No Politics

"Politics" is a term of the modern, warped society. True human societies in history did not have this term or what politics encompasses. When politics appeared in human society, the society had already begun to warp, and moral values were being assailed by politics as well. In addition, the very reason for people to get into politics is their desire to make a name for themselves and for selfish gains. It's only that back then human society's moral values were still quite strong and the people who lived at that time were all in that environment, so the people who were in politics simply didn't appear as unscrupulous as the people in politics today. So politics has been filthy since its emergence. But it's true that in political circles there have been some upright persons who are concerned about the country and the people, though they are only a drop in the ocean.

But as for those upright resisters who are against evil regimes wrecking the country and ruining the people, people also consider them to be political, since they have explicit political stances. Although people think that those persons' stances are upright, political activity is, after all, the product of a warped society. Had today's human society not warped as such, politics would not have appeared.

Dafa disciples' cultivation surpasses what is human, they are cultivators who have grasped the truths in higher realms, and what they understand transcends the realm of everyday people. Any understanding below the realm of the higher Fa-principles is no longer the Truth of the cosmos. Every Dafa disciple is clear about this in his cultivation, so even less should he mix everyday people's politics into Fa-rectification. The tribulations Dafa disciples endure are things amidst Fa-rectification and in cultivation. Exposing the evil and clarifying the truth to the people of this world is only to show them the persecution that Dafa and the disciples have endured, and its ultimate purpose is to save the people of this world, to get rid of the poison in sentient beings' minds that the evil has inundated them with, and to rescue them from the danger of being weeded out in the future due to their hostility toward Dafa. This is a reflection of Dafa disciples' grand mercy in saving sentient beings even while enduring persecution. From another angle, how could Gods and Buddhas get involved in humans' politics? Even less would Gods and Buddhas affirm the politics that appear in a warped human society.

Human society is a good place for cultivation, since everything here can lead to attachments. Precisely because of this, a person who is able to step out of it and get rid of all his attachments to human society is magnificent and is able to reach Consummation.

Li Hongzhi
June 4th, 2001

Note: Master wrote this new article particularly for students outside Mainland China. 

(The ClearWisdom Editors, June 6th, 2001)

(Translator's Note: The translation is subject to improvement to be closer to the original text. Latest update: March 20th, 2002)

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