I was eight years old when I began wondering who I was, where I came from and what the meaning of my existence was. I would try to imagine the vast and boundless universe and what lay beyond it. I would also wonder about the meaning of its existence. These questions were always on my mind growing up.

I had a dream in 1996. In this dream I was a little girl. I felt as if I was only three or four years old. In this dream I was very surprised to see a Buddha sitting before me. Wearing a yellow cassock with curly dark hair, he sat in meditation with his hands in the Jieyin position [hands conjoined at the lower abdomen]. At the time, as I kneeled before the Buddha, I felt so very small. I can't find the proper words to describe it. I felt myself immersed in a very peaceful, comfortable field. It was something I had never experienced before in my life,

Soon after, my older brother was home for a college break. He brought us back a book by the name of Zhuan Falun. At the time nobody told me about it nor did anyone ask me to read the book. Afterwards, when I was looking for something else, I discovered this book. When I read Teacher's words "When one's Buddha-nature emerges, it will shake the world of ten directions." I also sent out a thought: "I also want to practice cultivation, so my thought should also shake the world of ten directions?!" But I was too young at the time and couldn't understand what cultivation practice was about at all. Moreover, I attended a school far away from my home, so I put the book aside after reading it once.

In 1998, I had another dream: An old man gave me a hint to practice cultivation. But, what is cultivation practice? And how then do I practice cultivation?

At noon of that same day, I borrowed a book from a classmate. The book contained cultivation stories of ancient people. I immediately understood what cultivation practice was. And suddenly I remembered Zhuan Falun. From then on, I started practicing a real cultivation practice.

Through elevation of my level, I have found answers to questions I had since I was a child. I now understand who I am and why I have come to exist in this world. I understand the true meaning of life.

In fact, it was only after I had been practicing cultivation for several years that I remembered these dreams. Without these dreams, I would still have believed in Falun Dafa, because ultimately it is only through the principles of truthfulness, compassion and forbearance that I truly understand the breadth and profundity of Dafa.

I offer my experience in hopes that by sharing we can mutually encourage each other.