The Head of the Village Said, "If You Arrest Them, You Need to Arrest Us All!"

In Northeast China, there is a village that has over one thousand people, and more than seven hundred of them practice Falun Dafa. The leaders and officials in this village all support Dafa. When officers from the public security bureau went there to arrest practitioners, the head of the village said, "All Falun Gong practitioners are good people. They always pay their taxes on time and do good deeds that benefit our country. Who will pay taxes if you arrest them? If you arrest them, you need to arrest us all!" As a result, no practitioners from this village have been arrested.

A Customer at a Restaurant Commented, "The Police Do Not Do Anything Good. How Dare They Detain Good People for So Long!"

Before the Sixteenth Party Congress, the local police illegally arrested a practitioner who runs a restaurant. She was detained in the county detention center for over twenty days, leaving her husband very busy taking care of their business. Some of the regular customers felt deep sympathy for her. When she was finally released, one customer said, "The police do not do anything good. How dare they detain a good person for so long!"

Villagers Said, "We Will Not Do Bad Deeds Like That."

Some villagers protected Dafa practitioners who were forced to leave home and move from place to place to avoid arrest when police were searching for them. When police asked the villagers, they all replied that they did not see any practitioners. Later the police enticed them saying, "If anyone reports [practitioners to the police], he will get a 30,000 Yuan reward." Still, no one would tell. Later, villagers said, "Who would accept that kind of money and send good people to suffer. We will not do bad deeds like that."

"You Do Not Need to Answer Those Questions."

I told one student who is in her third year of junior high school, "If you see questions on your politics test asking you to denounce Falun Gong, you'd better not answer them. It is not good for you if you do so." This student then asked her mother if she should answer them. Her mother said, "You do not need to answer those questions. Falun Gong is good."

February 27, 2003