[Clearwisdom.Net] As we further clarify the facts of Falun Gong, overseas Chinese become more and more clear-headed. Those having righteous thoughts not only express their indignation with the persecution of Falun Gong by Jiang's group, but also help Falun Gong practitioners to clarify the facts.

One day, when I was distributing materials in front of the Chinese consulate in Milan, a Chinese man and his girlfriend came to the consulate to take care of some business. He had watched the programs in a facts clarification VCD before. This time, he actively asked me for five or six VCDs for distribution. When he came out from the Chinese consulate after he finished his affairs, he gladly told me: "I have handed out all the VCDs in the consulate for you. Those Chinese people who work in the Chinese consulate got scared at the beginning. They said to me, 'How dare you distribute such kind of things here?' I said that this was in Italy, this was our freedom, what should we be afraid of? Then, they accepted the VCDs." His girlfriend also said by his side, "Give me two, I'll help you to do distribution too!"

Some Chinese people came to the Chinese consulate in Milan from other places in the country. When seeing I was handing out materials in front of the consulate, besides astonishment, they admired me very much. After listening carefully to me clarifying the facts of the self-immolation, a Chinese expressed that he had heard of the VCD but had not seen it before. Now he had it. He would have other workers in the factory watch it when he returned.

I have been in Italy for over a month. It has already been one month that I have gone to the Chinese consulate every day after school. Previously, I was in Germany and had no chance to go to the embassy or consulate. Now in Milan, I have deeply realized how important it is to have the presence of Falun Dafa at the consulate every day. Its significance is not only limited to sending forth righteous thoughts. Since Dafa practitioners have often presented to the consulate and clarified the facts with the Chinese people face to face for more than a year, many Chinese who have not met Falun Gong practitioners before are talking about this phenomenon because, to them, it is something very unusual.

It is said that there are one million Chinese people from Mainland China working in Italy. It is impossible for a few Italian practitioners to clarify the facts with them one by one. It is also impossible for the practitioners to look for the Chinese all over Italy. To let them know about this matter in large scale, I think appealing in front of the consulate is relatively an effective way. No matter where they stay, when they renew their passports or register the birth of their children, they have to come to the embassy or consulate. In this way, one person would be sufficient in a single place to bring the facts information to a group of people. Together with the in-depth and meticulous facts clarification with various approaches, the situation would be getting better and better and the environment would become more and more righteous.