As my understanding is that it's important to clarify the truth to Chinese people and also warn the evildoers so they may still have a chance to repent, I decided to send letters by fax to Chinese Police Stations. After I wrote the letter in English, a Chinese practitioner helped me translate it. Since there is no Chinese practitioner where I live, I e-mailed my letter to another practitioner who then forwarded it to a Chinese practitioner for translation. We practitioners are surely one body, whenever one needs help with something, there's always someone who is eager to help out.

I also made several copies of the letter and gave it to Chinese people I met, noticing that a personal letter in some ways seems to be better than flyers. One Chinese person, after reading it, even thanked me for trying to help the Chinese people.

This experience made me and my wife think that it could be a good idea for us to write a personal letter about our experience of practicing Falun Gong and why we do this, and, together with the flyers hand it over to Chinese people.

This is the letter:

To all personnel,

I am a Westerner living in Europe who runs a Media News Center. I'm writing to you to tell you that the whole world knows about the atrocities your office carries out against Dafa disciples who only want to practice Zhen Shan Ren.

The practice of Falun Gong is loved all over the world and practiced by more than 100 million people, they all try to become better people raising their moral standards. They benefit the countries in which they live and work, making the world a better place. In Europe one can even study Falun Gong at University level. Here, more Westerners than Chinese practice Falun Gong.

Of course you do not realize that you are being deceived again just as you were during the Great Cultural Revolution. You do not know that there are legally established Falun Dafa Associations in almost every Western country. Neither do you know that Falun Gong's founder Mr. Li Hongzhi was nominated for the Nobel Peace Price for two consecutive years. More than 500 parliament members and professors of Law, History, Philosophy and Political Science around the world nominated Mr. Li this year. He and his practice have also received over 600 proclamations and awards worldwide for his contribution to mankind.

China is the only country that persecutes Falun Gong and your office is torturing and killing good people. I have myself participated in a seminar in the Swedish Parliament where Falun Gong practitioners who have been tortured by you witnessed the ill treatment. You are hurting your own people and damaging China's reputation.

Jesus taught us in the West that if you do bad things you will get punished and if you do good things you get rewarded, I believe you have such a saying in the East too.

But let me tell you this: You will not only be punished by heavenly laws but also by worldly law, as your names and personal information is all posted on the Internet for the whole world to see (that is how I got your fax no). Everything is being documented for the day when Falun Gong is practiced freely again, and that day will come soon according to estimates in the West. Think for yourself, how long can it be allowed to persecute good people?

You should be ashamed of yourself, here I am, a Westerner writing to you out of concern for Chinese people, even taking the trouble to find a Chinese translator, and you, a Chinese, torturing your own people.

Stop persecuting Falun Gong practitioners and make up for what you have done, before it is too late.

Visit the Chinese version of the European Dafa website to see for yourself. or visit

A Westerner who loves China and its people