved task that is! Could that possibly be achieved without compassion? So how could everyday people understand the phrase "Buddha's infinite grace"? Think about it, when one person succeeds in cultivation it means that a gigantic, immense system is successfully cultivated. I said earlier, and it sounded like I was kidding, that if only one person succeeded in cultivation, then I would have that person become the cosmos. No matter how big his cosmic body was, I would have all the structures of the cosmos exist within the scope of his body. Having said that, don't dwell on it. Master is able to do that--that's the idea. So as Dafa disciples, no matter where you are, you are bringing boundless blessings to the beings there, and you are laying for them a foundation for the future, a foundation to be saved in the future. That's how it is. (Applause)

Question: Could Master please talk about how, in the Fa-rectification period, Dafa disciples can walk a righteous path in terms of spending money and using material things?

Teacher: Yes, in the Fa-rectification period there's been a special change in the situation. A line has already been drawn for the part of your history when you did personal cultivation. During that period it was just cultivation, and everyone has to do it that way. But today's situation in society is different from that before. As you've seen, today's science has brought about a lot of modern transportation vehicles and mass media outlets. So think about it, with these mass media outlets, in particular, when one person speaks at one place, people around the world can immediately know about it, hear it, and see it at the same time. The influence is significant. From the old forces' perspective, the evil beings are using these things to carry out the persecution and to lie. When Dafa disciples only rely on their mouths to talk to people sometimes they feel that it's hard to save more people. Of course, one of you is a match for ten or a hundred people. But after all, you're exposing the lies and the evil that were produced by all of a country's propaganda machines--it's still pretty hard. So when you make use of these everyday people's media tools to validate the Fa, expose the evil, and save sentient beings, it's not wrong in principle. Since today's science has already brought about a special society like this, while validating the Fa you need some financial resources to do those things. But despite that, as of this day, when all of this is about to end, we haven't received a single penny from any country, any government, any organization, or any company. Everything we've done has been funded by Dafa disciples' using their own salaries, incomes, and earnings.

The old forces are restraining people, and they think that only by doing things this way are you remarkable: "You're able to validate the Fa under such difficult circumstances, that's remarkable, and you've established mighty virtue." So the old forces are maliciously interfering with my Fa-rectification, interfering with Dafa disciples' validating the Fa, and they've affected people's support of Dafa and tenaciously blocked off sources of funding in society. In validating the Fa Dafa disciples have always had financial difficulties. Some students even have a hard time making ends meet. Under these circumstances you are validating the Fa and doing what Dafa disciples should do, and that's of course remarkable. But I don't acknowledge the old forces' arrangements. This is such a serious matter--Fa-rectification is taking place in the entire cosmos, and the future of the new cosmos is being created! The Fa has long existed, and I've come with this all-encompassing and all-harmonizing Dafa. I don't need the layers and layers of beings to lay any foundation for the Fa, and I don't need the layers and layers of beings or everyday people to give something to Dafa. Those are concepts and factors the old forces formed in history, they're using those truths of the old Fa of those periods of degeneration and destruction to interfere with Fa-rectification, and the effect of everything they've done has been damaging.

With that said, I'm telling you that you still can't collect money from students who depend on their salaries to get by. The principle is that we can't collect money from students, and I've said this long ago. Among Dafa disciples there are those who run their own businesses and who have a little more money, and if they would like to contribute money to do some things, that's alright, but be careful with how far it goes. When our ordinary students use their own incomes to do things while validating the Fa, that's no problem in principle, and there's nothing wrong with it, because using your own income to validate the Fa and save sentient beings is your mighty virtue. When Dafa disciples do some things together in special situations, like for example, say some of you want to start a media company or what not, and you pool some money together to do that, there's nothing wrong with that in principle, either, because it's not Dafa that is doing something, it's Dafa disciples on their own who are starting a company in society, and that's a type of work in society; it's Dafa disciples who are initiating things themselves and organizing to do it, and it's not Dafa itself that's doing that. Of course, Dafa disciples are creating favorable conditions for clarifying the facts. But even so, I'm telling you, you can't just arbitrarily collect money from our typical students. That's set in stone. Then as for the cases where somebody who's more affluent and whose daily life won't be affected contributes some money to do Dafa things, that's excluded from the situation I talked about since those are isolated cases, after all. I've never told you to collect some "membership dues" or to beg for alms like religions do. You can't do any of those things.

Question: With regard to the cultivation of kindness (Shan), I think that our inability to do many things well is due to our insufficient cultivation of kindness.

Teacher: It should be put this way: when it comes to the world's people, we should try our best to save them and we should be kind to them. Not only should we be kind, we should also save sentient beings with compassion. In this persecution those who've been harmed the most are in fact the world's people. Actually, those evil beings want to use this persecution to destroy the lives of the future people. So we should be compassionate to the world's people, tell them the facts and save them, and not let them get weeded out the moment when the Fa rectifies the human world.

But when you're sending righteous thoughts, the vast majority of those that you're handling are the worst beings in each dimension, including the unsalvageable, wicked policemen of this world. So when it comes to those ones, especially those messed up beings in other dimensions that are harming the human race, I think we can't be lenient and don't need to be kind to them. But we don't want to be bad toward them either, and even less so should we use wickedness to subdue the wicked. Those that harm the world's people, harm sentient beings, and interfere with Dafa just can't exist anymore, and we just have to erect our palms and get rid of them. Of course, as Dafa disciples, you cultivate kindness, and you don't have a vicious or wicked side. But when it comes to something that should be eliminated, you just have to eliminate it. No need to be angry, either--you don't need to be mean toward them or mad at them. We stay compassionate and send righteous thoughts to purge those that shouldn't exist. That's how it should be.

Question: We're from Canada. Our lawsuit has lasted for two years now, and it's progressing too slowly. Is it because we have done poorly?

Teacher: You've done pretty well. I often say that we don't seek to gain any worldly things, right? When it comes to doing things, I consider the process most important, because during the process you can have people see the truth, during the process you can save the world's people, and during the process you can reveal the truth. Even if you eventually get them sentenced and stuff them into jails, you still need to see whether you've achieved the best effect in saving the world's people and exposing the evil, and whether you've allowed people to see the consequences of doing evil and have thereby shocked and frightened the evil beings. Of course, if they're found guilty by ordinary people then it proves to the world's people that we're right. And of course that's great. If you achieve that effect that's even better, Master agrees. But you often emphasize the results instead of fully explaining to them the facts that you should explain during that process. Only when all people know the truth that they should know are you really validating the Fa and clarifying the facts. Wherever a problem surfaces, go tell people the facts, and you shouldn't be doing it just to push the lawsuit forward but to tell them the facts. And if the lawsuit is stuck somewhere, then that must be where it needs you to clarify the facts, and then maybe the lawsuit will naturally go forward. If during the process everyone comes to realize the truth and the world's people are saved, and even those people have learned the consequences of being used and the evil nature of the ones that used them, and they're willing to admit their wrongdoing, then I think it's good even if we don't pursue the lawsuit any further--it's not that we have to punish them to some degree. If they come to realize their wrongdoing and make up for it, and the world's people know about it, then that's good enough. But that said, even though the main goal Dafa disciples have is to save the world's people, when it comes to those very evil ones you really can't let them off. I was talking about it from the angle of having compassion and saving sentient beings. The key is to stress doing well with what you should do during the process, and the result will be whatever it will be.

Question: I have been interfered with by illness karma for a long time, particularly when I meditate and send righteous thoughts--when I'm concentrating--it gets especially severe. Sometimes I have difficulty breathing or have pain.

Teacher: When teaching the Fa, Master can't direct it at an individual, and my words won't be entirely directed at your case. Some of our students have indeed experienced situations that aren't right. But I'll tell you, in most cases it can be attributed to two reasons. One has to do with new students: your cultivation process is merged with your Fa-validation process, and in order for you to catch up, your personal cultivation accompanies your validating the Fa, and both of them progress simultaneously. The other reason is that you're being interfered with. When you're interfered with you can't always think, "I have to destroy whoever is interfering with me, no one can interfere with me." (People laugh) Why don't you stop and think about it: Why is someone interfering with you? Why is it able to interfere with you? Is it because you have an attachment, or because you have something you can't let go of? Why don't you look at yourself? The true reason lies with you yourself, and that's the only reason it can exploit your gap! Don't you have Master watching over you? Even when an ordinary person shouts out "Falun Dafa is good" today, Master will protect him, since he's shouted those words I can't not protect him amidst the evil. And how much more so am I protecting you cultivators! In some isolated cases some students really did come down with an incurable disease. But think about it, so many people who had severe health problems or incurable diseases before they learned the Fa became well after learning Dafa, so why is it that some students on the other hand can't make things work? Is it that Dafa makes distinctions among sentient beings? Is it that I, your Master, treat students differently? I really have to ask you: Are you truly cultivating? Have you truly followed Dafa's requirements? Are you clarifying the facts with the human mindset of disagreeing with the persecution of Falun Gong, or are you validating the Fa and saving sentient beings truly from the standpoint of a Dafa disciple? Yes, the old forces have arranged for some people to get in, but why is it that most people can handle things now but you can't? Haven't I taught the Fa to you?!

