From studying the Fa, we know that Falun Dafa is all-powerful and has a mechanism for self-repair. It is also self-aware. Every practitioner is a particle in the Fa and should act like one when it comes to validating the Fa. When Fa-rectification work encounters losses in some area, for example, when materials production sites are broken into or a coordinator is arrested, whether or not the local practitioners can automatically repair the damage, it still harms Fa rectification work.

Not long ago, our materials depot was broken into and three practitioners were arrested. One of them is the local coordinator. If this had happened a year ago, the local information source would have been interrupted and most of the practitioners would have been complaining and disappointed. But the situation is different now; the Dafa materials we needed came from other sources to all the local practitioners just in time.

Practitioners at home sent forth-righteous thoughts on time and cleaned up the evil elements that are manipulating the local 610 Office and police to persecute Falun Dafa and practitioners and ask them to release the three practitioners unconditionally.

Practitioners at home studied the Fa even more and looked inside because of this incident. They wanted to see what attachments they had when validating the Fa, to secure and fortify their righteous thoughts and to insist on righteous conduct. This made the local Fa-rectification work able to catch up with the general Fa-rectification current.

There were a few practitioners who complained and blamed others when the three practitioners were arrested, but they got over their emotions quickly with the help of other practitioners.