We are Falun Dafa practitioners illegally imprisoned in Shenyang's No. 2 Prison in Liaoning Province. At least twelve more Dafa disciples are detained in other brigades. The following are our experiences and the situations we are aware of:

1. Starting Early in 2002, the Prison Formulated a Policy of "Ten Things Forbidden to Practitioners and Sixteen Special Rules Practitioners Must Follow"

They organized a large number of criminal inmates to monitor and enforce the rules against us in a variety of ways. Rules included, "no exercise is allowed, no conversation related to Falun Gong allowed," and so on. Our activities were monitored 24 hours a day.

2. Police Officers Collaborate with Criminal Inmates in Persecuting Dafa Disciples

In the 12th jail brigade, police officers manipulate criminal inmates to restrain Dafa practitioners. Under the police officers' support and instigation, criminal inmates harass practitioners, continually raising requests that violate the law, infringe on human rights, and humiliate us. If we display the slightest disobedience, they threaten, intimidate, or even beat us. In the end, police officers separate any Dafa practitioners who resist the rules, and send them to the "Strict Control Brigade" where they were subjected to even more brutal persecution.

3. Dafa Practitioners Denied the Right to Appeal, File Complaints, or Report the Crimes Committed against Them to Higher Authorities

All appeals, complaints, and report materials are withheld from higher authorities.

4. The Police Willfully Deprive Dafa Practitioners of Their Rights of Correspondence and Meeting with Their Family Members

On November 19, 2002, Dafa practitioner Qi Shaoxian's younger sister came a long distance after receiving a notice from the authorities at Shenyang's No. 2 Prison to see her brother, who had been illegally imprisoned for more than one year. Upon arrival at the prison, however, she was forbidden to see her brother. The reason given was that the "610 Office" had issued an order that, "during China's 16th Party Congress Meeting, no practitioners are allowed to meet with their relatives or family members."

In addition they confiscated our pens and papers.

5. The Police Officers Instigate and Insult Practitioners and Confine Them at Will

They contrive ridiculous excuses to enforce "Solitary Confinement" (locking up a single detainee in a solitary cell and subjecting the practitioner to brutal torture) at will. The confinement can be as long as three months.

Dafa disciple Zhang Zhenxue was locked in solitary confinement for three months simply because he wrote the Chinese characters saying, "Jiang's government persecutes Dafa disciples." In the end, he became extremely weak and now has walking difficulty.

Dafa practitioner Cong Zhongxiao from Dalian City has been locked in solitary confinement for more than two months for a trivial issue. The police officers said if he did not renounce his belief, they would keep him in confinement for an unlimited term.

6. A Dafa Practitioner Was Severely Beaten, Rupturing His Kidney and Fracturing Bones All Over His Body

Wang Zhicheng (now out of prison because his term expired) was brutally persecuted when he was in the No. 3 Brigade. The Brigade Chief incited the criminals to beat Wang Zhicheng continuously for five days, until his kidney was ruptured and bones were fractured all over his body. Later they confiscated his appeal letters exposing the crimes.

7. Dafa Practitioners Are Tortured for Long Hours and Underfed

In Shenyang No. 2 Prison's "Strict Control Brigade," Dafa practitioners are forced to sit side by side with their legs fully extended. They are supplied with a small bowl of corn flour gruel and a piece of steamed bread at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. each day, which can not even fill their stomach, not to mention provide sufficient nutrition. They are forced to sit from 5 a.m. until 9 p.m. The police openly declare, "Now there is no law. Only what Jiang says counts."

8. The Brigade Chief Deceives a Practitioner then Mercilessly Beats Him for Revealing the Truth

Dafa practitioner Zhen Shijie was deceived by Brigade Chief Li Jianguo upon first arriving in the prison. Afterwards, he became sober and revealed the facts of how he had been deceived. As a result, he received merciless beatings from the police officers and criminal inmates.