(Clearwisdom.net) Viewed from the angle of an everyday person, "belief" is one of the principles that applies to one's conduct. A folk saying goes that by disbelieving a good person's advice, one courts instant mishaps, while believing a good person's advice enables one to become an immortal. Such sayings have been handed down from generation to generation by our ancestors.

Understood from the standpoint of Dafa, "belief" is a concept manifest at the level of everyday people, the most superficial level. Viewed from a higher level, it is microcosmic and called "Buddha Nature" or "original nature" instead of "belief." Only when our Buddha Nature has manifested can we be in contact with Buddhas, Taos and Gods at our own levels. Only in this way can Teacher break layer after layer of the postnatal obstacles surrounding our original natures and get us back to our original natures, retrieving our true selves.

When "Buddha Nature" reveals itself at a higher level, "belief" manifests accordingly in a human being's level since "belief" and "Buddha Nature" are different manifestations of the same material in different spaces and at different levels. Believing in the existence of Buddhas, Taos and Gods and believing in heaven's principle that good will be rewarded with good and evil with evil enables one to follow Teacher's words and, therefore, guarantee that today's predestined relationship with one's cultivation will be fulfilled.

Although everyone has "Buddha Nature," not everyone is necessarily able to express "belief." This mainly relates to how much postnatal pollution covers the original nature. In order to have a true belief, real belief, and deep belief, one must understand the Fa well. Only Dafa can wash away the postnatal dust covering our original natures and allow our "Buddha Natures" to manifest. However high one's Buddha Nature is, that is how firm one's belief is.

The above is only my personal understanding. Any corrections would be very much appreciated.