(Clearwisdom.net) In June 2000, because I appealed in Beijing for Falun Gong, I was unlawfully sent to a forced labor camp. Due to my refusal to cooperate with the camp police, I was tortured in various ways. Then after my continuous hunger strikes, I was unconditionally released.

In the middle of the night, seven or eight police officers broke into my house. While my two children were crying out of fear, three or four police tried to pull me towards the door and restrained my husband. Even as I resisted, they dragged me out of the house, scraping my back against the wall.

When I arrived at the camp, I immediately went on a hunger strike while sending forth righteous thoughts. I refused to answer roll call or any of their other demands. The camp police beat me and handcuffed me for several days. I did not give in but kept on my hunger strike. Finally, the camp police stopped hitting and cursing at me. After one month of hunger strikes, they sent me into a small room and did not allow me to sleep for 3 days and nights. They started torturing me at a little after 8 a.m. on the first day and didn't stop until well after 11 p.m. The camp police hit me with electric batons and tied copper wires from an old telephone set to my toes. They then ran electricity through the wires to shock me until the machine finally broke. They continued to shock me at intervals for the two following days, but they never could shake my firm belief in Dafa.

A few days later, the police took me to a farm near the forced labor camp. In the wilderness they hit and shocked me with electric batons, and tried to force me to say bad things about the Teacher. I replied to them that Teacher taught me to be a good person, and I would never give up my cultivation practice. They eventually gave up and returned me to my cell.

One night the camp police took me to a graveyard next to a ditch. They handcuffed me to a tree in the graveyard and forced me into a kneeling position. Two of them hit and kicked me, and then battered me with a wooden club. Then I was taken to a riverbank, where the police forced my head into the water, threatening to drown me if I did not agree to forsake Dafa. I firmly reminded myself that a practitioner should be full of righteous thoughts. They failed to shake my determination again.

Late that night they brought me back to the camp. The police stripped off my clothes and doused me with cold water. Then they forced me to sit and shocked me with electric batons. It was a freezing cold winter, so I was trembling with cold but I remained silent. This torture lasted an hour, and I still refused to give in to them. The next day the police battered my knees and kicked my feet, causing my leg to swell up. I could not even walk to the restroom for a few days because of my swollen leg. They also shaved off all of my hair, poured cold water on my neck and inside my clothes, and then stood me in front of a blowing fan. They threw the nutshells from their snacks into my clothes, burned my upper lip with cigarettes, and force opened my mouth to blow the smoke into my mouth. The camp police kept cursing me, torturing me with electric batons, and threatening a "big punishment" to force me to abandon Dafa. They said that they needed to make their quota of two "reformed" practitioners. No matter how the police tried I remained steadfast. Finally they said that they'd rest for a few days and then see what happens. Three days later, they said to me, "It is beyond our comprehension that you refuse to give up your belief. We give up, then."

Two days later, they transferred me to the Tangshan Forced Labor Camp. At Tangshan, I still stood up tall, refusing to follow the police's commands or requirements. After a two-month hunger strike, they released me unconditionally. More than ever, I realized the importance of firm righteous thoughts and the power of the Dafa.