Dafa practitioner Ms. Sui Songjiao was a 57-year-old farmer who lived in Shanlijia Village, Jinling Town, Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province. Because she refused to give up her belief in Dafa, she was brutally tortured to death at a brainwashing center. She is the fifth Dafa practitioner in Zhaoyuan City who has been tortured to death.

At the end of 2002, Shao Cuifeng, a former practitioner who has turned against Dafa under pressure, convinced Sui Songjiao's family to send her to the notorious Linglong Brainwashing Center in Zhaoyuan City. Because she remained determined in Dafa, Lin Tao, Song Shuqin, and Liu Yujiu threatened to send her to a labor camp and punish her family members. For over 20 days, she was deprived of sleep, and forced by prison guards to stay in a bathroom without warm clothing where all the windows were open under subzero temperatures. Liu Yujiu, Liu Jincai, Liu Cuihua, Lin Shuxi, Yu Yingbin, and Sun Yanqin took turns monitoring her day and night. Whenever she closed her eyes to have a rest, she would be brutally beaten. They also wrote down some words to slander Teacher and Dafa, and then forced her to read those words. When she firmly rejected their demands, they then used every means at their disposal to torture her. They beat her, and also grabbed her hair and threw her head hard against the wall. There were injuries all over her body. Her head was swollen badly, and her face was deformed beyond recognition. During this period of time, in addition to suffering physical pain, she also endured great mental pressure. However, no matter what method the guards used to torture her, she always said the same thing, "Teacher is good and Dafa is good."

The brainwashing center extorted 2500 Yuan from Sui Songjiao's family, and caused her family to live in terror, which pained her heart dearly.

Finally, after enduring unimaginable physical and mental pain and pressure, Ms. Sui Songjiao passed away.

To the persecutors of innocent people: don't you also have parents, wives, children and siblings? How can you do such a terrible thing to these innocent people? Would you do the same thing if they were your family members?

Whoever persecutes innocent people must receive punishment from Heaven and will be brought to justice in the human world.

Zhaoyuan City Party Committee
Vice party secretary in charge of legal and political affairs: Zhang Guifen
Party Secretary of legal and political committee: Jiang Zhongqin

Zhaoyuan City "610 Office"
Switch board: 86-535-8242287, 86-535-8258610
Qin Yuxian, director, 86-535-8211818 (home), 86-535-8258610 (office) üC86-13906458585 (cell)
Jiang Weihua, vice director, 86-535-8221659 (home)üC86-535-8252610 (office)üC86-13805456026 (cell)
Feng Shugui, vice director, 86-535-8215200 (home)üC86-535-8253610 (office)üC86-13853581989 (cell)
Liu Qinwu, vice director, 86-535-8229225 (home)üC86-535-8213509 (office)üC86-1300160992 (cell)
Zhang Guifen, vice mayor, 86-535-8216006
Lin Tao, special task team leader, 86-13953500555 (cell)

Zhaoyuan City Police Department
Political Security Division: 86-535-8214876
Patrol Team: 86-535-8231364

Zhaoyuan City People's Hospital: 86-535-8214561

Jinling Town
Police station director: Jia Yingbin; vice director: Lin Tao (now working in the "610 Office")

Persecutors in the Town Government

Wang Xingtian, Duan Guofang, Wang Ruihe, Zhuang Yuelin, Feng Xuemei