Truth of Persecution

Nearly 2,000 Dafa practitioners are detained at Changchun Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp. They are being tortured. Dafa practitioners are forced to work as long as 16 to 17 hours daily. Dafa practitioner Ms. Chen Limin was tied up on the "deathbed" for 18 days because she refused to give up her faith in Dafa. She was tortured to the brink of death. Ms. Zhu Xiyu was beaten savagely and shocked with electric batons by several police because she refused to do the forced labor. Dafa practitioner Ms. Han Fengjuan was repeatedly stabbed and shocked with electric needles for more than one hour. A year later, the puncture marks are still visible. Ms. Zhao Xinmei was shocked to the ground and rolled around in pain while the police continued to shock her with electric batons.

On September 16, 2003, police from the Longtan Police Station illegally abducted Wang Guihua, an electrical engineer from Jilin City. The Longtan police conspired with Jilin City Special Police and the State Security Bureau to capture Wang. Around midnight he was sent to the Third Detention Center in Jilin City after being tortured.

Jilin City Dafa practitioner Ms. Li Shumei was illegally abducted by police on September 16 when she was posting truth clarification flyers. Li Shumei has a heart problem. Even so, the police threatened to send her to the First Detention Center at Jilin City. Later on, she was illegally sent to a forced labor camp. Presently, Li Shumei is in the fifth division of Changchun Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp.

Additional Facts About Henan Dafa Practitioner Li Jinke

At Xuchang Forced Labor Camp, Li Jinke has suffered many forms of torture, including being beaten with a rubber stick,punched and kicked. He has also been tightly bound with ropes repeatedly and forced to stand with his arms stretched straight up for long periods of time. The police assigned him two drug offenders as guards and forced him to work a long time. In order to resist the persecution, Li Jinke went on a hunger strike for one month. The prison guards force-fed Li Jinke many times. They intentionally inserted the tube slowly to increase his pain, and even intentionally injured his nose and stomach. After the forced feeding, they hung him up by handcuffs to prevent him from sleeping. Li Jinke is now very absentminded, and has suffered a mental collapse.

Persecution Facts against Dafa Practitioners from Xishanbei Community, Yi County, Hebei Province

Some practitioners' homes were ransacked and vandalized. After abducting Dafa practitioners, they were made to go barefoot in freezing winter temperatures and during the scorching heat of the summer. Dafa practitioners also had to perform arduous physical labor and were humiliated in public by being made to wear large boards carrying slanderous slogans against Falun Dafa. They were forced to parade in several communities and towns in the county. In the brainwashing class at the Yi County Electric Power Bureau Building, the so-called assistant and education officials forced Dafa practitioners to watch pornographic videos. At the detention center in Yi County, during a hunger strike by Dafa practitioners, they used 2-inch thick steel bars to pry open the practitioner's mouths to force-feed them. This savage action caused severe bleeding and damage to their teeth.

Practitioners Exchange Insights

Wisdom and abilities originate from righteous faith in Dafa. In practice, when we Fa-rectification Dafa disciples cannot make full use of our abilities and wisdom, it is not caused by external conditions, elements, or the environment where we live. It is a problem within us. We should not seek the answer outside, but look inward. The problem is just caused by us. Our "selves" act like a lock, which locks up our wisdom and abilities. Indeed, Dafa has given us limitless abilities and boundless wisdom. It is simply that many layers of deviated postnatal human notions and fundamental attachments block us. We cannot see the truth of the universe and our abilities are locked up. In fact, there constantly exists such a problem that the degree in which one believes in the Fa affects the process of Fa-rectification. However resolutely we believe in Dafa, that's how much its power will manifest. Fundamentally, there is an issue of how one enlightens to the Fa. Enlightening deeply and thoroughly will enable us to help Fa-rectification in the vaster cosmos and have opportunities to make more use of its magnificent power.

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