(Minghui.org) Every article published on the Minghui.org documents precious historic events. Together they form a significant picture that records the grand history of Fa rectification.

In these pictures, we see the splendid spreading of Dafa in China and overseas. We see the mighty virtue of Dafa as it endures the persecution and remains indestructible. We also see the courageous deeds by practitioners, as they remain strong and unyielding to save sentient beings. As practitioners, each and every one of us are participating in and witnessing this great historic moment. We experience and hear many unforgettable stories by which we all are inspired and encouraged. Let us record these historic scenes so that future people can see the truth, so that more practitioners will find their own shortcomings and be inspired by those stories. Therefore we can strive forward diligently together in this last period of Fa rectification!

In the past, we have received many articles revealing the persecution of Chinese practitioners. We hope that while submitting these articles, practitioners from Mainland China will also submit articles that show practitioners' righteous thoughts and deeds in benefiting from the Fa, persisting in our faith, and clarifying the truth.

Please do not think that your experience is ordinary. Every righteous thought and deed from Dafa is magnificent. The simple language spoken from the bottom of your heart is the most beautiful style. Writing down the historic event is validating Dafa, offering salvation to sentient beings, and helping fellow practitioners who lag behind to catch up. It also provides assistance and reference for more practitioners to validate Dafa through various ways.