(Clearwisdom.net) This story happened in Miezhuang village, Jiaoxi town, Jiaozhou city, Shandong province. It was the morning of June 4, 1964. Six villagers, including Shi Dexian, went to the crop bureau to hand in grain to the government. On their way, they found an abandoned baby, crying. They went over to have a look, and found that it seemed someone had left the baby there, along with some money. They took the money and put it into their own pockets, then abandoned the baby along the road when they left.

They used the money they found to wine and dine themselves at a local restaurant. On their way back home, they saw that the baby had died from exposure. At that point, the clear sky suddenly became very cloudy, thunder rolled ominously, and rain started to come down. The group of men who had committed the evil deed became frightened. All of a sudden, a lightning bolt struck and killed five of them. The one person who survived was thrown quite a distance. He was the one who'd not shared in wining and dining at the restaurant with the ill-gotten gains.

Many people who committed evil deeds have received punishment from natural disasters and man-made calamities at different times and to different degrees. The principle of karmic retribution is indeed truth, and one that people should heed.