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I. Good People

By a Dafa Disciple in Mainland China

(PureInsight.Org) Master has always required that we become good people in terms of the Fa's standards, instead of just good people in everyday people's eyes--people who are always agreeable. A few days ago I read on the Clearwisdom Website about a French reporter's three personal views on the Chinese government's oppression of Falun Dafa. The last of the three was that those oppressors have convinced themselves that we're "people who are easy to take advantage of"! How could good people be equated with "people who are easy to take advantage of"? Not until I read that did I realize that maybe many of us have actually mixed, consciously or subconsciously, our old notion of "easy to take advantage of" into the criteria for good people.

Good people should at least be noble! They should at least have great moral character! They should at least be deeply respected by regular people! They should at least be exemplary people! In the past, good people were called "men of noble character"! So as cultivators, all the more so should we good people surpass these things. Yes, the meaning of "good people" includes forbearance. But for Fa-rectification cultivators, forbearance is a manifestation of being as firm in the Fa as diamond and is a manifestation of the Buddha Fa's majesty.

If we don't get rid of the notion of "being easy to take advantage of," won't the evil then have the biggest excuse for and guarantee of destroying us by way of "tests"?

II. Also in a Few Words

The article "Good People" doesn't use a lot of words, but it illustrates an underlying principle. Indestructible righteous faith in the cosmos's Truth forms benevolent Dafa disciples' rock-solid, Diamond-Like Bodies, it frightens all evil, and the light of Truth it emanates makes the unrighteous elements in all beings' thoughts disintegrate. However strong the righteous thoughts are, that's how great the power is. Dafa disciples are truly stepping forward out of ordinary humanness.

Li Hongzhi
September 8, 2001