A while ago, the governor and vice-governor of Guangdong Province, along with many high level officials (including the head of the Public Security Department and the head of the Political Bureau), managers, mayors, and economic leaders of Guangdong Province visited a German economic delegation at the trade center in Frankfurt, Germany. Guangdong earns approximately 25% of China's economic income, and for the past three years, its governor has also been well known for his cruel efforts in persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners.

A German Falun Dafa practitioner who owns his own business was invited to attend the event, and managed to obtain a few extra invitations for guests. Altogether, six western practitioners and six Chinese practitioners were in attendance.

The meeting began with a first class lunch and a lot of speeches, and the practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts during this time. One of the female practitioners was able to get very close to Guangdong's governor when he was giving his speech, and the effect was great. When the governor was speaking he unintentionally clarified the truth of the persecution to the entire audience. He wanted to tell the audience that in Guangdong there are two very well known stock markets, but instead the simultaneous translation was: " ... everybody knows that in Guangdong there are two very well known evils...". The German managers were all visibly startled by this.

After the lunch was over the governor left to attend a meeting and the mayors of Guangdong invited the German business leaders to an open table discussion. During this time, we were able to get in close contact with the Chinese business leaders. One of the German practitioners had prepared red envelopes as gifts for the Chinese guests. In China, red is a lucky color and red envelopes are often used to pay people bribes. But at this meeting, however, there was no bribe inside these red envelopes. There was only truth-clarifying materials about Falun Dafa! Throughout the course of the discussion, the bag of envelopes was distributed to the top Chinese delegation members. We waited until each of them was alone before giving them the envelopes, as it made it easier for them to accept. Most of them opened the envelopes shortly after receiving them or put them quickly into their blazer pockets. Upon finding that the information was about Falun Dafa, some of them quietly expressed their support to us with a thumbs up. We were a little amazed that none of them rushed to the security personal to have us removed, and none of them openly denounced us in front of others.

During the course of the open table discussion, we handed out the information and calmly clarified the truth until there were no envelope remaining. At the same time, both Chinese and German practitioners handed out Dafa information to the German and Chinese delegation members as they were exiting. Only a handful of the Chinese delegates had a negative reaction to the materials, and nearly all of the German delegates took them happily.

The event finished with a dinner in the evening. We were able to come in close contact with all of the high-ranking Chinese and German officials during this time, and had the opportunity to expose the truth about the persecution during our personal conversations with them. The most remarkable thing that occurred during this time was done by the same practitioner who had sent forth righteous thoughts near the Guangdong governor earlier in the day. While everyone was mingling, she went up to the Chinese ambassador to Germany and handed him and his security guard truth-clarifying material about Falun Dafa in an envelope. They were both shocked when they opened the envelope and began to figure out what they had accepted. The German practitioner went back to her table after giving them the information. When they came to the table and asked her to leave the meeting, she was unmoved and refused to go. They faltered at that point and asked her to at least not hand out information anymore. Later, feeling she had done what needed to be done, she took her bag and left the meeting in a calm and dignified manner on her own initiative.

The weather during the morning in Frankfurt was dark and rainy. With the meeting coming to a close, the sun shone through the clouds to create a beautiful evening sky.

After the meeting concluded, the Chinese delegates knew that western Falun Dafa practitioners were among them! This must have greatly shocked and intimidated the evil. From this experience, we concluded that the Chinese dictator's poisonous program of mind control against Falun Dafa is no longer effective on his top foreign delegates and business leaders.