Xiong Jiwei, age 33, worked as a doctor for the Employees' Hospital of Shuanghuan Chemical Industry Group Inc. in Hubei Province. Mr. Xiong started practicing Falun Gong in 1996 and was well-known as a good person. He used to suffer from several diseases, including Hepatitis B, yet after he began to practice Falun Gong, all of his diseases disappeared. Since July, 20 1999, he suffered from persecution on numerous occasions because he adhered to his belief.

At around 6 am on July 20, 2002, after finding out that his wife had been arrested because she had clarified the truth about Falun Gong, Xiong Jiwei picked up his 7-month-old daughter and went to Dongmafang Police Station to ask for his wife's release. A policeman called Zou Musheng put Mr. Xiong and his daughter under house arrest. Mr. Xiong asked Zou why, and disregarding the fact that Mr. Xiong was holding an infant, Zou kicked him in the groin and then continued to beat and kick him together with 7 to 8 other policemen, including the director of the police station Xu Guohua. They then handcuffed his hands behind his back. That same day, He Zhongpin, Huang Guoying, and Xiao Haibo, the policemen from Xinji Police Station, illegally detained Mr. Xiong in the First Detention Center of Yingcheng City.

The environment in Yingcheng City First Detention Center is very evil. This is the same detention center where Dafa practitioners Zhan Wei and Song Huaping were tortured to death. In the detention center, Mr. Xiong Jiwei clarified the truth to the prisoners and shouted "Falun Dafa is good!" in order to validate Dafa. In order to stop Mr. Xiong from shouting "Falun Dafa is good," the superintendent of the detention center, Tang Zuqing, and director Song Jiang brutally beat him, then stuffed his mouth with towels and gauze and handcuffed his hands behind his back. Mr. Xiong went on a hunger strike in order to protest against the vicious persecution that had been directed at him. The next day, the superintendent of the detention center Tang Zuqing, director Chen, the prison doctor and Cadre Gao force-fed Mr. Xiong. Because Mr. Xiong firmly resisted they were unsuccessful in their efforts. While he was shouting "Falun Dafa is good," the policemen poured water onto him, which was very dangerous because it could easily have entered into his lungs, causing him to choke to death. They also attached shackles to his feet that weighed over five kilograms, then held his legs and rolled him back and forth so as to make his anklebones come into direct contact with the shackle, causing him great pain. Due to his firm resistance against the persecution, Mr. Xiong was released six days later.

At around 10 am on October 25, 2002, five policemen from the Xinji Police Station arrested Xiong Jiwei without reason while he was on duty and took him to the First Detention Center of Yingcheng City. On the afternoon of the same day, without any legal procedures, Mr. Xiong was illegally sentenced to four years in prison.

In the detention center, Xiong Jiwei went on another hunger strike in order to appeal against the persecution. After nine days, he grew very weak and developed symptoms such as blood in his stool, cramps, etc. His family members strongly demanded his immediate release. On the morning of November 3, Mr. Xiong was temporarily released for medical treatment for 15 days. However, the policemen from the Xinji Police Station still confined him to his work unit for continuous persecution. A few policemen from the Xinji Police Station guarded him around the clock. Mr. Xiong continued his hunger strike and demanded to be immediately released. Not until November 6 did the police allow his family members to take him home; however, they kept him under constant surveillance, both day and night. On the morning of November 11, Mr. Xiong had been on a hunger strike for 18 days. Even though his term of temporary release for medical treatment had not expired, He Zhongping the superintendent of Xinji Police Station, deputy superintendent Xiao Haibo, and a few other police broke in Mr. Xiao's home and forcibly carried him from his bed to a police vehicle. He was then sent to the Yingcheng City Legal Medical Clinic for continuous persecution. One week later, he was secretly detained in Fanjiatai Prison. It was reported that Mr. Xiong's health is in a very bad condition. Due to his condition, Fanjiatai prison was afraid and didn't want to be held responsible for his death, so they refused to take him. Later on, after Xinji Police Station and the Shuanghuan Chemical Industry Group Inc. bribed the prison almost 100,000 Yuan [the average monthly salary for an urban employee is about 500 Yuan] they did take Mr. Xiong. As of January 2003, Mr. Xiong has suffered from a respiratory infection and bronchitis due to the torture that has been inflicted on him. While in prison, Mr. Xiong would often receive both physical and mental torture to a degree that one cannot even imagine. However, facing the violence, Mr. Xiong peacefully and righteously resisted the evil persecution, treated everyone around him with compassion, and clarified the truth to everyone with whom he came into contact.

The telephone numbers of the people responsible for his persecution:

The office number for Wan Nianchun, the deputy Party Secretary of Shuanghuan Chemistry Industry Group Inc., who is responsible for the persecution against Falun Gong practitioners is: 86-712-3591216
Xu Guohua: 86-712-3511128
Zou Musheng: 86-712-3511113, cellular phone: 86-13035153932
He Zhongpin: 86-712-3591790 (home), cellular phone: 86-13971940799
Xiao Haibo: 86-712-3591033 (office)
Huang Guoying: 86-712-3591314 (home)
Xu Huapin, the chief of Dongmafang Police Station: 86-13607293616 (cellular phone).
Both Tang Zhuqing and Song Jiang have been listed on the criminal records of Clearwisdom.net.

The people responsible for the persecution of Xiong Jiwei in Yingcheng City Court:

Huang Guolin, the presiding judge of the No.1 Criminal Court: 86-13971940531 (cellular phone) 86-712-3222189 ext. 825 (office)
Yu Liang: 86-712-3244568 (home), 86-1361723995 (cellular phone)
Hu Li: 86-712-3222974 (home), 86-13807293166 (cellular phone)