(Clearwisdom.net) Since September 1999, I have been detained in detention centers and prisons many times. As result, through my efforts to tell the truth and spread the Fa, many predestined people have attained the Fa. Among them are some who have committed crimes before, such as murder, fraud, robbery, prostitution and others. Many had a predestined relationship with Dafa. Here I want to write down their stories. I hope these true stories can help more people to become aware of the predestined nature of one's life and of Dafa's boundless compassion, in order to increase the confidence of practitioners cultivating the righteous Fa. If these people who just recently attained the Fa can do so well and gain so much, then should not we veteran practitioners do better safeguarding the Fa and in everything that we are supposed to do?

Here are their stories of attaining the Fa in the prisons.

1. Ayiguli was a beautiful 24-year-old hotel waitress from the Xinjiang Autonomous Region whom I met at a detention center in September 1999. When I told her about Dafa, she said to me with her Xijiang accent, "I really want to learn Falun Gong." I could feel it was a sincere thought from her true nature. That evening she saw Teacher in her dream. She asked, "Are you Teacher Li?" Teacher answered, "Yes, I am." She asked again, "I want to have a chat with you." Teacher said, "Not now, I'm too busy." Then Teacher looked at her with a compassionate smile and flew away. Ayiguli attained the Fa. Before she left, she said to me with emphasis, "Dafa disciples, thousands and millions, completing gong and achieving Consummation at high places." (Teacher's poem in Hong Yin, "Climbing Mount Tai," not official translation).

2. She was an owner of a pharmacy, 38 years old and was detained due to accounting disputes. We were detained together in a detention center in December 1999. When she saw me sitting double-cross legged all day long, she did so also and always tried to initiate a conversation with me. She told me when she was sitting with her legs double-crossed, the figure of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara that she used to see became smaller and smaller and eventually disappeared. Instead of Avalokitesvara, a figure of a man clad in a cassock appeared in front of her, going from small to large. At that moment I was so surprised to hear that. I knew she saw Teacher's fashen [Law Body] but how could she see Teacher so soon? Gradually I started to tell her about Dafa. She said, "I have been looking for it for many years. Several years ago, I heard about the Dharma-ending period of Buddhism. Human beings have been corrupted. One man can predict the future and save the world. Today I finally found it." The next day, when she was looking at the sun, she found a ray of purple light from the edge of the sun coming into her lower abdomen. When she sat with her legs double-crossed, she saw Teacher's fashen coming with a blue book in his hand. She couldn't see what the three words [in Chinese, the title of the book Zhuan Falun is three words/characters] on the book cover were since their bright, golden light dazzled her. She opened the book and first saw Teacher's picture. She wanted to read the text inside the book. Randomly opening a page, the words on the page were too bright to read. She told Teacher, "I couldn't read it. I am not allowed to read it here." Teacher said, "Then I will send you home." He closed the book, turned around and left. The next day she was released and went home.

3. Xiao Xia, female, 26 years old and a purse thief. In the beginning she was very much against Falun Gong and often bullied and humiliated the practitioners. I was frequently drawn to her and talked to her. Later, she felt that Teacher's poem collection Hong Yin was very good and wanted to learn. During the night she had a dream. Teacher built a shed near the largest practice site in the city, and filled it with Falun Gong books. Teacher sat in the shed watching a TV program criticizing him, but he just smiled at the TV. She asked Teacher, "They said you went to America, did you?" Teacher answered, "I was with you all the time." She then asked some questions she was interested in and Teacher answered her with smiles all the time. Since that day, she changed for good. When she left the prison she still kept Hong Yin in her pocket, which I wrote down for her from memory.

4. Lili, female, a 19 year-old hotel waitress was framed by her boss and was blamed for stealing a mobile phone. The innocent young lady wanted to learn Falun Gong when she first came to prison. I told her the truth of Falun Gong. When she started to practice, she saw the colorful big Falun and small Faluns between her arms. From the beginning she could do the double-crossed leg position for more than half an hour. The next day I heard she cried and said her stomach felt very painful, doubling over from the pain. Later she fainted. After being checked by a doctor it was found that there was nothing wrong. I told her it was to eliminate karma. After her return from the hospital she slept for almost two days and dreamed of Teacher. Teacher told her, "Eat and drink well. Wait for the good news next Monday." She also saw a practitioner in the dream who drank the yellow water that Teacher sent and flew out of the window (Later two practitioners were released by holding a hunger strike). By the following Monday everyone knew about her dream and expected good news. It might have been a test for everyone [to reveal their attachments]. Lili didn't leave the following Monday. That night she put down this attachment. The following morning, she was released and went back home.