When problems arise, when something doesn't feel right, you have to look at yourself! Look at where you were wrong and allowed the evil to exploit your gaps. If you were wrong you should recognize it and do better. Don't forget, you are all Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples! You came to validate the Fa! Cultivation is hard, and the evil is more evil while you are validating Dafa. Those who can make it through are bound to be Kings of sentient beings.

Question: During the first five minutes of sending righteous thoughts, could we do the purging with the formula Master taught us?

Teacher: When you send righteous thoughts you shouldn't keep reciting the formula. You just need to recite it once and it'll work, except for in special circumstances. If you feel that you can't become tranquil and you readjust your righteous thoughts, that's okay, but still it's just for that moment. Actually, when you can truly be tranquil, one thought is more than enough to shake Heaven and Earth, there's nothing that it can't do, and it's as if it immediately immobilizes and restrains everything covered by your domain; you're like a mountain, and you instantly restrain them. You shouldn't always have an unsteady mind. You can't achieve that when your mind is unsteady.

Question: Could we blend scriptures such as "When the Fa is Right" and "Tathagata" with some relevant FGM television programs and broadcast them to everyday people?

Teacher: I don't think there'll be any problem. My books are being sold in public. There shouldn't be any problem. As far as how to do those things specifically, how much you should broadcast, or how much you should do, those are all things that you should manage. Master can only say that it's not a problem. But don't take a few words from Master and force it upon students who have a different opinion from you--"Master said that, so we have to do it in such and such way." No, you can't do that. Since you're working as part of the media, you should think about how to manage things well, and cooperate and work together to adjust things well.

Question: One day when I was giving out truth-clarifying materials, a man in a tour group from Beijing asked me to send his greetings to you for him when I see you. I'd also like to convey greetings to you, Master, on behalf of the Dafa disciples in Nongan, Changchun.

Teacher: Thank you all. (Applause) More and more people are aware of the truth now, and that's why that happened. Back when I was in Beijing people all over Beijing knew about me--whether they cultivated or not they all knew about a Master Li ([Master] laughs). Even though the persecution has been severe, people are aware. While clarifying the facts, students have allowed people who didn't know much about Dafa to become aware of the truth, and students both inside and outside of China have done this. This has made people see more clearly the evil nature of the persecution, and it has led the world's people to develop an admiration of Dafa and a respect for Dafa disciples. That's inevitable.

Question: A number of students have devoted themselves entirely in the Fa-rectification. They neglect eating and sleeping, and rarely do the exercises. As a result, some students who aren't very busy don't do the exercises either. Doing the exercises doesn't appear to be very important to them.

Teacher: All of you sitting here, listen up. Did you all hear that? You must do well the three things that Dafa disciples should do well. You need to do the exercises. As long as the day of Consummation hasn't arrived you need to do the exercises, you need to study the Fa, and you need to do the Dafa disciples' three things. Definitely.

Question: Could we print and publish your poems for young children? And could we use students' drawings as pictures inside?

Teacher: It's fine to give them to children to read. If the student is a professional artist there shouldn't be any problem. If the drawings are done by everyday people, though, then Dafa disciples have to be the gatekeepers. Yes, you folks sitting here, I do call each of you "Dafa disciple," but how [some of] you have acted really doesn't make you look like a Dafa disciple, so if you're asked to be the gatekeeper that's really a tough thing. (People laugh) I'd say let's still have the local Dafa Associations be the gatekeepers with those things.

Question: In clarifying the facts I often feel that I lack wisdom. Is it because my cultivation state isn't good enough?

Teacher: When you lack wisdom it's usually caused by your being anxious, being anxious in your mind to do something, giving it too much importance, and thereby developing a different type of attachment. Actually, with a lot of things if you calmly and gently talk to people and handle those things rationally, you'll find that your wisdom will flow forth like a spring, and every sentence of yours will get right to the point, and every sentence will speak the truth. As soon as you become attached or anxious, though, or have some strong intention, your wisdom is gone, and that's because at that time you've come over to the human side again, right? You should try your best to use righteous thoughts and try your best to be in the state of a cultivator, and the results will be excellent.

Actually, it's the same when you do other things. With righteous thoughts your mind isn't limited, your thinking will be vast and broad, and your wisdom won't be restricted.

Question: You mentioned earlier that this will be an eventful year. Should our media increase its vigor and do better in helping to clarify the facts?

Teacher: Yes, this persecution is founded on lies. Right now, with that big epidemic in China, they want to cover it up with lies, and the world's people have seen this. So you can expose the lies; persecuting Falun Gong is done in the same way.

Question: During the Hong Kong Fa Conference in February this year, more than seventy Taiwan students were sent back by the Hong Kong government. Taiwan and Hong Kong students are going through legal channels and suing the Hong Kong government for violating the law. Master, how could we do better in this?

Teacher: Actually, this incident itself has already caused quite a stir in the world. It should be said that you've done well. As far as how you should do it specifically, well, since you've sued them in court, then you should do it with all seriousness. Wherever a problem arises, that's where you need to clarify the facts. No matter what the end result will be, through doing this you will have chances to interact with more people and you'll clarify the facts on a large scale. Under normal circumstances you don't have the opportunity--if you just pull someone over to tell them the facts you might feel a bit awkward, right? Now that you have something to do, go and tell people.

Don't be afraid that the consulates or the special agents will stir up trouble. As soon as they do that you should use the opportunity to let more people know about the truth. (Strong applause) Actually, you're Dafa disciples, so hey, their plots are playing right into your hands! (People laugh) When they stir up trouble you'll have an opportunity to clarify the facts and expose the evil, right? "As soon as you evil beings come near, I'll grab you and I'll let the world's people know"--that's the perfect time to expose them.

Question: How can we improve our clarifying the facts to the governments and media in Europe?

Teacher: Right now Europe already has a pretty clear understanding of this persecution. It's just that there's one reason [they're held back]. What is it? The Chinese government made an agreement with many Western countries after the "June 4th" [Tiananmen Square] incident, namely, "You can criticize my human rights problems, but don't do it publicly. We can talk about it in private." They reached that kind of agreement with many countries. Many European countries have indeed talked to them about the Falun Gong issue, but the world's people don't know. And without pressure from the international community the wicked regime doesn't care. So in the absence of pressure from public opinion, the persecution of Falun Gong has gotten even more rampant and out of control. So the world's people don't know the evilness of the persecution, and some countries' governments intentionally hold back the media from reporting it. And yet their closed-door talks have been a total failure--they're absolutely useless. They've been fooled by the evil regime, and they've fallen right into the trap. That is the most wicked scoundrel gang there's ever been in history, and it absolutely cannot be trusted. I think the world's people should see this clearly now, and they should know what's been happening. Gods won't just turn a blind eye to what humans do.

Question: How can we make the PureInsight website better in this period?

Teacher: (Laughs) As far as how you should specifically do something, that's actually up to you. When you're able to correctly approach what you do your wisdom will be brought into full play. Those of you students who are involved in the PureInsight website work are walking your own path, too. I don't get involved in any specific matters, and my not talking about things directly is to leave you with an opportunity to establish your own mighty virtue in the process of validating the Fa. If I were to rush to tell you it all, you'd lose your opportunities. The more difficult something is, the more mighty virtue is established. Of course, when you really have problems that you can't resolve or when you really can't do well, then I'll say something. But right now that's not the case. There have definitely been achievements, and it should be said that you're running it better and better.

Question: Could you enlighten us as to how much effort we should spend on the U.S. State Department's position toward that head of the evil in China?

Teacher: These, too, are among the things Dafa disciples do to validate the Fa. When it comes to how certain things need to be done, I'll tell you in special situations. Actually, suing it in the US court system is no longer something that makes the US seem isolated internationally. Hasn't a lawsuit been filed in Europe as well? Also, hasn't the head of the "610 office" been sued in France? And besides, it is no longer a head of state, so it no longer has the immunity granted to a head of state. Our students have said it pretty well: the US's relationship with China does not equate to its relationship with it. I think that was said very well.

Question: Hong Kong is facing a series of issues, from Article 23 to the epidemic. The students have some questions. Would you please tell us what we should do to better fulfill our historic mission as Dafa disciples?

Teacher: ([Master] Laughs) If you really need to talk to me about specific matters, then find a time to tell me about them in detail. Let's not talk about them here.

Question: Greetings to Master from Dafa disciples on Qinhuang Island, Shanhaiguan, Dandong, Nanchang, and Dalian.

Teacher: Thank you all. (Applause)

Question: Venerable Master, would you please say a few more words to the Dafa disciples in Australia?

