March 1, 2003


The mental state of "extremely immense tolerance" originates from great compassion. To be tolerant to fellow practitioners is not the leniency among everyday people, or a temporary evasion of conflicts. Rather, it is an exhibition of a steadfast and righteous belief in Teacher and in Dafa. It implies that we trust that all of our fellow practitioners are able to strive upwards. It also incorporates practicing the Fa of formation, stasis, degeneration, and perfect harmony in the course of renewing the cosmos. To be tolerant does not mean that we allow those attachments that have not been eliminated to stay, or that we accept the arrangements of the old forces. It is the belief that Dafa practitioners can achieve breakthroughs in cultivation on their own under the guidance of the Fa and advance to do things better in the future. Meanwhile, tolerance also implies an unselfish complementarity among fellow practitioners so that localized and temporary loopholes will vanish in the "extremely immense tolerance." The Fa will exhibit its power when we approach the "extremely immense tolerance" and when we act as one body. Dear fellow practitioners, let us be strictly disciplined and tolerant of others in accordance with the Fa. The above is just some of my personal understanding. If there is anything improper, please kindly point it out.