5. Xiner, female, was a 23 year-old blackmailer who stayed with our practitioners once she arrived in prison. She understood quickly what we explained to her regarding Falun Dafa. The next day she started to practice and study the Fa with us. One day she had a dream. In the dream she was slipping down a slide and a giant python opened its big mouth waiting for her to drop in. She was quite scared. Then she remembered what I had told her, that she could call Teacher's name if she encountered danger in a dream. She immediately called out, "Teacher, please save me!" Teacher didn't directly save her; instead he gave her a big sword. She did her best to kill the giant python. Then she slipped into the ocean. She swam in the ocean freely, with pleasure and comfort. Since then she has studied the Fa and practiced more diligently. When the guard tried to stop her practice she said that Falun Gong was good. One day she dreamed the prison cell became a classroom holding an exam. All the practitioners were there to take the exam. At the beginning there was no seat for her. At last she was put in a corner and was allowed to take the exam. She realized that it was Teacher who, out of compassion, wanted her to catch up with the course of Fa-rectification and reach Consummation.

6. Ying, female, 31, had killed a person in self-defense. She had been detained for three years without having been formally sentenced. When the practitioners began to be sent in to her cell, she didn't understand and often became angry with them. Later I felt her suffering and pain. I started to talk to her about her child and about what is the role of a mother to her child. Sometimes she listened to me with her face covered in tears. From the beginning she could do sitting meditation for fifty minutes and could feel the Falun turning around in her lower abdomen. She didn't curse anymore. She told me, "I couldn't curse at all in front of you. You have a special power." Later I heard she was sentenced to 10 years in prison. After successfully appealing, her sentence was reduced to 4 years and now, after serving even less than four years, she is already back home.

7. Shu, female, 44, her story had been reported in the newspaper. Her husband had tortured her for over ten years. Finally she couldn't stand the suffering any longer and hired somebody to kill him. I found her often crying in the corner. She was very kind to others and lived a very thrifty and simple life. Her socks showed signs of having been mended frequently. One day we were doing the group sitting meditation. She tried to learn the practice. Her posture was quite inaccurate, which brought a big laugh from other people who were not practitioners. So I started to teach her. She kept weeping when she closed her eyes. She didn't understand why. I told her Teacher had said that, the other side of you that knows the truth is excited to see you attain the Fa. When she was meditating the following day she saw a man in golden clothing coming from the door and sitting beside her. I told her it's the figure of Teacher wearing the "practice" clothes. This encouraged her to cultivate Falun Gong more and to live well. No matter what kind of sentence she would face, she will remember solidly "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance" and will try to be a good person.

8. Wei, female, 33, was sentenced to one year's imprisonment for extortion. She is the person in charge of the cell and had already obtained the Fa in jail before I was sent in. Her third eye was not open but she said, "I think the Fa is good. I firmly believe in the Fa and I will never give up cultivation." She could recite many of Teacher's articles. When I was sent in, she only had to serve three more months to be released. However, a non-practitioner inmate told me that on Wei's penalty reduction report was written that her sentence was reduced, due to her "good" service in managing Falun Gong practitioners. I was shocked! She took advantage of Dafa's persecution to reduce her sentence. Didn't she co-operate with the evil and persecute Dafa? During those few days, all the practitioners in the cell whose third eyes were open could see that Wei's face had turned into a demon-like image and her body had a big tail. They told me a person like her would not have a chance to be saved. I thought if I told her the truth, as long as she still wanted to study the Fa and cultivate, Teacher would save her, not to mention that she had already obtained the Fa. Thus I solemnly told her that taking advantage of Dafa is in itself an unforgivable sin, because in the eyes of gods those lives are the worst. When being eliminated, they will suffer the endless anguish of the extinction of all layers of the body. She was so frightened that she lost her countenance. She told me, "I didn't study the Fa well. I didn't realize this was so serious an issue. I don't want a reduction of my penalty!" The next day she retracted her penalty reduction report and told the director of the prison that she would firmly cultivate Dafa. The director was so irritated that he sent her to a detention center in the mountains. The day she left she held my hands and said in tears, "Thank you, you saved me." Later we heard from the guards that she practiced the exercises there every day.

9. Xiaohong, female, 31, was falsely imprisoned. Her boyfriend, after spending all her savings, falsely accused her of committing extortion. When she first arrived she cried every day and always looked for chances to commit suicide. Later when she found every Dafa practitioner so peaceful, compassionate and calmly facing all the tribulations, she started to follow us doing the exercises. After she learned all five sets of exercises she could see Teacher's image. At first she saw Teacher's image like it was on the photo in the book. Shortly after she saw Teacher's fashen. Teacher constantly gave her hints and her xinxing [mind and heart nature] kept upgrading. When she couldn't keep up with her xinxing and swore at others, Teacher would look unhappy or turn his back on her; when she studied the Fa or practiced exercises, Teacher would be happy. She also saw that when practitioners spread the Fa to everyday people or taught them the exercises, Teacher was very happy and looked at the practitioners with great benevolence. Once when we did group practice in the cell the guard came to stop us. A few newly arrived practitioners stopped the exercises. Xiaohong said to them seriously, "Dafa disciples should be upright and noble. We should practice the exercises even if the heaven falls. What are you so afraid of?" One day Teacher's fashen told her that some practitioners were not very determined and would likely write the "guarantee letter," [a letter guaranteeing they would abandon Dafa] and even so the evil would not let them go and they would be sent to a labor camp. Xiaohong told me about this and all of us encouraged one another to keep raising our xinxing and never cooperate with the evil. Nonetheless, a few practitioners eventually wrote the "guarantee letters" due to their attachment of affection for their family; still, they were sent to labor camps.