Teacher: Supposedly, after I talked to the Australian students last year, the changes in Australia should have been big, but I don't think it's been enough. Before it was supposed to be in this order: they do very well here in the US, with Canada being next, then Australia, and then Europe. Now I think that in some regards Europe has surpassed Australia. But Master isn't criticizing you--since you asked me to say something, (people laugh) then I'd say that you should do even better, really. Problems still come up from time to time. Wherever you run into difficulties you can't avoid them and go around them. Wherever there's a problem, that's where you need to go resolve things and where you need to go clarify the facts. You must remember this! Once a problem comes up somewhere, that's where you need to go clarify the facts. Don't avoid it, no matter how evil it comes across.

Question: It appears that there's quite a large gap between the understandings of the Fa at different levels by students in different regions.

Teacher: Maybe that's how it is. Since the environments and the number of students are different, it might have a certain impact on the students' sharing experiences and Fa-study. I can only put it that way. But I think that as long as you seriously read the book and seriously learn it, when you don't understand something Master's Law Bodies will give you hints and have you understand. But there's one thing: when you study the Fa, don't do it while holding on to some attachments. You have to calm your mind and be truly studying the Fa. Don't study with some purpose in mind. When you study the Fa, you can't let your mind wander or think about other things while studying the Fa. You can't do that or you'll learn nothing. When you study the Fa, just study the Fa. No interference should be able to affect your Fa-study.

Question: The evil beings don't allow the students in Mainland China who have been sentenced or kept in labor camps to study the Fa or do the exercises. In other words, they don't have the conditions to practice cultivation. How can they reach Consummation?

Teacher: I often see students like this: "You don't let me do the exercises, but I insist on doing them. You don't let me study, but I insist on studying. I just won't listen to you evil beings. All you can do is threaten me with death, right?" Of course, Master has said that here to you, who are cultivators. But even so, Master doesn't want to say it, because if everyday people hear it they won't be able to understand. What I'm telling you is that when you're truly able to let go of the thought of life or death you can do anything! (Applause)

In Gods' eyes the same is true with the old forces' arrangements. If you hold on to humanness with one hand and won't let go, and you hold on to Buddhahood with the other hand and won't let go, just which one exactly do you want? When you can truly let go the situation will definitely be different. The students in regions that have been severely persecuted, or in places that have been seriously damaged, should really think about it: what's really going on? Some students said that the persecution has lasted so long and even those who performed well before are falling short now. I don't think that's true. True gold has revealed itself more and more, isn't that the case? If you're truly able to let go of the thought of death, and have no attachments at all, would the question of falling short still exist? Would the question of reforming you still exist? And would the question of having you do such and such still exist? If all the hundreds of or all the thousand people held in a labor camp can do that, see if the labor camp still dares to keep you! Although this is what we say, it seems easy to say while not in that environment. That's why Master doesn't want to talk about the things over there while teaching the Fa here. It is hard over there. But no matter how hard it is, have you thought about what your future will be? Have you thought of the fact that your future Attainment Status needs to be founded upon magnificent mighty virtue? Have you thought about the fact that what you'll get is the True Fruition of a God or Buddha who's validated the Fa? Have you truly and completely let go of humanness because of this? Are you truly unshakable and solid, like diamond, and without attachment and omission?! When things are truly like that, then you should take another look and see what the environment is like.

An article published on the Minghui website described a student who told people the facts about Dafa and shouted "Dafa is good" wherever she went. "No matter where they take me, I'll ignore everything the vicious policemen say, and no matter how violently you beat me or how terribly you swear at me, I'll remain just as I am." The labor camp was so scared that they sent her back in a hurry--"We don't want her." It's because they figured, "We won't be able to convert her, and on top of that she'll influence a large number of people." (People laugh) And they won't be able to get a bonus, either. (Applause) They had no way to handle it--where could the local police station put her? They had no way to handle it, so they sent her home.

That looks like human conduct, but in fact it's not. That was because she reached that point through cultivation and truly arrived at that realm--"Now that you've arrested me, I haven't thought at all about going back. Now that I've come here, I've come to validate the Fa." So the evil was scared. Also, the number of evil beings is quite small now. The more we eliminate them the less of them there are.

Question: How should disciples who obtained the Fa after "July 20" [of 1999] handle improving as one-body versus their own cultivation?

Teacher: In cultivation just cultivate according to the requirements in Zhuan Falun and things will be fine. Just cultivate normally. It's only that the tribulations you encounter might be merged with the present Fa-validation, since Dafa disciples are all validating the Fa. So in the process of validating the Fa the phenomenon of karma-elimination will arise, and those tribulations will occur. In other words, those of you who obtained the Fa after July 20th should try your best to do well. Actually, you haven't put in more than others, because the disciples who obtained the Fa before July 20th had already given of themselves and had already gone through that process. It's cultivation, so don't be intimidated by difficulties. No matter what, no matter how hard it is, you are definitely able to come through on the path given to you by Master. (Applause) As long as you raise your xinxing you can make it through.

Question: Some disciples said that when we do the exercises by the Chinese consulates, our divine sides will naturally eliminate the evil. Is this understanding correct?

Teacher: That's right in principle. It's true, and that's fine. When a Dafa disciple sits there, isn't the cultivated, divine side also sitting there? That's just fine. But whatever you do, you can't be attached to that little bit and be content with it ([Master] laughs).

Question: Even now I still find that it's hard to handle and balance well having compassion for all beings and safeguarding Dafa's dignity. Master, would you please help and guide me on this?

Teacher: Your intention to safeguard Dafa's dignity is correct, but how do you safeguard it? Do you shut their mouths? Do you debate with them? I'm telling you, just treat all beings with compassion, and just clarify the facts to people with compassion, and you will be safeguarding Dafa's dignity, and you'll be able to safeguard Dafa's dignity. (Enthusiastic applause)

Dafa's dignity can't be safeguarded with the means of everyday people. It's brought about by each of our Dafa disciples exhibiting true compassion and kindness. It's not created, it's not created by human conduct or human means. It's born out of compassion and it's manifest in saving sentient beings and in your cultivation. When you cultivate well as a whole, the world's people will say that Dafa is good and will all respect Dafa. I said this to our persons in charge before: in Dafa the persons in charge don't rely on the ways everyday people use to manage things. Things rely on your heart toward Dafa and your sense of responsibility toward cultivation. You achieved it by cultivating yourself well, and people will admire and respect you. If you don't admit it when you're wrong, and act like you're not wrong in order to have people think that you're not wrong, then no one will respect you, because that's an everyday person's approach. The same goes for how the world's people view our Dafa. If someone says that it's not good and you debate with him in everyday people's ways, or you try to silence him or the like, that will worsen the disagreement. We should just conduct ourselves well and handle everything with compassion. You don't need to argue or debate with them. People have a side of them that's aware, and they'll be moved on the human surface too. They'll naturally say that you're good. But the student's feelings are understandable--whenever someone does damage to Dafa it upsets him. Then whenever someone has done damage to Dafa you should go talk to him. There will be people who can't be saved. You don't need to worry about people who can no longer be saved, you don't need to stubbornly debate with anyone, and you don't need to try to silence them either, because there are ways to deal with those who are really unsalvageable. The epidemic that's come along in China is dealing with those people. Those who are unsalvageable will be weeded out. It's not me who's doing that--it's the old forces weeding people out. And of course, there are also righteous Gods who are weeding out evil people. When it comes to something this significant, of course, if I didn't agree to it the old forces wouldn't dare do it.

Question: Currently in clarifying the facts we incorporate things that have happened among everyday people, like the news on the epidemic, for example, as part of the contents we use for truth-clarification, and we provide them to Chinese people in large quantities to remind them.

Teacher: It's okay to remind them. When you talk about certain things publicly through the media everyday people can't understand it. Then you can talk about those while you clarify the facts, and you can remind people, there's no problem with that. In this science-wrought society a lot of people don't believe in Gods, especially since today's medical sciences are part of modern science, so when you talk about those things they might not be able to understand, and the evil will even seize the opportunity to make up lies because of it. So you don't need to talk about those things in public. You can point out the matters to people while clarifying the facts.

Question: You've said that now we are selecting the cream of the crop of the future cultivators. My question is, I've found that some of the friends around me who support Dafa have found that when they do certain good things for Dafa they run into some difficulties. Is it because of our attachments? I ask because my fellow cultivators have said that "when there's trouble, it must be because you have a problem." I'm disturbed by that. Or is it the result of the old forces' persecution?

Teacher: It's hard for someone to enter Dafa right now unless he's extremely steadfast. For example, some people have learned the exercises, and if you want them to immediately become Dafa disciples and after they get in you lead them to do some Fa-validation things, then the old forces will interfere. And the old forces have a strong excuse, namely, "there's not enough time, and the desire he's demonstrated isn't that strong." They're saying that his desire to become a Dafa disciple isn't that strong. That's why it's hard to get in. If you ask them to do Dafa work like a Dafa disciple the old forces will interfere. That's the situation. But in some cases it's not entirely like that--there's that phenomenon, too. Also, some everyday people want to support Dafa, and from the depths of their hearts they want to do some things for Dafa. Those people aren't interfered with. So what I'm saying is, there's a line drawn between Dafa disciples and the cultivators of the future.

