Dafa practitioner Sun Shoulan from Kuitun City, Xinjiang autonomous region went to appeal in Beijing this past January. She was arrested and sent back to Kuitun, where she was illegally detained. To protest against the illegal treatment, Sun went on a hunger strike for more than 20 days, until the persecutors lied that they would send her back home. Instead, they sent her with another practitioner (Zhang) to Wulabo Labor Reeducation Farm near Wulumuqi City.

On the night she arrived at the farm, Ba Xiaomei and three of her associates tortured Sun with five electric batons, shocking and beating her. They tried to force her to write a "repentance letter" in this way. Sun firmly refused to give in. The perpetrators then tied her arms and legs together on her back, and threw her on the ground, face down, for the whole night. Next day, after she was sent back to the cell, the guards instigated the inmates (prostitutes and drug users) to beat her again. She was forced to read articles that slander Teacher and Dafa, and was beaten when she refused. The perpetrators also tortured her with many other inhumane methods. While beating her, the inmates said, "Guard Ba has told us that we would not be held responsible if we kill you, since the quota of unnatural deaths here is two." Another time she was forced to keep standing for two days and two nights.

In the days that followed, in order to fulfil their duty of "transformation", the wicked police often called Sun into the office and beat her there. Before the old wounds could heal, new wounds would be made on her body. After being tortured for more than a month, Sun Shoulan was in terrible condition: the bone of her nose was fractured; her face was purple and black with wounds; her mouth was numb, and she lost her sense of taste; wounds on her legs festered with pus, one could even see her protruding bone; her feet were black and swollen, and she could only move slowly while holding on to something.

Later on, the vile police put her into the No. 3 Hospital of Wulumuqi only because they were afraid of contagion. They also lied to her family members that Sun was ill. Although the persecutors extorted 3,000 Yuan (Chinese dollars, the average monthly income in urban areas is about 500 Yuan) from her family members, they did not allow her family members to visit her. While in hospital, Sun was still handcuffed to the bed, with some police watching her all the time. When the doctors asked for the reasons for her wounds, the vile police quickly covered their crimes, saying that Sun did it to herself. They also threatened Sun not to tell the truth. After two days, because the true reasons of her wounds were not told, the doctors had a hard time deciding the cause of the injuries. As a result, they refused to treat her and tried to persuade her to go to another hospital. After several days, she was transferred to the No. 3 Prison Hospital. She did not receive much treatment there either. However, the vile police squandered all the 3,000 Yuan.

Doctors at the No. 3 Prison Hospital could not believe their eyes, and they asked, "How can you be so determined?" Even at that time, the wicked policewoman Ba Xiaomei did not forget to threaten Sun: "Remember you are a prisoner of the Wulabo Labor Reeducation Farm, don't talk too much!"

A kind-hearted person told Sun's family members of her situation, and they came to the hospital to visit her. In order to cover up her crime, Ba told Sun Shoulan to drop her trouser legs so her wounds would not be seen. Sun firmly refused, and she told her family members and Ba, "If I die, then my death is not the result of practicing Falun Gong, but the result of their torture." Fearing that Sun would be tortured more, her family members controlled their anger. Ba Xiaomei again took the 9,000 Yuan they had brought with them.

In April, Sun Shoulan was sent back to Wulabo Labor Reeducation Farm. Several days after she went on a hunger strike again, the vile police cruelly cut her esophagus open and forced a tube in to forcefully feed her. Whether Sun is still alive is unknown.

Just because she firmly cultivates Dafa according to "Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance," Sun Shoulan was treated with such inhumane torture.

Kind-hearted people, please do something to help Dafa practitioners like Sun Shoulan!

The heavenly principle is obvious: good is rewarded with good, and evil is met with evil. Here we solemnly warn the wicked people: stop your crimes immediately, or it will be too late for you to repent.

Phone numbers of Wulabo Labor Reeducation Farm:

Office: 86-991-5845527

Commissar's office 86-991-5845332

Director's Office: 86-991-5846364

No. 2 Group: 86-991-5849149 (Head: Ba Xiaomei)