10. Ms. Zhao, 45, owner of a barbershop, was jailed after her husband accused her of theft. When she first came in she often cried and couldn't sleep, but she liked to watch me doing the exercises. When I offered to teach her the exercises, she would say, "my lawsuit is still going. I cannot afford to add something else to it." I introduced the Fa to her at every possible opportunity and one day she started to learn the exercises, secretly, for fear of being found out by the guards. The next morning, however, when I got up to do the exercises, so did she. She said a Falun flew in through the window, and two hands came out from the Falun and pushed her up from the bed. She also had a dream in which a man in cassock weighed round, green peppers on a balance scale; the weight of the pepper had reached the standard yet more were added. She said, "Isn't this telling me to use a high standard and strict requirement towards myself? I wonder whether or not that person is Teacher." Xiaohong replied from the other side of the cell, "Teacher is smiling at you now! That person you saw is Teacher." Once we all sat in a circle to listen to me humming the tune of Dafa music "PuDu" (salvation to all). When I finished, she asked eagerly, "Did you see a little fairy dancing in the middle? She was wearing a colorful ribbon and she danced so beautifully." Her third eye was open afterwards. Once when we were doing the exercise of "holding the wheel," she saw yinghaiá[the cultivated infant] in red undergarments holding her hair to make a swing; the naughty Infant then circled her thumb with a small Falun and sat on it to rotate around and around. She could also see with her third eye Teacher's fashen. Her dreams correctly predicted who would come or go, which I told her was the supernormal ability of precognition and retro-cognition. In one dream she saw herself giving someone a haircut in the barbershop. A person came in with his back towards her who had blue curly hair. She thought this person's hairstyle was like Teacher's, which had no need of a haircut. That person turned around and he was actually Teacher. Teacher said to her, "You start from the very beginning then." Several days later, she was released in court after her case was briefly discussed.

11. Doudou, female, 18, was arrested for Internet cellular phone fraud. She started to talk to me right after coming in and started to read Hongyin that evening. The next day she learned the exercises and sent forth righteous thoughts with us. In her dream that night she saw Teacher, who told her to cultivate diligently. She also saw herself as a little boy wearing red undergarments to whom Teacher gave a bottle of milk. After she woke up, her third eye was open. She saw that two lights in the cell were actually two rotating colorful Faluns. She could also see Teacher's fashen and the word "child" between her eyebrows. She liked to listen to me humming the Dafa music, "PuDu." Sometimes the talk during her sleep showed that she was eliminating the evil. She has a very compassionate heart. Once in her dream, to protect practitioners who were on a hunger strike, two bowls of poison were poured down her throat. She also developed telepathic ability. When we sent forth righteous thoughts she knew whose mind was not pure and she'd point it out in time. Everyday she reminded us to study the Fa more and was very diligent in doing the exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts. Once in her dream, a fairy came with a fruit basket and distributed peaches to practitioners. Teacher had imprinted Falun on each peach and the fairy gave Doudou the biggest one. Teacher gave a peach to a practitioner on the hunger strike who was at the limits of her endurance, but she didn't accept. Teacher then gave her a bottle of water, which she drank with reluctance. Teacher was in tears, Doudou cried too, and she asked others to send forth righteous thoughts to help this practitioner pass the test of life and death. When sending forth righteous thoughts, she saw strong bright light coming out from our side, yet on the other side of the window there were only some shiny spots. Doudou's crying moved the gods, who invited Teacher to come. With lotus flowers, Teacher took away the practitioner on the hunger strike as well as several other practitioners who had strong righteous thoughts. The next day the practitioner who was in the critical situation was released; other practitioners, including myself, were sent to a labor camp but were returned for holding a hunger strike.

There are many stories of people obtaining the Fa in prisons. Many people with predestined relationships have lost their opportunity to obtain the Fa since the brutal persecution of Dafa by Jiang Zemin's regime. It is our compassionate and great Teacher who arranged for them to obtain this most precious Fa in prisons, so we must treasure the Fa of the universe. Fellow practitioners--let's double our efforts!

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