(Clearwisdom.net) Once during an activity introducing Dafa, I met someone. He asked me as soon as he saw me, "Are you Chinese?" I said yes, and then he immediately started using abusive language to attack Dafa and Master. In the beginning I did not pay attention to him, because perhaps I was affected by the attachment of avoiding conflicts. He continued to curse, and even stepped up to push me (I am a big person). I suddenly realized in my mind that I shouldn't dodge his attack. At this time he said, you are [abusive words omitted]. So I looked directly into his eyes, and said righteously, "Falun Gong is not a religion. Who is evil? Let me tell you, only the evil would get angry when encountering the righteous. Only the evil would explode in demon nature, feel uneasy, and attack the righteous with abusive language. So many people are glad to accept our truth clarification materials. Why are you afraid? It's because you are being manipulated by the evil. Why do I say that? In this world evil can never triumph over the righteous, and the righteous never fears evil. Only evil fears the righteous. So it is you that must be evil." All of a sudden his face turned white. He turned around and ran away. In the afternoon he passed by again, but when I prepared to approach him to clarify the truth of the Fa, he turned around and ran away.

From this small incident I enlightened that we should keep righteous thoughts at every moment. Righteous thoughts include Dafa practitioners' compassion to the people and using a pure benevolent heart to save people. In righteous thoughts there is also the elimination of the evil behind people. The process of promoting the Fa to people is a process of cleaning people, allowing their Buddha nature and benevolent hearts covered with attachments to shine through a little. Little by little, we are already changing people, changing the world. Perhaps this is a little manifestation of the Fa rectifying the human world.

This is my personal understanding. Feel free to correct any mistakes.