Wu Dianhui, male, 29, was a teacher at Changzhou Teachers' School in Jiangsu Province. On October 30, 1999, he and his wife (who was also a teacher at the same school), along with one of their colleagues, were arrested while they were resting in Tiananmen Square. The police brutally beat them while in a police van.

Upon being returned to Changzhou, they were locked in a hotel room and subjected to a brainwashing class. Yao, commissar in Politics and Security Office of Changzhou Police Department, forced Mr. Wu to stand for three days and nights because he refused to write a guarantee to stop practicing Falun Gong. Ten days later, Mr. Wu was released from the brainwashing class. His eyes and face remained swollen for twenty days following his release as the result of torture.

The Changzhou Teachers' School removed the three of them from their teaching positions and assigned them to do manual labor. The school also took back their apartment and suspended their salaries. They only received a small amount of what the school officials called "a temporary loan for living expenses." In February of 2000, without any written document, the school denied the couple's right to work. After that, the pregnant wife's base salary became the couple's only source of income.

Early in April 2000, Mr. Wu and his wife went to Beijing to appeal. They were arrested and returned to Changzhou where they were detained by the police. Chief Li from the Security Section of Changzhou Police Department suggested that Principals Li Minmin and Yu Tingyi of Changzhou Teacher's School, and Director Cai of the Human Resource Department of Changzhou Education Committee illegally take away the couple's right to receive off-campus housing after their release. They forced the couple to live in a school dormitory to keep them under control. The person on duty at the school constantly monitored them. Towards the end of April, the school officials tricked Wu and his 4-month-pregnant wife into going to the No.102 Mental Hospital of the Army where they locked them up with mentally ill patients. They tied his wife to a bed, gave her injections, and force-fed her with drugs.

Late in June of 2000, Mr. Wu was arrested at a park entrance. The city's police department and the school spread a rumor that he had pulmonary tuberculosis and sent him to the city's hospital for treatment. They deducted more than 1,300 Yuan (the average monthly salary is 500 Yuan in cities in China) from his wife's salary to cover hospital expenses. One week later he got out of the hospital. But, the police arrested him again for contacting other practitioners and asked the school to keep a close watch on his wife.

When his wife was about to give birth, the police department released Mr. Wu on probation. However, the couple still did not have their freedom. People from their workplace monitored and followed them around during the time that his wife was giving birth at the hospital and during the postpartum period.

On April 29, 2001, Mr. Wu went to Shanghai to visit his teacher and schoolmates. While on his way home, police kidnapped him because he had not reported to them nor to the school. Ten days later, the local police station informed his wife of his sentence to a labor camp. In order to conceal the fact that they illegally arrested Mr. Wu on May 1, 2001, the date on his notice indicating that he was being sent to a labor camp was April 4, 2001.

Currently, Mr. Wu is being detained by the "strict team" of Fangqiang Farm in Dafeng, Jiangsu Province. Changzhou Teachers' School once again received the order from the authorities to strictly monitor Wu's wife. They do not allow her to contact other Falun Gong practitioners, nor do they allow people outside the school to visit her. She is living a difficult life with her 9-month-old baby. One practitioner from outside the school was called to the police station to be interrogated for offering her a meal. Another practitioner working in the school was scolded by the school officials for visiting her at the dormitory. The police are threatening that when the baby is one year old, they will also send Wu's wife to a labor camp.

Mr. Wu and his wife are considered to be good teachers by their colleagues and their students at Changzhou Teachers' School. The school principals, Li Minmin and Yu Tingyi, and the directors, Xu Jiexin and Bian Xuejun, made the staff members' bonuses directly correlate to how well they perform the task of following and monitoring the couple. They act as dishonorable assistants to the police in persecuting the Wu family.