My name is Jiansi and I am 6 years old. Last year, I began to study the Fa [universal law and principles] when they set up the Young Practitioners Fa-study Class.

At the beginning, when all the young practitioners studied the Fa together, I took my little brother to crawl and play under the table. And when aunty [respectful term for adults] asked me to introduce myself, I made all kinds of silly actions to make others laugh. I didn't study the Fa well.

After we got home, my mother said to me: it was all her fault, because she didn't pay attention to my Fa-study. Since then, she has studied the Fa with me for about an hour every day when she comes home from work. Now, I have learned many words. One day, an aunty, who hadn't seen me for quite long time, was moved very much when she saw me studying the Fa so earnestly.

However, sometimes I still cannot hold my xinxing [mind nature, moral character] well. I would fight with my little brother for toys. Because I like to play too much I also found I couldn't do the exercise and send forth righteous thoughts well. Sometimes I didn't follow Master's teachings well.

Now, we've set up a Minghui School here in Japan, I am very happy. I shall listen to Master and hold my xinxing well. I shall help the Minghui School teachers to take care of little brothers and sisters so that we can improve together. I'll also try to be a qualified Dafa practitioner during the Fa-rectification period, so I can follow Master to return home earlier.