June 1, 2001

An elderly male practitioner from Heze City, Shandong Province

[Minghui Net] The Yongan Road Detention Center in Nanyang City, Henan Province is a concentration camp for persecuting Dafa (great law and universal principle) practitioners.

In the first month of the 2001 Chinese lunar calendar (from January 24 to February 22, 2001), an elderly practitioner from Heze City, Shandong Province was escorted here from Beijing. He did not reveal his name and address, and was cruelly beaten by the vicious people at the detention center. The elderly man had gone on a hunger strike, requesting the end of the persecution and unconditional release of practitioners.

On the ninth day of the lunar month (February 1, 2001), around 8:00 a.m. or 9:00 a.m., the elderly man was called from the cell. The ruffians hung him on the door and window reinforcing bars with handcuffs and a belt. They hung one of his hands high in the air and only let his feet slightly touch the ground. The other hand was pulled to the other side and hung up. The elderly man was left hanging until 1:00 p.m., about four to five hours. He was kicking his feet, yet nobody cared. Prisoners were having lunch, yet no one allowed him to eat. At last he no longer moved. It was not until after a while that Wang Taicheng, the captain of Nanyang City Security Group and others discovered that he was motionless and set him to the ground, but the elderly man had already passed away.

Later on they called an ambulance and said to send him to the hospital, but he was never sent.

The ruffian who hung the elderly man was Zhang Tiangui, who was a prisoner in the labor camp and was serving as a roughneck for the vicious officials there. Zhang Tiangui also instigated prisoners Wang Sihai and Wang Jianmin to brutally beat Dafa practitioner Yang Deqi. Yang was bleeding through his nose; the guards took a look, yet they didn't care.

On the evening of the day that Zhang Tiangui had hung the elderly man from Shandong to death, Captain Wang Taicheng and others went to cell No. 4 and took pictures of dumplings, buns, etc., in order to make up evidence to say that the elderly man was dying because of a hunger strike instead of hanging. One policewoman purposely said to the prisoners: "Let's see whether you still want to go on a hunger strike. The elderly man fainted due to a hunger strike. After being sent to the hospital and saved by the doctors, he cried, told his name and address, and was permitted to go home." It's hard to believe that shameless lies like this can be spoken from the mouth of a police officer.

Other Persecution Facts in Nanyang City, Henan Province

On the sixth day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the ruffians force-fed the practitioners on a hunger strike. Strong prisoners beat and pressed the practitioners down; a policeman even dragged Zhu Youde (Dafa practitioner from Wadian Village of Wancheng District) by the arm and trampled on Zhu's ribs.

The City Security Group took turns interrogating practitioners. They handcuffed and hung those practitioners like the elderly practitioner from Shandong. They even sent practitioners to Hongyan Hotel, reserved a room and handcuffed Dafa practitioners to the overhead water pipes in the restroom. Dafa practitioners had to stand there for up to 29 hours, and were not even allowed to relieve themselves.

Wang Taicheng and others used Dafa practitioners as "live targets," walking away and then rushing back to jump and kick Dafa practitioners. Yet he shamelessly lied: "None of Nanyang's police had ever beaten Falun Gong practitioners!"

The law says pregnant women or women with a baby less than a year old should not be put into custody (referring to criminal detention, etc.). They should be allowed to go home and feed the baby, until the baby is one year old. Zhang Yanhua has a baby that is not yet a year old, but she has been illegally imprisoned for two months. She has not been allowed to go home to feed her baby even once. Her husband Ding Jianguo has been sent to Xuchang City for 2 and a half years of forced labor. Who is to look after the little baby?

Ma Gang from the oil field in Henan Province was shocked on his tongue by electric batons. His tongue was purple and so swollen that he had difficulty eating. He was sentenced to 3 years of forced labor, but was dismissed from the labor camp because he had higher than normal blood pressure in the medical exam. But he was still in custody here. The medicine brought by his family was not allowed to be sent in, and he was again sent to Xuchang City for forced labor.

Every Monday when family members are visiting, policeman Zhang Changyu would stand in front of the gate. Whenever family members of Falun Gong practitioners are sending in food, he would not allow it. On one hand, the police persuade those on a hunger strike to eat or be force-fed, on the other hand, they don't allow practitioners' family members to send in meals!

From here, 4 Dafa practitioners were sent to Xuchang City for forced labor in late February, including Ma Gang and Ding Jianguo. On March 13, another 14 practitioners were sent to labor camps (1 or 2 years), including Yang Quanbao, Jiang Shouhai, Wu Longjiang, Song Jiandong, Yang Deqi and others. Male practitioners were sent to Xuchang City, female practitioners were imprisoned in Xinzheng City.

Jin Shian (of Wolong People's Affairs Bureau) was detained here on January 26, and sent to Shangzhuang No. 1 Detention Center on March 14.

After Du Xu had been forcefully cremated, because they were afraid his father would sue them, they arrested his father Du Sian, 67, before the Spring Festival and detained him in No. 2 Detention Center during the Spring Festival. In the second month of the lunar calendar he was transferred to Yongan Road Detention Center. The elderly man had not appealed in Beijing after July 22, 1999. The reason for imprisoning him was that he still insisted on practicing Falun Gong. That was enough to warrant an arrest. There are only three choices if you practice: being expelled, labor re-education, or labor camp.

Yang Quanbao, Wu Zhonggan (66, from Guanhuang), Jiang Guangping, etc., were sent back from Beijing on January 7. They were first imprisoned in Yongan Road Detention Center. Without any legal procedure they were imprisoned for about one week. Then they were detained and sent to No. 2 Detention Center, illegally imprisoned for 30 to 40 days (exceeding the legal limit), and were then transferred back to Yongan Road to continue imprisonment.