Yesterday the Chinese Central News Agency reported: "A 72-year-old Falun Gong practitioner Yu Xiaoru, from Fengjie County, Chongqing City, was arrested for 'obstructing society' under the 'command' of Taiwan Falun Gong practitioners." That article serves as the voice of the Chinese dictator, and is entitled "Chongqing Police Uncovers Falun Gong's Underground Operation." The true account is as follows: On January 9th, 2003, the Chongqing police illegally ransacked and confiscated a citizen's property. Those confiscated items were the Falun Dafa truth clarification literature that Yu Xiaoru, a resident in Fengjie County, recently brought back from Taiwan.

The Taiwan Falun Dafa Association's coordinator Chang Ching-hsi states, "The victim accused of 'obstructing society' is 72. The police are dishonorable for carrying out such an act. At this age, any elderly citizen who wished for a healthy mind and body through practicing some simple exercises would be widely encouraged and respected in any free society. Yet, he is framed for 'obstructing society.' Any civilized person in the world will deem this incident ridiculous."

The Taiwan Falun Dafa Association points out, "Truth-clarification literature is freely distributed to the public in Taiwan, as it is a civil right protected by the law of any free nation. Also, Falun Dafa practitioners will never partake in any political activity, and the goal for practicing and spreading the exercises is to promote physical and mental well-being. There are absolutely no underground activities. The Chinese regime's unreasonable and inhuman persecution of Falun Gong is a reality recognized and condemned by the world. At present, over 550 Falun Gong practitioners have been persecuted to death, and those who are detained, sent to labor camps, or forced into mental asylums top tens of thousands in number."

Taiwan Falun Dafa Association coordinator Chang Ching-hsi indicates, "All Falun Gong practice sites in Taiwan provide free Dafa literature for anyone to take." His wife Cao Huilin is the contact person for a practice site. She teaches many new practitioners the exercises, helps them elevate their physical and mental health, and provides free information for everyone to read. By labeling the practitioners' activities and interactions as "scheming" and "damaging," the defamation by the Jiang regime's state-run terrorism is made even more transparent. The Chongqing police's purported charges only highlight their irrational disregard for fundamental human rights.

Chang Ching-hsi again advises the Chinese regime to abide by the basic human rights protocol proclaimed by the United Nations, to protect the citizens' freedom of speech and freedom of belief, and stop its persecution of Falun Gong and other beliefs.