Question: In Touring North America to Teach the Fa it was mentioned that even the last being is no longer pure. What does that refer to?

Teacher: Yes, even the last being is no longer pure. That's true. But this cosmos is just incredibly immense, and human language is unable to describe it. When I talked about the last being it was only a figurative description. If I could really refer to that last being with human language I'd be directly insulting him. You know, when it gets to a certain level what's "the last" changes--its meaning changes. Some students asked me whether "one plus one equals two" is true in the heavens. The human way of thinking and human logic don't exist in the heavens. Its meaning eventually changes and it's not like that anymore. How large is the cosmos? How large is the cosmic body? And how large is the ultimate colossal body? If all those things have degenerated, then the reason has to lie in him. Even to the extent that I just talked about, although my thoughts reached him, it seemed that the human language still didn't reach him, so he was completely aloof and indifferent--even though he's fully aware he pretends to not know. He's thinking, "Your words didn't reach me at all." And that's because the concepts contained in the human language are limited.

For example, Daoists talk about Nothingness. If you go by Daoist theory, they believe that Non-Being (Wuji) generates the Supreme Ultimate (Taiji), the Supreme Ultimate generates the Two Polarities (Liangyi), the Two Polarities generate the Four Phases (Sixiang), and the Four Phases generate the Eight Trigrams (Bagua). They think that when it gets to Non-Being that's the highest, that it's in the state of Chaos (Hundun), and that in the state of Chaos nothing exists. But Daoists with a higher understanding said that [at a certain point] even Chaos doesn't exist, that it's empty, that that is the highest, and that there's nothing. Think about it, these words seem to have reached the end, right? But they haven't. And why not? How can you speak of it when there's nothing? So how about we call it "there's nothing," call it "Emptiness," or call it "Nothingness"? (People laugh) Isn't that the idea? So, when there's nothing, if you trace further into the microcosm, into the infinite microcosm, you'll see that something is there again. But those beings' forms of existence are quite different from the existence of the elements of the matter in the cosmic bodies down below, and their truths are different, too, and it's as if they're totally different from each other. But there's something there again. Despite that, at a certain point there will be nothing again, and at a certain point, as you trace further you'll discover that there's something there again and that that's even more microcosmic. So you can't understand it if you use human language to describe or understand it. When it gets to a certain, larger range, the differences are even greater, and it's even more of a different matter altogether. So what do you call that state? That really can't be described by human language. When the last being is no longer pure it means that nothing is good enough anymore, and that's why Fa-rectification has to be done.

Question: We are considering a concert that's related to stopping the persecution, with participation by non-practitioner musicians. Master, what's your opinion on having everyday people take part in this type of concert?

Teacher: I have no objection. If everyday people want to come and say that Falun Dafa is good, you can't stop them from doing that. That's no problem. But if they come to exhibit some everyday people's things, then you need to be a bit careful: can certain things share the same stage with us in a concert held by Dafa disciples? Of course, there's not much of a problem with classical music. But with the more contemporary music it's hard to say.

Question: Venerable Teacher, would you please talk about what we should do with the Dafa materials discarded by everyday people, since they contain sacred words and symbols?

Teacher: Actually, in everything you do your intention needs to be to save sentient beings. With regard to the truth-clarifying materials, for example, when you give out flyers you should consider the possibility that people might discard them. When it comes to this, you treasure them, since you're Dafa disciples, but don't get angry with everyday people. You should still treat them with compassion. If a person discards the flyer we can only say that he missed the opportunity. But when that person is really no good and is unsalvageable, Gods will regard what he did as a sin. Master has said this: I disregard all the sins that the sentient beings have committed throughout history; I only look at the being's attitude toward Dafa during the Fa-rectification. I treat all beings at all levels this way. But when a being has really persecuted Dafa disciples or has really been bad to Dafa, his new debts and old debts are all tallied together in hell. And that's because for beings that can't be saved, they can't not pay for the sins they owed before, and so for them their new debts and old debts are all tallied together. Dafa disciples cultivate Zhen, Shan, Ren, so they have compassion for all beings. You can't just have compassion for those who read the materials, and have no compassion for those who don't--you can't do that (laughs). In saving people, you have to be patient, and that's Dafa disciples' compassion.

Question: Would you please tell us, in the Fa-rectification what state are the factors in the cosmos that surpass the last being of the old forces in? Did they not think of saving themselves before the Fa-rectification of the cosmos, or are there other reasons?

Teacher: The ultimate factor of the old forces is evil toward the Fa-rectification itself, is selfish, and is an enormous tribulation for the cosmos that was planted for the Fa-rectification itself. The Gods of the old forces that are all throughout have their own specific arrangements for what they want at different specific levels. So at each level they arranged for the success of the Fa-rectification. But from the perspective of the Fa's mighty virtue, the old forces at higher levels are eliminating the ones at the next level down, because they know that whoever takes part in the Fa-rectification will have to be eliminated--this is the Great Law of the cosmos after all, so no being at any level is worthy of influencing it. The reason I say that the ultimate old forces are evil is that when the Fa-rectification proceeds to the end it's found that they are no more than an enormous tribulation planted for the Fa-rectification, and they're nothing more than that.

Before the Fa-rectification of the cosmos began they had their plans, which were self-serving. I find that once I start talking about certain things it gets really involved and will take a long time. If I were to answer any of your questions in detail it could take days, because when it comes to the process that's involved, the higher the level, the more the Fa that I teach elevate from the truths below, and so it becomes hard to understand if I don't talk about the process in the middle. Even though it's all-encompassing and all-harmonizing… you know, there are small Faluns, large Faluns, and larger Faluns, and like the cosmos, Faluns are all-encompassing and all-harmonizing, but in larger cosmic bodies there are Faluns as well, and in larger and larger cosmic bodies there still are, and in larger and larger and larger cosmic bodies there still are. However large a cosmic body is, there are Faluns that large. When it gets to the upper-level cosmic bodies there are greater truths there. But overall the truths in the colossal firmament are connected, all-encompassing, and all-harmonizing, so as changes occur from level to level the Fa's truths in the cosmic bodies change significantly.

Question: In Taiwan can we sue that head of the evil in China? (People laugh)

Teacher: When it has persecuted you, you can sue it--there's no reason why not. (Applause) As long as the court accepts the case you can sue it.

Question: I have read Zhuan Falun from cover to cover repeatedly, but still can't get the inner meanings that have to do with Fa-rectification. Is it because my comprehension is too poor?

Teacher: If you want to see words in Zhuan Falun discussing the Fa-rectification things I'm telling you to do today, you'll never see them. As a cultivating Dafa disciple, a Dafa disciple of the Fa-rectification period, when it comes to what you should do, you can comprehend that from Zhuan Falun and you can grasp it from the Fa's truths. Not only can you comprehend things to that extent, regarding what to do specifically and how you can do well, as you continue to read the book more you'll be able to even see the things of the next stage--it can still point those things out to you. And it doesn't stop there: even at the final step it can point things out to you. No matter how high a level you cultivate to, everything is in there. What a Dafa disciple should do is all in there. But if you look for the words at the surface you won't be able to uncover them.

Question: Master, what you said today is about "Attaining an immortal human body, a Buddha," right? Greetings to you, Master, with a Heshi.

Teacher: Thank you all. Don't give the Fa that I teach some kind of a definition. I didn't tell you which level of Fa I was teaching. That's because when I teach the Fa my bodies at all the levels, all the way to infinity, are all teaching, so which level could you say it belongs to? No matter at which level you understood the Fa I taught, it's only what you understood at that level. But it's not limited to that. The correspondence to human bodies that I just talked about, for example, that's by no means about becoming a Buddha--that's about how the entire cosmic system, the cosmic body's system, and the colossal firmament system are integrated and harmonized. And it corrected the problem of the Gods in the old cosmos being constrained in the past by the forms of lives. That's pretty major. So when you see something, don't go, "Oh, it's that!" Or when you realize something, don't go, "Oh, it's that!" It's not, that's just something you've come to realize based on where you are now.

Question: We encourage fellow cultivators to come out and share experiences on different occasions. But some fellow cultivators think they won't have time to study the Fa if they come out frequently and that they can clarify the facts from their homes just the same, and can do even better and more there.

Teacher: If a Dafa disciple can truly achieve the state that's required of today's Fa-rectification disciples, then go ahead and do that. But if you can't achieve that, then that's making excuses. Of course, [events] like this experience sharing conference that you're holding are in fact still necessary. But I don't want them to be held too frequently since our students would be running around from place to place, and that would interfere with other Fa-validation things. That said, though, it's still necessary to hold experience sharing conferences. The only thing is, don't hold them too often. Also, as far as certain Fa-validation group activities go, you have to do them, cooperate with each other, and coordinate with each other. You might say that you're doing things quite well at home, but certain things require cooperation and everybody's effort, and [if you stay home] you wouldn't be able to help do them.

