(Clearwisdom.net) The evil's persecution against Dafa and Dafa practitioners has lasted almost four years. Over this time, I have witnessed countless brutal acts of persecution. The persecution of any practitioner results in losses for Dafa. If a practitioner loses freedom, no matter how determined he or she is, the outcome would not be as good as if he or she does Fa-rectification work freely outside the jail. Therefore, every practitioner's negation of the persecution of themselves and fellow practitioners is also reducing losses for the Fa-rectification.

Basically, Dafa practitioners should firmly negate persecution when facing evil arrangements and we must unconditionally and unreservedly do so from the bottom of our hearts. Only thus can the Fa-rectification manifest mighty power and take effect through Dafa practitioners, and the persecution would fail -- because the old forces must obey the principles of the old cosmos and cannot do things at will.

Through my experience during the past several years, I realized the evil usually needs two types of excuses as a pretense to persecute Dafa practitioners:

First is that Dafa practitioners being persecuted have omissions, so the evil can apply persecution and use so-called tests and tribulations. This fits the principles of the old cosmos. However, even if a practitioner has omissions, he or she should not be persecuted. The evil does not realize this principle, as Fa-rectification has not yet arrived in this dimension, which is still controlled by principles of the old cosmos. Therefore the old forces insist on doing things according to the old principles and do not give up on it.

This issue requires us to study the Fa more, cultivate more diligently and improve our xinxing. Through several years of persecution, I have realized more and more the importance of solid cultivation. Consummation in cultivation cannot be reached through just reading and reciting scriptures many times. I understand that the quality and level of Dafa practitioners' cultivation are also determined by xinxing. Studying the Fa more is the method, while solid cultivation and xinxing improvement is the purpose. Fa study cannot become a mere formality or pursuit of quantity. We should melt our thoughts into the Fa more and guide our life and work with righteous thoughts produced from the Fa. We should improve our xinxing through solid cultivation and gradually get rid of all omissions and not give the evil any excuse for persecution.

In various regions, there are practitioners who know the importance of studying the Fa well every day, yet they bury themselves with work and overlook the Fa study, which leads to evil persecution and losses in truth clarification work. I think this was caused by omissions and mind-pursuit, which also shows the need for Fa study. As a part of a whole body, surrounding practitioners should remind and correct them in a timely manner to avoid loss.

Secondly, the old evil force must conform to the principles of ordinary human society even if it has an excuse for persecution. Just as Master has said,

"the demon cannot chop your head off while you are doing meditation even if it wants to kill you. It must conform to the state of ordinary human society."

(Zhuan Falun, Lecture 3)

When I reflect on incidents of persecution during the past few years, many of them happened in this manner: Someone at the material site was arrested due to carelessness and thus practitioners in the whole group were affected. The "carelessness" is the ordinary human principle the evil needs in order to persecute us. The old forces are in other dimensions and know clearly where the material sites and true practitioners are. However, if there is no excuse conforming to ordinary human principles, it cannot manipulate the police to arrest us.

In fact, this "carelessness" also directly reflects some practitioners' attachment of laziness, using shortcuts and being irresponsible to Dafa. This in itself is an omission. It not only gives the evil the second excuse, but also satisfies the first one. Faced with this situation, the countless guardian gods of the Fa cannot do anything. This "carelessness" is also the evil's excuse for persecution.

The evil clings to practitioners' attachments when persecuting us and carries out the persecution in the human world. So the key is, we cannot remain attached to our human notions. We must be responsible to Dafa and not be afraid of troubles, such that the Fa-rectification work is done in a way that on the surface conforms to the safety principle of ordinary human beings. Of course, there is no absolute safety, but if we don't care about safety measures on the level of ordinary human beings, we must have omissions in our mind, which would be easily used and enlarged by the old forces, who would take advantage of the gap to persecute us.

Moreover, sending forth righteous thoughts is also very important in breaking away from the old force's persecution. Master has mentioned this many times. We should send forth righteous thoughts when we encounter moments of crisis, such as at times when the two conditions necessary for evil persecution probably already exist, but the police are needed to carry it out. If we send forth righteous thoughts at those times to eliminate the evil beings that control the police while new evil beings have not yet replenished, we may escape this round of persecution.

It has been indeed an arduous journey to have persisted for the past three years until now. Every practitioner has made tremendous sacrifices. There is still a lot of Fa-rectification work to be done and we cannot let the evil continue to persecute us. I hope every one of our practitioners can pay serious attention to this issue from the perspective of being responsible to the Fa, to ourselves and to sentient beings.

Above is just my understanding on a certain level. Please benevolently point out anything inappropriate.

March 2, 2003