(Clearwisdom.net) Mar 25th Hong Kong news: Lu Baifeng, a Hong Kong practitioner, was released from detention in Mainland China on the night of Mar 24th and has safely returned to Hong Kong with her daughter. She had been abducted and detained by Public Security Officer Liu Zhou on her trip to mainland China during the New Year holiday season.

According to Lu Baifeng, she was interrogated every day during her detention. She was forced to watch two hours of propaganda framing Falun Gong as "killers" and "self-immolators" each day. She was also forced to state that the representations made in the videos were the truth. If she didn't, she had to continue to watch them. This situation lasted for several days.

One week before the release date, Lu Baifeng requested to return to Hong Kong. They returned her travel document two days later on the condition that she report any appealing activity in Hong Kong as well as the list of names of westerners who held Falun Gong banners. Lu refused their request.

(Hong Kong practitioners report on Mar 25th 2002)