Question: Sometimes I see certain things that are about to happen, including disasters in the human world. Is it OK for me to write them down to shock the world's people? Or are what I saw the arrangements of the old cosmos?

Teacher: For the sake of saving sentient beings you can do it strategically and with wisdom. But don't shock the world's people. You should save sentient beings. What the students see involves two scenarios. One is: the body that I just told you about, your body that's in the range of your own bodily system--and the parts of our Dafa disciples that have been completely cultivated, in particular--the bigger your body is, the more numerous the beings in the cosmos that it covers and corresponds to. Then the things that occur inside are in fact things that occur in a portion of the cosmos. What a lot of students have seen are actually things that occurred inside their own bodies, but those are things that occurred in the cosmos too. That's because with our Dafa disciples, if each person cultivates well, then, with every person corresponding to a cosmic body you'll cover the entire cosmos. That's why your sending righteous thoughts is so important. So, that being the case, what you see is in fact only the state you're in during your cultivation, and it's only what's manifest during your cultivation of yourself, and that's all there is to it. Of course, it will, in various forms, be correspondingly projected over to where you are for you to see. Sometimes it's not easy to distinguish what's from the inside and what's from the outside.

Of course, there are also some students who've seen certain things that will occur in the Three Realms as a whole. But these cases are rare lately, because this history has been re-arranged. Many prophecies, for example--no matter whether they are accurate or not regarding the later stage--can shock and frighten the evil, give the world's people hints, and warn and wake up the world's people. So they can have certain positive effects. Dafa disciples can't do things according to some prophecy, though. You should do things according to the Great Law! You should do things according to what Dafa disciples should do! And you shouldn't do things by following something else. Weren't many of the prophecies you used while clarifying the facts things that you assembled for ordinary people to see? You did it to have ordinary people learn from past lessons in history--even ancient people talked about these things--that is, to caution the people of the world. They aren't for Dafa disciples to use as references in their own cultivation! If Dafa disciples hadn't encountered today's persecution I wouldn't have let you dig up those prophecies. You see the rationale, right? Dafa disciples should just do things according to the Great Law. You are creating history, you are creating the future, and anything arranged by anyone else doesn't count. Whatever anyone has seen is from the past and has already changed. Even if a few events happen to be the same, those were only arranged as needed by the overall arrangement, that's all.

Question: We're disciples who obtained the Fa after July 20, [1999], and we were recently involved in a serious car accident, but nothing happened to us and we were safe. Ordinary people said it was miraculous. We want to thank Master for giving us a second life. When something like that happens in the Fa-rectification period, is it because we have gaps and let the evil take advantage of us, or did it involve factors of repaying lives?

Teacher: I think there are two causes. One is, is it because some students haven't conducted themselves well? Another cause is, is it because they are new students? Of course, new students have tribulations, but that situation is relatively rare, and even if they have tribulations there usually aren't any major problems. No matter what, don't think of them as a big deal. It doesn't matter if something bad has happened, the bottom line is: for a cultivator there have to be inevitable elements involved.

Question: Several disciples have been suffering from major tribulations of sickness karma, and for quite some time now. Is it OK for us to send righteous thoughts as a group and help them?

Teacher: Of course it's OK. I talked about this problem last time. But some students should look inside and think about how well they've really done. As a magnificent being during the Fa-rectification period, how well have you really done? Don't say, "How could this thing happen to a Dafa disciple?" whenever a problem comes up.

For a long time now some students just haven't gotten rid of their fundamental attachments! And as things have piled up, at the end they aren't able to overcome them and their tribulations get big. When problems occur, instead of searching for problems in their xinxing, fundamentally improving themselves, or truly letting go of the matter and coming through in an open and dignified manner by another route, they focus on the thing at hand--"Goodness… why is it that I still can't overcome this thing? I've done better today, so it should have improved a little. Tomorrow I'll do even better and it should improve some more." He can never let go of that thing. On the surface it appears that he's letting it go--"Look, I'm doing well now." You're doing well now but you are doing well now for its sake. You aren't doing that for the purpose of doing what a true Dafa disciple should do!

There is indeed a portion of students who really should take a good look at themselves [and think about] how they've done. How well have you really done? Have you really made it through like the students in Mainland China who are validating the Fa even in such an evil environment and who are even able to set down their lives while their lives are on the line? If you were really placed in that situation, would you be able to handle it? Of course, I'm not saying that every one of you has to go through that process. But isn't what you are encountering right now the same thing? Can you truly make it through? Our students belong to three different categories as I've said before, so they're not the same, and they are bound to act differently during their cultivation. Don't think that other people are having no trouble at all and they're doing quite well in Fa-rectification. It's different. The fundamental situation is different, and there are no references or comparisons to draw. As I've already said, in cultivation there's no reference and there are no models to follow. "Someone has done such and such, so I'll just learn from him and do the same." It isn't the same. The situation you have won't come about for him.

As a matter of fact, for many students it's been so long now, and especially after going through July 20, 1999, you should really take a good look at a lot of things on a fundamental level. You should calm down and truly think things over. Don't think that "now that I'm a Dafa disciple I should have nothing bad happen to me. If anything happens then it's not right." And don't think that you should go through whatever other people go through. Each person's situation is different. The key is how well you yourself really do. What you're attached to in your mind all day long are all ordinary people's things, you're even befuddled head-over-heels by feelings, and yet when tribulations come you say, "I'm a Dafa disciple who's suffered from tribulations for a long time." (People laugh) (Sigh)… Sometimes I don't want my words to be too harsh, but if they're too soft you don't want to think it over and enlighten from it. It's about to end. You should think for yourselves now. Time waits for no one!

When the day of Consummation really comes, let me tell you, Dafa disciples really will Ascend in Broad Daylight, and the whole world will be able to see it. (Applause) Those who won't be able to Consummate, when that day comes all you can do is just sit there and sob! For the ones who haven't cultivated well, I'd say it'll be too late to cry.

Question: Recently there has been an instance(s) around us of a man and a woman having an affair….

Teacher: I think I talked about it just now, I've already talked about this issue. The things certain people have done make them undeserving of even the title "Dafa student"! They don't even deserve to be called "human beings," and yet they still call themselves "Dafa disciples"?! I'm waiting for you--do you not realize that?!

Sometimes when I see the things that you do it really makes me sad. Yet if I were to really give up on you, that would really pain me, too. I really don't want to abandon you just like that. But you just won't strive to improve! You just won't perform honorably! And you're even tarnishing the reputation of Dafa and doing things that are even undeserving of the title of "human being," yet you still call yourself a Dafa disciple! Let me put it this way, what I said just now is for all of those who have done things that are undeserving of the status of Dafa disciples. You'd better tell people about those things openly. That way, many things of yours will be eliminated, and at the same time it will make you really strengthen your resolve [to correct your behavior]. I'm telling you that for you time is really limited now. For all of you who've done those bad things--and I'm not including those who've already corrected themselves, I'm talking about those who are still doing the bad things, and those who are providing information to China's evil Communist scoundrel gang--the moment I truly give up on you is the moment you go down to hell! I'm really not just trying to scare you. Because it hasn't ended yet it is still an opportunity for all beings. Master has been waiting for you over and over again!

Question: Is there anything that we need to pay special attention to while teaching new students to send righteous thoughts during the nine-day lecture class?

Teacher: Actually, you don't have to tell new students to send righteous thoughts ([Master] laughs), since at that time their abilities aren't yet that great. That's because they have just begun to learn the Fa after all, and they need to go through a process. Don't be too eager to have them send righteous thoughts.

Question: My understanding is that the individual cultivation of a Dafa disciple is directly related to the cosmic body that's connected to him. When the Fa rectifies the colossal firmament, will the cultivators of the future be responsible for the cosmic bodies that correspond to them, or will they [the cosmic bodies] have already been rectified by the Fa?

Teacher: During the course of your cultivation, the cosmic body that corresponds to your body, no matter how big it is, is rectified as you achieve success in your cultivation, and that's for sure. But if you don't cultivate well they can't be rectified. Of course, there is another factor that's at play, namely, the Fa-rectification--when my immense force of Fa-rectification arrives, the good ones will be kept and the bad ones will be dealt with. So the time before the Fa-rectification arrives is the best opportunity for you to save sentient beings. When the time comes it will wait for no one. As soon as the immense force of Fa-rectification arrives, however things should be will be.

Question: All the students in Israel send greetings to esteemed Master!

Teacher: Thank you! (Applause)

Question: Esteemed Master, please tell us the connection between Moses, Israel, and Fa-rectification.

