Because of the dramatic impact of the Chinese "305" case regarding clarifying the truth through television broadcasts, Zhou Runjun, a female Dafa practitioner from Changchun, Jinlin province, was illegally sentenced to twenty years in the Jilin Women's Prison in Changchun. When she was sent to prison, it was discovered that she had a serious heart condition caused by torture. She was refused admittance to the prison and was sent back to Shuangyang (county) Detention Center. Ten days later, she was sent back to prison. Actually, her health was the same as before. She was admitted into a police hospital and stayed there for over a month, but the authorities would not allow her to be released on bail for proper medical treatment.

Fellow Changchun area Dafa practitioners Zhao Guifeng (female), Ma Yiechi, Liu Yaqian, Li Zhixiu (female), Zhang Fan, Liu Xiuye (female), Wang Liping (female), and Zhang Liping (female) were all secretly and illegally sentenced similarly. Zhi Guifeng, Ma Yiechi, and Liu Yaqian were each sentenced to 15 years in prison. Li Zhixiu was sentenced to 13 years.