Chinese people are all aware that corruption is the most serious problem in modern China. However, Jiang and his regime have targeted Falun Gong as their top enemy. It is obvious that people in China are concerned about completely different issues than Jiang and his gang. Recently, Jiang issued another document listing Falun Gong as his number one enemy and ordered the arrest of all homeless (to avoid the persecution) Falun Dafa practitioners before the 16th Communist Party Conference. He offers a 10-50 thousand Yuan reward for each Falun Dafa practitioner arrested.

Assuming the reward for arresting each Falun Dafa practitioner averages 20 thousand Yuan, the amount spent on arresting 5000 Falun Dafa practitioners would be one hundred million Yuan. How many Falun Dafa practitioners are there in China? The Chinese Government estimated in 1998 that there were 70-80 million. In 1999, when Jiang started to persecute Falun Dafa, the media said there were only 2 million. Let us assume that there are only a half million Falun Dafa practitioners on Jiang's blacklist. Therefore, he plans to spend 10 billion-Yuan on arrest rewards. Then, there are also salaries and overtime pay for police and other personnel, not to mention expenses for building and maintaining jails. We can see how Jiang insists on persecuting Falun Dafa without concern over wasting the taxpayers' money.

We heard from a recent report that there are 200 million unemployed workers in China. The Chinese government openly admits that unemployed workers are facing difficulties in finding jobs and the standard of living has declined. The reward money Jiang plans to use for arresting each Falun Dafa practitioner would be enough to pay 4 unemployed workers 5000 Yuan per year as social security.

Jiang is sacrificing the best interest of the people to use such a huge amount of money to persecute Falun Gong practitioners instead of taking care of low-income farmers and workers.

Many folks are willing to ignore Jiang's persecution of Falun Dafa, as long as the Chinese economy is good. Do you think the Chinese economy still has hope with Jiang persecuting innocent Falun Dafa practitioners without concern for the monetary cost of his own hatred and jealousy?