Teacher: Moses has nothing to do with the Fa-rectification. But I'll tell you something, and you shouldn't casually tell it to ordinary people, as it'd be hard for ordinary people to understand. The truth is, Moses was in fact the God who was saving the believers of Judaism. After the Jews left Egypt the God that oversaw them was actually Moses. They called out to Yahweh, but actually Yahweh didn't save people since Yahweh is a higher God; the God who saved people was Moses. Moses, Jesus, and St. Mary are all on the plane of Gods who save human beings. So Moses was the one who truly oversaw the Jewish beliefs. These are things people don't know much about. What I'm saying is the real situation. The Jewish race was created by Gods, too, and so they are also a group we should try to save in the Fa-rectification.

Having come to this topic, let me tell you a few things you'll enjoy hearing. (Everyone laughs) (Applause)

Just now I talked about the nation of Israel. The Bible says that Yahweh created the Israelites. Actually, this small universe of ours, the small universe that I've always referred to, what's this small universe called? It's Pan Gu from Chinese legends who created heaven and earth. He's not Chinese, and he's not a human being of any race on Earth. He is a God in the heavens, he's a universe. Pan Gu's "creation of heaven and earth" took place during the process where the small universe of the last period was destroyed and the small universe was recreated. His body is the process of this small universe's "formation-stasis-degeneration-destruction" cycle, but his being isn't. Haven't I talked about the Trinity of Gods before? He has a Divine Body and he has a True Spirit. His True Spirit isn't it, but his body is the small universe that I talk about. In legends from history the world's people talk about how he came to life in this way: a shape was gradually formed out of the state of Chaos, and then he was formed; he separated Heaven from Earth, and then he stood up and held up Heaven. That's people humanizing him more and more and attaching more human feelings to him in legends. What people like has distorted reality.

You know, the human body is a small universe and it has layers upon layers of sentient beings. When the Pan Gu universe was initially formed, just like a human embryo in the mother's womb, the small universe was just a particle in the more gigantic cosmic body. The cosmic body has all the elements that can form life. When the small universe of the last period ended in the cycle of formation-stasis-degeneration-destruction, the cosmic body was already preparing for the formation of a new small universe. In the state of Chaos after the explosion of the small universe of the last period, this new small universe was gradually formed, and the True Spirit of Pan Gu entered into it. In the process of formation, layers upon layers of substances inside of it formed layers upon layers of heavens and earths, and at the same time formed the myriad things in between the layers upon layers of heavens and earths, including Gods just like the True Spirit of Pan Gu and layers upon layers of sentient beings. The small universe was then formed. The human body is formed by small particles forming large particles and large particles forming even larger particles, and so is his body--small particles form large particles, and large particles form even larger particles. It's just like what people know about, where molecules are formed by atoms, and naturally, molecules can then form planets, planets form the Milky Way and different planetary systems, and different planetary systems can form even larger universes of the cosmic body. That's how it's structured. Human beings, or today's scientists, they've seen particles, but they haven't seen the connections among particles. All particles are linked together organically. So after Pan Gu was formed, just like all sentient beings in the cosmos, he too had to go through the process of formation-stasis-degeneration-destruction. What people described in legends was his "formation" process. Actually, now he has already reached the final process, the process of "degeneration-destruction," or in other words, the process of his aging and weakening. Today is the period of time where he's become degenerate after aging and weakening, and it's already at the final stage… Using human language to talk about Gods isn't pleasant to the ear. This is just to say that it's now a time period where things aren't good, and that's why Fa-rectification began during this time.

The moment he formed, different levels of particles came to exist in the cosmos, and during the process of his formation those particles were forming beings. Our Earth is a portion of his body, a portion of the cells in his body. Planets that have lives on them just like our Earth are scattered all over this small universe, only they don't have lives like today's humans. And that's because those lives are beings at the most surface level of the cosmos, they're beings at the lowest level, and they aren't in the image of Gods. Originally there was no division of the Three Realms. The reason there is a Three Realms is that Dafa was to be imparted at the surface level of the small universe, and for that reason, this span was chosen as a unique realm for three big levels of lives, so it formed its own system. Pan Gu is a God, and what's inside of Pan Gu's body is the small universe. So there are different levels of Gods and sentient beings in the Three Realms inside of all the cosmic bodies of the entire small universe, but only the beings in the surface dimensions have lowly, ugly, strange, and wicked appearances. So back then the Three Realms was created out of necessity for Fa-rectification. Within the scope of the Three Realms the solar system and Earth were created. Of course, the lifespan of Earth can't be compared with that of the universe. There were different planets at this position of Earth. The beings on the previous Earths all had the appearances of aliens, and their natural environments were extremely harsh. That's because having beings at the worst place who are in the image of Gods wasn't allowed. Human beings have the images of Gods, so those on the previous Earths all had the ugly appearance of aliens. To have Fa-rectification things take place here and make it possible for all sentient beings in the entire cosmos to be saved--even sentient beings at the most surface level--the Three Realms and human beings were created here. Why were human beings created, rather than have beings like aliens listen to the Fa? The reason is, if those kinds of beings were to listen to the Fa of the cosmos and become my disciples, that'd be the same as insulting the cosmos and all Gods. So after the new Earth was created a portion of Gods from the heavens came, and they created human beings on Earth in their own images.

In ancient China it was said that Nu Wa created human beings. Gods use their divine abilities to do things, and they don't need to use their hands to do things. And the structure of the human body is complicated, it's not something you could mold with your hands--it can't be done with the clumsy means of human beings--so Gods do it with their Fa power. The gong of Gods is present from the microcosm on up to the most surface level, so when a God does that at the same time, it's done immediately, it's done instantly. And he doesn't do things in the time of humans, he transcends the time in the human dimension, so when you look at it from the human time here, he's finished his creation instantly.

Several types of Gods were sent down back at that time. One was the Yahweh that Jews talk about. Yahweh created the people of the Jewish race. This type of people includes a portion of people in southern Europe; they belong to this race. A portion of Caucasians in northern Europe were created by other Gods. Four types of Caucasian Gods created four types of Caucasians. Actually, Arabs used to be Caucasians too, and Arabs used to live in the northern region of the earth, but I'm not referring to the present continental plates, it's the previous continental plates, which changed nine thousand years ago. They're people who lived in the northern region of the past, and it was the shifting of the land masses that moved them to their current location. In recent history, before Genghis Khan occupied the Arab region, Arabs had exactly the same skin color as Caucasians and they looked like today's Europeans, only they had dark black hair and dark black eyes. After Genghis Khan's massive Mongol army arrived, the locals came to have mixed blood, so their skin color is similar to that of Chinese, and they show signs of Chinese looks as well as European looks. Originally they were created by a separate God.

The Indian race was created by Buddhas, and that's why the dancing of Indians, the way they carry themselves, and their hand gestures are similar to those of Buddhas. Indians really are a race created by Buddhas. As far as Orientals go, a portion of them were created by Nu Wa, while another portion were created by Daos. Actually, to put it more precisely, the earliest race in the early days of North America and South America was the yellow race. They're now called people of the red race, but they're in fact of the yellow race--they were tanned by the sun. (Everyone laughs) The people of the true red race were the ancient Egyptians. Maybe it's not possible to find them now, since most of them have mixed their blood with blacks.

Blacks, likewise, were created by Gods of blacks in the heavens, and not by just one God. So there are differences in how black people look. Among the Gods in the heavens, some wear clothing while some cover themselves with pieces of cloth. Daos wear clothing. Many Gods in the heavens cover themselves with a big piece of cloth. Most of the Buddhas cover themselves with a piece of yellow cloth, while with Caucasian Gods the vast majority cover themselves with a large piece of white cloth; in Chinese, it's one zhang long, and wrapped around the body. We can see this in ancient paintings and sculptures. In the past Europeans similarly wrapped themselves with a piece of white cloth. And the Gods of black people wrap a piece of red cloth around their bodies. With Gods, no matter what color their skin is, they all look majestic. In order to impart the Fa here, the image of human beings needed to be created, and the Gods created human beings in whatever images they themselves had. That's why it's said that God created man in his own image, and it's true. That's how today's human beings came to be.

In the past history, before I began to impart Dafa, both the bodies and the souls of human beings that Gods created back then were formed in the Three Realms. I've told you about the process of the human race's development, the process of gradually developing and enriching human beings. When it came to the recent period of time, humans were already able to be quite rational, and their way of thinking was coherent. And when this step was reached the imparting of Dafa was about to take place. So, many Gods from the heavens came and incarnated as humans. Then what should be done with the souls of the humans? The human skins at the surface that were created by Gods were taken over by beings from up above when they incarnated, while the souls of the previous humans were left in the netherworld. Humans go through reincarnation, so those skins don't go along with them and they're taken back at a certain time. When a person dies at the end of his life the skin is taken away. The skin we see that's buried inside a grave, that decomposed skin, that's the portion that grew postnatally from the food the person ate. But the prenatal skin, on the other hand, that's the real skin, and that prenatal portion has to be taken away. So whoever is about to reincarnate will put it on (everyone laughs), it's just like clothing, and that's how people used to go through reincarnation. When it was time to impart Dafa and after those Gods came, you could say that the people on Earth that were created by Gods had done their share for the Fa-rectification--it wasn't easy for humans to reach that point in history--and so they've stayed behind in another dimension, which Chinese call the netherworld, and they haven't reincarnated here. At present, where they are has already been completely assimilated during the Fa-rectification. At present, the massive force of Fa-rectification has arrived at the outermost surface of this human dimension, and it has arrived at the outermost surface of the human skin.

