What is the relationship between doing well in Fa-study and clarifying the truth? To my understanding, if we can understand the Fa well, the surrounding environment and atmosphere will improve. As a result, we can use determined righteous thoughts to clarify the truth more clear-mindedly and rationally. In contrast, if we cannot do well in Fa-study, there could be many interfering and restraining factors. Consequently, we may become muddleheaded and unable to do well in truth-clarification.

First, doing well in Fa-study will help to create a favorable atmosphere for truth-clarification.

Take a cold winter day as an example. People may think that sitting by the fireplace or wearing more clothes may keep one warm. These are human understandings. The power of Dafa is not like using a fireplace to keep warm, it is like the weather warming up as the seasons change, even though you were not paying attention to it. In "Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. Fa Conference," Teacher said,

"Certain cultivators who have grasped Dafa to different degrees are showing different degrees of steadfastness, and how they currently perceive the overall situation of the Fa-rectification is different, too. The different states of their cultivation result in their different perceptions. Some might think the situation is grim; for some people the situation might seem to have already eased up; and some people might think that it's precisely a great opportunity to save sentient beings and clarify the truth. People's different grasps of and comprehension of the Fa lead to different perceptions of the current situation, and all that's happening is targeting different human thoughts."

Secondly, it enables cultivators to clarify the truth more clear-mindedly and rationally.

Doing well in Fa-study will provide us with a good environment, so that we can have pure hearts and do well in truth-clarification more rationally and clear-mindedly. Some practitioners were worried: we have not understood the Fa well ourselves, how can we do well in clarifying the truth to others? If we take a look at the "Solemn Declarations," many practitioners also emphasized an "insufficient understanding of the Fa." We really need to pay attention to this. Sometimes, practitioners unknowingly treat Fa-study as an everyday people's matter when doing it. Sometimes when speaking of the importance of Fa-study, we often "go around it" and fail to break through human notions to upgrade. Sometimes, we either use fellow practitioners' experience-sharing articles to substitute for systematic studying and understanding of the Fa, or replace Fa-study and cultivation with doing Dafa work. As a result, our truth-clarification may have been suppressed in a fundamental way. During the truth-clarification, we either feel numb and less motivated as time goes on, or interference and problems always arise. When such problems come, we may be unable to find the cause, etc. If it goes on like this, not much can be done, and it has brought much loss instead.

Sometimes, a practitioner may be too focused on doing Dafa work and cannot calm down to read and understand the Fa. In fact, no matter if it is during personal or Fa-rectification period cultivation, Teacher has emphasized the importance of Fa-study many times.

My understanding is that once we are immersed in Fa-study, we will not easily get interrupted. When studying the Fa, we need to devote ourselves to Fa-study, nothing else.