(Clearwisdom.net) According to a Sing Tao Daily report on September 28, Sina Net, one of the most popular Chinese websites,displayed the Falun Dafa Minghui Net [the Chinese version of Clearwisdom Net] homepage yesterday. If this was true, we should really thank the people who did this. Minghui Net, the main website of Falun Gong, reports positively about Falun Gong with news from different countries, and exposes the persecution in China. For the past three years, since July 1999, Minghui Net has been strictly blocked by Jiang, the political villain. The people who bravely broke through the Internet blockade were indeed intelligent and courageous.

According to the report, Sing Tao Daily journalists failed in their attempt to enter the main Sina website, www.sina.com.cn; when they tried another website, www.dailynews.sina.cn, a Falun Gong web page appeared. The journalists also found that the web page that appeared on the Sina web site sometimes changed from Minghui Net to Wenxuecheng [a literature website]. Sing Tao Daily also reported that a major newspaper website in Shenzhen City, China also experienced the same occurrence. People could not enter that newspaper website through Yahoo!, Google or the search engine owned by the People's Daily. The web page that appeared was Minghui Net, which alternated with the Wenxuecheng website. Sing Tao Daily also claimed that people said that as October 1 [China's National Day] and the 16th meeting of the People's Congress approached, they encountered difficulties when trying to enter the People's Daily, Xinhua Net, Sina Net and Sohu Net. People suspect that these websites, which advocate Jiang's [villainous and people-unfriendly] political policies with their full strength, were targeted.

These websites in Mainland China are actually controlled by Jiang's dictatorship, regardless of whether they are government owned or privately owned. They try their best to boast about the dictator, slander the innocent and deceive the public, in exchange for ill-gotten wealth. Even the Chinese Yahoo website with foreign ownership made a promise to restrict words due to pressure from the dictatorship [Yahoo is the highest profile Western portal to sign China's notorious "Public Pledge on Self-discipline for the Chinese Internet Industry," basically an agreement to self-censor content that the Chinese government might not like]. These websites that assist the evil for money are likely to be tried in court after the collapse of the dictatorship, and will be made to compensate for the damage they have done to the rights to information of the people in Mainland China.

No matter who broke the web blockade, they were peacefully resisting Jiang's Internet blockade and deluding policies. It was also a peaceful protest against the related websites that only look at financial benefits and ignores righteousness, helping the tyrant do evil. This action is indeed legal and reasonable in the extremely abnormal environment in China. If China permits freedom of speech and gives up its information blockade, I believe nobody would be willing to spend the effort to study the ways to breakthrough network blockades. Who does not know that free surfing on-line is more satisfying?