All the way through to today, [the people of] different races have been like particles under the feet of the Gods who created them; although people are able to meld together and coexist in this dimension, they don't belong to the same system. When it arrived at the recent period of time, inside the skins of the different human races were different Gods who had come from the heavens. What I discussed above was about what's going on with humans at the surface. Of course, Dafa is being imparted, and today it's not that I'm bringing salvation to Caucasians and turning them into people of the yellow race, or bringing salvation to people of the yellow race and turning them into Caucasians. (People laugh) You're already clear about that. I'm making it possible for everybody to go back to wherever they came from, and if you cultivate well I'll give you an even higher Attainment Status. If you were a God, you'll still cultivate back to the God's image you originally had, and I won't do anything to it; if you were originally a Buddha, you'll still be a Buddha; if you were originally a Dao, you'll still be a Dao. What I eliminate are all the elements of yours in the postnatal universe that have gone bad. And at the same time, I assimilate you to the Great Law, rectify everything for you, give you even better things, and give you the state that the Gods of the future should have. (Applause)

The reason is, there are different beings, different sentient beings, and different Gods inside the cosmos, and they can't all be changed into the same thing. You can't do that, and the cosmos wouldn't prosper. That's just the way it is. So as far as the beings that are concerned, no matter what outer appearances they have, they've all gone through a process in history and they're all worthy of being cherished, because that's the process that the cosmos has gone through.

I just talked about some things you'd enjoy hearing (laughs). I think you'd best not submit more question slips. After I finish going through the remaining several slips I'll call it a day since I don't want to take up too much of your time. It's an experience sharing conference, so you still need to give talks and help one another improve. Didn't a slip just ask how we could improve as a whole? This is an opportunity to improve as a whole.

Question: What's the relationship between a negative being and evil?

Teacher: Actually, I only mentioned negative beings when I talked about the law of mutual generation and mutual inhibition and the correspondences among different beings in the cosmos. At a low level there are humans and there are ghosts. Speaking of ghosts, the [Chinese] term "ghost" (gui) that modern people use is a generic term, and there are in fact many, many varieties, including ghosts, evil spirits, mountain spirits, forest spirits, monsters, fiends, spirits, demons, and so on. Contemporary people refer to them collectively as "ghosts." At this human place there are humans and there are ghosts. Up higher, there are Buddhas and there are demons. And up even higher, there are positive beings and there are negative beings. And why is that? Because the higher it gets, the better--the higher the level, the better things are. At very high levels there are positive and negative beings. You can't call the negative beings "demons," though. They're totally different from demons. But they are the opposite of positive beings, and that's why one is positive and one is negative. Since the lower it gets the worse it is, when it gets to a certain level there are Fa Kings and Demon Kings. Buddhas are Fa Kings. As for Demon Kings, I can tell you that they too don't have any human emotions or desires, and they don't have any human attachments. They are beings at that realm, and that's why they can stay there. It's just that they aren't kind and exhibit cruelty--that's putting it in human terms--demons are vicious, and Buddhas are kind, so they exist in opposition to one another, and they deal with things in opposite ways.

In the past, people said that kindness and malice can be in a person's one single thought, that kindness or malice comes from a person's single thought. In this cosmos it's hard for anyone to do something. When a Buddha wants to do a good thing, as soon as that thought comes forth, malice will follow along immediately. However big the good thing that he does, that's how big the bad thing that follows. It's the same with humans. However big a good thing that you do, it's guaranteed that the same extent of bad thing will be dealt to you. Some of the things manifest in this dimension, and some of the things don't manifest in this dimension--they manifest in other dimensions. For example, say you've done a major good thing for someone and that person is grateful to you. Because you've done that good thing other beings might have been harmed and might lose out. In other words, however big a good thing you do, that's how big a bad thing will happen. So in the past the law of mutual generation and mutual inhibition was absolute, and when a being wanted to do a certain thing, he absolutely couldn't just do it. Those Gods… you all wonder why Gods have to wait for the right time or opportunity to come along if they're going to save somebody, and why it's said that "the right time" or "the right opportunity hasn't come yet," or that "the opportunity is not ripe yet." They couldn't do it because the law of mutual generation and mutual inhibition has been pretty much absolute and was restraining everything. A God absolutely wouldn't cause a big, bad thing to happen for the sake of doing a good thing and as a result cause himself to fall down. They absolutely wouldn't do that. Some monks used to go on and on about "saving people." Sometimes I would think, "They really have no clue what boasting that is." It's not like how humans imagine it. So, the law of mutual generation and mutual inhibition has caused Gods not to dare do the things they want to.

Question: Will the mankind of post Fa-rectification of the human world have any memory of today's mankind?

Teacher: Mankind, the mankind of the future, they'll eulogize today's Fa-rectification for generation after generation. (Applause) The truth about this persecution hasn't yet been fully revealed for mankind to see. Mankind will be shocked. The Consummation of Dafa disciples, the occurrence of everything that mankind doesn't believe in, and the process of all of mankind's deviated things being rectified--these will be soul stirring, and not just shocking but terrifying. All of those things will happen. So this segment of history will be passed down by mankind for all eternity.

Question: I feel very guilty because I haven't done certain things well. Even though I know full well that I shouldn't sink into too much guilt and even lose confidence in my cultivation, it's still hard for me to shake it.

Teacher: You're not determined--you don't have enough determination. As a Dafa disciple…Take a look at the persecution Dafa disciples in Mainland China are suffering under. You're a Dafa disciple too, and yet you aren't able to show even a bit of determination over here. What is it you're so attached to? Isn't that what's going on? You don't have enough righteous thoughts. If you have enough righteous thoughts you'll be able to do it.

Question: Master, I feel that some students put a lot of emphasis on "righteous thoughts" but overlook "righteous action" somewhat, and when sharing experiences they almost never discuss how to have righteous actions. Please tell us how to handle the relationship between righteous thoughts and righteous actions.

Teacher: That's not how to describe it. When you see someone not having righteous actions, in fact it's that he doesn't have enough righteous thoughts, since a person's mind guides his actions. When your righteous thoughts are strong enough your actions will definitely be righteous, and when the righteous thoughts aren't strong enough the actions won't be righteous. No matter how we hold discussions and how we talk about the question of righteous thoughts, there are still people whose thoughts can't become righteous. When you can always maintain your righteous thoughts your actions will surely be righteous. It all comes down to how you, as Dafa disciples, are to conduct yourselves well.

Question: I am a disciple who obtained the Fa after July 20, 1999. I obtained the Fa in 2000. I wonder if I can have the same kind of mighty virtue as the disciples who obtained the Fa before July 20, 1999.

Teacher: In the past, before July 20, 1999, students were doing personal cultivation, whereas now is the time for truly establishing mighty virtue. So, haven't you obtained the Fa at this time? In terms of whether someone can [have mighty virtue], it's the same for everyone. They, too, are establishing mighty virtue at this time. It's only that you have your personal cultivation mixed in with the matters of clarifying the facts and saving sentient beings. It's not affected.

Question: Is it that the cosmos's most microcosmic matter has a limit? If it does, is it the highest manifestation of the Fa, and the highest point of Zhen, Shan, Ren?

Teacher: "the cosmos's… matter has a limit"--it sounds like this sentence has reached the end, right? Hasn't it reached the end? But I can tell you that when you go further into the microcosm there isn't any matter anymore; it's not called matter, and it's completely different from our present matter, but it's still connected to the system of matter. So it can't be expressed with human language at all, and it's hard to reach its ultimate point with words. But I have ways to reach it with words.

Question: Some students think that their own assimilation to the Fa is what's most important, so they often don't want to make themselves too busy and they'd rather have more time to think things over. I think that the progress of Fa-rectification is very fast, that when there are things that should be done we should do them immediately, and that as long as we can study the Fa with a calm mind and search inward when encountering things, that counts as making diligent progress.

Teacher: Yes, that's true. With many things you shouldn't be constrained by human notions. You might say that you've formed certain habits before, but what's been bestowed upon Dafa disciples today is the state of Gods, and you should progress toward the state of a God. You can do a lot of things well if you approach them with righteous thoughts. Of course, thinking things over is a proper thing to do and there's nothing wrong with that. But if you often take too much time to think things over and miss opportunities to establish your mighty virtue in Fa-rectification, then your losses will outweigh your gains.

