(Minghui.org) Whenever a Dafa disciple in Mainland China is persecuted to death at a forced labor camp, brainwashing class, etc, we, all of the other Dafa disciples, will quickly expose those evil people who directly plotted and gave orders for the persecution, as well as those who directly participated in the persecution. We will document and publish to the world the personal information such as names, gender, age, job title, workplace, etc, of the evil people who have committed these crimes.

Every time a situation occurs in which Dafa disciples are persecuted to death, we will do this, and each time we will continue to do this for a period of time. With our concerted efforts aimed in the same direction, we will continue to let people all over China and the international community know, using various methods, specifically who those evil people are that are following Jiang's wicked gang to persecute Dafa disciples and have directly accrued those bloody debts.


March 29, 2003