(Clearwisdom Net) I am hereby professing this as my solemn statement to declare null my previous acts denouncing Falun Gong. My heart begs me to truly confess this to Teacher Li Hongzhi. Furthermore, everything I previously acted upon in my state of delusion should be seen as void.

Controlled by various attachments and lacking rationality, in May 2000, I was utilized by a vile person in Hong Kong. This caused me to "enlighten" along an evil path, since I recognized her as my teacher. I lowered myself in favor of this vile person, and began questioning the credibility of the Teacher's new articles and the whole Clearwisdom Net. I began participating in activities organized by that scum, and even persuaded other practitioners to accept my evil understandings. Believing that the time for cultivation would end very soon, I quit my job to join the activities mentioned above. My unprincipled efforts resulted in a lot of misunderstandings towards Dafa (Great Law; Universal Principles) from my family and relatives in particular. I am filled with deep regret when I look back at the mess I stirred up and which damaged Dafa.

As a consequence of my indignant actions I fell into deep confusion. After realizing my most critical failure, I didn't dare browse the Internet for Clearwisdom Net, and totally isolated myself from the outside world. It took me a long time before I could sober up. Upon reading Teacher's article "Deter Interference," I suddenly awoke and felt so regretful. With the help of other practitioners, I came back to the right path, and began to actively participate in various Hongfa and Fa-rectification activities.

After serious introspection, I found some reasons why I "enlightened" along an evil path.

1. I did not "regard the Fa as Teacher," but regarded people as teacher.

2. My attachment to consummation was utilized by demons.

3. I was pursuing supernormal capabilities in a disguised way.

4. I was easily influenced because my main conscience was not strong.

5. Finally, I committed things that a practitioner cannot and should not do.

It is Teacher's compassion that gives me another chance to go home. I feel a deep shame towards the Teacher and Dafa. I will double my effort in the course of clarifying the truth and enduring hardships. I will try to make up for the damage that I have caused Teacher and Dafa.

Cultivation is a serious matter and Fa-rectification cultivation is "both serious and crucial." I won't make any mistake again to cause damage to Fa-rectification.

A repentant disciple

July 9, 2001