Question: How can we stay within the Fa principles that Master has taught us, not be trapped in the boxes created by our attachments, be able to harmonize things from all sides, and become even more diligent as we make progress during the final stage of Fa-rectification? Also, when it comes to doing Dafa things and understanding Fa principles, how can we ensure that we don't focus on just one angle and are able to harmonize things from all sides?

Teacher: Sometimes when you folks think about an issue you form a type of habit--"I want to do such and such thing… here's how I'm going to do this thing… here's how I'm going to do that thing." You ponder over it a lot and, well, to the point that you feel you've covered everything in a satisfactory way. But when you get down to doing that thing, the real, actual situations can vary in a lot of ways and your plan won't actually work (laughs). And when it doesn't work, you start to ponder it again. That's not how you should do things. Have righteous thoughts! However you think something should be handled, just go ahead and do it, and when you run into problems you will naturally know how to solve them. If your righteous thoughts are strong, everything will work out smoothly and it's guaranteed you'll do well.

Why do I tell you to do things this way? It seems passive, right? But that's not true, because the side of you that's been successfully cultivated knows everything, and no matter how you do it, it will work, and no matter how you do those things you'll be able to do them well. So you just need to have the thought. When you know what to do, just go ahead and do it, and while you do it your wisdom will continually come forth, because at that time the side of you that's been successfully cultivated will fuse together with the side of you here. That's a God, who's omnipotent! So of course a small issue will be resolved in no time, and your wisdom will come forth--it's different then! And if you get stuck Master will give you wisdom (laughs). (Applause)

Question: Disciples in Taiwan send greetings to esteemed Master.

Teacher: Thank you! (Applause)

Question: There are students in Taiwan who translated [and recorded] Zhuan Falun and Essentials for Further Advancement, among others, in Taiwanese and used "Pu Du" and "Ji Shi" as background music. Each set is sold for about five hundred Taiwan dollars.

Teacher: No music should be added to Fa lectures--not even Dafa music. Everything related to publishing my works is handled by the students who are in charge of this. Also, let me put it this way, there's a contract for everything. So our students can't publish books on their own, act on their own, or use them to make money. Even if you don't make any money off them you still can't just casually do things on your own, because during the Fa-rectification period there can't be any mishaps. So during this time you have to pay attention to certain things. As for the future mankind, people's morals will improve, everyone will be following rules, nobody will do something like that, and everyone will watch over things. Right now it doesn't work like that, the evil is looking for gaps to exploit, and people aren't upright, so we can't do it that way. And it's even less acceptable if someone wants to use those books to make money.

As to translating into Taiwanese, I'm not against you translating them into Taiwanese. But no matter what you're doing, you can't do it on your own. I've made this point crystal clear: nobody can do things on his own when it comes to Dafa's things. Of course, with the special circumstances in Mainland China right now it's OK for students there to do things in order to solve the problem of getting the books, but you have to ensure that not a single word of the original books is changed. Outside of Mainland China it's not allowed.

Question: The deepest understanding that veteran students have of the Fa is to be steadfast in the Fa and believe in Master. I'd like to ask this: where do steadfastness and faith originate from? This issue has troubled my husband for a long time. How can we cultivate and form this type of incomparable steadfastness in the Fa?

Teacher: Whether to believe in something or not is a human's rational thought. It's not from me giving you something, and it's not a state that you can achieve through some kind of a method. Dafa disciples all have steadfast faith in Dafa; that's a description in words for Dafa disciples. Their firm belief in Dafa evolves from a rational understanding, and it's not the result of some factors having an effect on people. At his outermost surface a human being has three souls and seven spirits. One of the seven spirits is called "belief." A person can believe what he hears when someone else says something--that's the role it plays. But this type of belief can't be compared with righteous faith in cultivation, because that's the outer, outermost surface of a human being, and it only plays the role of providing a kind of intelligence. But the righteous faith of a Dafa disciple is a Godly state. It results from a rational understanding of the truth, it's the Godly state of the side that's been successfully cultivated, and it's definitely not something that external elements can have an effect on. It's not about having firm belief for the sake of having firm belief, or being steadfast for the sake of being steadfast--you can't achieve it that way. From my perspective, as your Master, I don't seek anything from Dafa disciples. Everything that they're doing today--be it validating the Fa, saving sentient beings, or studying the Fa and cultivating themselves--I can tell you that not one of these things is done for me. In the future, Dafa disciples will see that everything Dafa disciples did was for their own sake. What are saved are their own sentient beings, what they're consummating are their own paradises and sentient beings, and they're establishing mighty virtue for themselves--all these things are done for Dafa disciples' own sake. Not a single thing you've done is for Master, and not a single thing you've done is for anybody else. (Applause)

So there's no need to force them to do anything. All the students rise by understanding the Fa's principles, and that's the only way they can become more diligent, and that's the only way they can become so steadfast in the Fa. That's not due to any external factor, and it can't be achieved by coming up with some methods. Master doesn't seek anything, and he won't take anything from them. I only give things to them and bear things for them. That's definitely the case! (Applause) That's why I tell them to study the Fa more--they're certainly not studying for Master.

Question: The XX Party's damage to traditional Chinese culture and its atheist propaganda since 1949 have resulted in big impediments to people in understanding Dafa and this persecution. I want to use this angle to clarify the facts, for example, and guide people to think about why there were such detailed arrangements in traditional Chinese culture. But it seems to have nothing to do with human rights. Can I speak from this angle?

Teacher: Yes, you can. You can explore this with those who are well educated and who have their own ideas. But when it comes to the average person that you run into, if you talk to him that way, wow, even if you just talk to one person a day it will make you pretty exhausted (laughs). It would take a lot of words. It's fine to clarify the facts from different angles. You can go ahead and talk to people that way, but you should end up talking about the persecution.

Question: Dafa disciples in Fuzhou, Fushun, Guangzhou, Kunming, Chengdu, Leshan, Nanyang of Henan Province, Chengde, and Xi'an send greetings to Master.

Teacher: Thank you. (Applause)

Question: Dafa disciples in the Island of Saipan, France, Macao, Hong Kong, England, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Scotland, and Romania send greetings to Master.

Teacher: Thank you. (Applause) Since what's on this whole slip are all greetings, I'll just read them all.

Question: All the Dafa disciples in Huizhou of Guangdong Province, Ningbo of Zhejiang Province, the region of Chaoshan in Guangdong Province, Wuhan of Hubei Province, Nanchang of Jiangxi Province, Shiyan of Hubei Province, Tianjin, Nanjing, Hunan Province, Inner Mongolia, Yunnan Province, Shanghai, Beijing, Zhejiang Province, and Hohhot send greetings to Master.

Teacher: Thank you. (Applause) They must have combined the slips you submitted that pass on greetings to Master. There are still more.

Question: All the Dafa disciples in Vancouver send greetings to Master. All the Dafa disciples in Singapore, Indonesia, Greece, and South America send greetings to Master.

Teacher: Thank you. (Applause)

Question: Esteemed Master, please tell me which dynasty the people in Singapore are reincarnated from? (People laugh)

Teacher: Don't ask questions like this anymore, because in some cases the government doesn't understand it, and in some cases I don't want to say. Singapore is from the gang of Li Zicheng. (People laugh)

Question: All the Dafa Disciples in No. 1 Chinese Military Medical University send greetings to Master. Dafa disciples in Thailand and Australia send greetings to Master. Disciples in Changchun send greetings to Master. We thank Master for his compassion and salvation of all beings. We will definitely do well.

Teacher: Thank you. (Master gets up) (Audience stands, applauds for long time)

Teacher: Please have a seat. So with validating the Fa, you've made it through almost four years now. No matter how much longer it will take, don't think about it, because once you think about it, it's an attachment! No matter how long it takes, Dafa disciples are responsible for purging those evil elements, exposing the evil persecution, and saving sentient beings! (Applause)

Whether you are those who've lost your lives during this persecution, or those who have suffered a great deal during this persecution, remember: Master definitely won't let you down one bit! (Applause)

What awaits Dafa disciples in the future are supreme and eternal glory and mighty virtue! (Applause)

Whether you're a student in Mainland China or outside the Mainland, I hope that all of you seize the final moments to do well and do even better. Especially those of you who haven't done well, you should seize the day and do well. Don't let the opportunity slip by. Once the persecution ends and once the strength of the evil is no longer sufficient, this thing will be over, and at that time it'll really be too late for regrets. If this thing hadn't happened there wouldn't be students who don't do well. But now that it has happened, and some of the students among you haven't done well, you should seize the day and do well. That's because it has happened after all; if it hadn't happened, it wouldn't matter. Master is able to do anything and is able to rectify everything. But now that this has happened and it's brought you losses, you have to make up for the losses yourselves. I hope that every Dafa disciple won't overemphasize the form of things. Your own cultivation, your own improvement, your validating the Fa amidst the evil, saving sentient beings, and steadfastly doing well going down the path that you should take are what's most important. (Applause)

Thank you. (Long applause)

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