November 16, 2002

( On April 19, 2002, I was kidnapped by Lianjiangkou Police Station police officer Yang while posting Dafa truth-clarifying materials in Jiamusi City. At the police station, I refused to tell them my home address and name, or to be photographed. For that, they beat me badly. They eventually found out my name and address from the Internet. They body-searched me and took away my keys, then drove to my home and searched it, taking away all my Dafa books, materials and cassettes. I was sent to the Jiamusi City Detention Center, where I was further abused. Every day, we had only two meals of one small piece of steamed corn bread and a small amount of vegetable soup. Use of the restroom was tightly restricted also. We were forced to perform so-called self-assessment periodically. Once, some inmates tried to force me to recite the prison rules, but I refused. Because of this, they kicked my back with their leather boots, which caused a chronic injury that prevented me from moving when sleeping.

In the detention center, police took away my watch and money. On April 27, we forty-three Dafa practitioners were illegally sentenced to forced labor and sent to Xigemu Forced Labor Camp. None of us saw any written judgments, nor did we know how many years we had been sentenced.

Many of us were illegally arrested simply because the police had to reach a quota. Many were tricked into going to local police stations and then sent to the detention center. In the labor camp, we four male practitioners were sent to Division No. 2, which was designated specifically to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. We were treated like criminals. During the daytime, we were forced to continuously sit on small stools. Sitting on the bed and speaking were prohibited. Criminals were assigned to monitor us. Every day, we were forced to participate in military style training and study prison regulations. Furthermore, we were forced to watch brainwashing videos that slandered Dafa. The labor camp also sent several collaborators, former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray and turned against Dafa due to brainwashing and torture, to talk to practitioners one at a time and brainwash them, especially the newcomers. We persisted in practicing the exercises but were forced to stop many times. We had no other choice but to go on a hunger strike to protest the abuse. The hunger strike began on May 13, World Falun Dafa Day. Several days later, we were force-fed. The tubes inserted inside me hurt my throat badly. I felt dizzy, and my stomach was very uncomfortable.

One day, Xu Rongji of the Administration Section came to our cell and said that in order to protect us from falling from the upper bunk beds, we should all come down and take turns sleeping. He said that no one should change this arrangement without his instruction. Division Chief Liu Hongguang was there when Xu gave the order. Instead, we were forced to sit on small stools every day in a fixed posture. We were not allowed to move, speak or close our eyes. Several people took turns watching us so that we were under constant surveillance inside the cell. Police on duty and other assigned inmates watched us from the hallway. We were forced to sit on the small stools continuously for 20 hours every day. We had very little time to sleep each day, and what little sleep we had was often interrupted.

Dafa practitioner Dong Changhe is a 55-year-old driver. One night he lost consciousness while sitting on the small stool and was sent to the hospital. He was unconscious when he came back, and occasionally his whole body would shake with spasms. Even under such conditions, he was still force fed, and he twitched repeatedly during the feeding. He was eventually sent to the hospital again but never returned. We learned later that he was released on bail for medical treatment.

During the hunger strike, police took turns talking to us, trying to persuade us to eat, but we did not yield. We remained firm after more than 10 such talks. In the name of "care," police forced me to take medicine and to undergo enemas with saline solutions. These brought on diarrhea that lasted for more than three months. I lost weight and grew weaker each day until finally I could not eat anything except to drink a little vegetable soup. I frequently lost control of my bowels and totally depended on fellow practitioners to take care of me. Under these circumstances, they released me on bail for medical treatment. They are still monitoring me.

I'm glad to have this chance to expose the evil persecution against Dafa practitioners and hope that everyone can help to end this great injustice together.