1. Adding ink to the printer

At the beginning of May, I returned to my home. I accessed the Internet to download the recent articles from Minghui Net, and then printed all the articles with an ink-jet printer, to share with people. After I finished just ten pages, I ran out of ink. However, I still needed to print a hundred more pages. At that moment, I thought of the effect of sending forth righteous thoughts. I thought with a pure mind, "Let the ink box refill itself." After having this thought, I took the ink box out, and reloaded it as if the ink box were new. I continued printing, with the ink working fine. After I finished printing a hundred more pages, the ink box still seemed to have a lot of ink inside. After I returned to my home again, I used the same ink box to print two hundred more pages before it ran out of ink.

2. Fixing e-books

Some cultivators bought several e-books. They wanted me to add some Dafa content to the e-books. However, there were many sections inside the e-books that became corrupt while I reorganized. My mother and I sent forth righteous thoughts towards the e-books. After 5 minutes, the problems were fixed. In the worst case, there were six bad sections originally in one e-book, but after sending forth righteous thoughts, only one of them was still bad. All of the others were normal.

My wife is a Dafa practitioner as well. She was not confident in the functioning of her righteous thoughts. At that moment, one e-book had bad sections. I said to her, "Send forth righteous thoughts to let the e-book function normally." She then sent forth righteous thoughts, and after 5 minutes, the e-book became normal. After recognizing this, she was confident in the functioning of her righteous thoughts.

3. Enhancing Internet access and download speed

At one stage, the Internet access speed was very slow. The download speed was even slower. At that moment, I erected my palm to eliminate the evil's interference, allowing Dafa information to arrive from other dimensions. The speed was enhanced immediately. After this, before each time I access to Internet, I send forth righteous thoughts. This way, the speed of internet access is very fast each time.