On Friday, the 6th of July, French practitioners assembled together right in front of the Chinese Embassy in Paris. We all felt this was a great moment, since it was the very first time we were authorized to face this building.

We usually had to stay farther away, despite the knowledge by all French authorities that Falun Gong practitioners are all good people who not only never cause any problems, but also show a kind and respectful attitude. All the policemen had expressed strong support for us, but they could not break through the orders given by their hierarchy. For example, on the 26th of June, for the World Day against Torture, we had to stay about a hundred meters away from the Embassy. Police representatives were indignant: "You are so peaceful, how come they don't let you go? We all know what is happening in China; they should let you express your views." A high official of the local police was so moved that he said he would personally express his opinion to his highest superiors. After having learned the truth of Falun Gong, some police officials looked very sad that their duty was to block our way.

When we again asked for authorization to demonstrate in front of the Embassy after the torture and death of 15 female practitioners in Harbin, we quickly received a positive reply. The day of the protest was also the first day at my new job, so it seemed impossible to ask for half a day off. Therefore, I just made some phone calls to encourage friends to participate in the event. The peaceful protest was due to take place from 2pm to 6pm. At 3pm, my boss told me, "You don't have so much to do today, feel free to go home when you like." I was quite happy, and felt this was a great favor. I ran to the Embassy.

Upon arriving, fellow practitioners were practicing the movements. The bright yellow banner displayed the characters of Falun Dafa in front of the dark Embassy building. Chinese officials, who were used to pressuring the French government to avoid our protests, were looking quite uneasy. Around 15 policemen were stationed here, smiling at us, and the chief representative of the police waved his hand to say hello. They looked as if someone had just told a good joke about the Chinese Embassy.

When I sat down to emit righteous thoughts, I felt like a part of my prehistoric vow was being fulfilled.

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