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Reports from Duimiancheng Town

Dafa practitioner Sun Guijie, female, 33 years old, is a resident of Duimiancheng Town in Shuangcheng City. One evening in March 2000, when Sun's family was sound asleep at home, some town officials and over 5 town policemen burst into her home without any prior notice or warrant and unlawfully searched every corner of the house. They took all the Dafa books and illegally arrested Sun Guijie. They locked her up in the town cafeteria, along with several other Dafa practitioners. After detaining them for one night without any due process of law, the police transferred them to a warehouse, and used corporal punishment on them. They beat and cursed the practitioners and forced them to curse Master Li and badmouth his books. After one month of illegal detention, the local government coerced the practitioners' families to mortgage their houses and land as prerequisite for releasing the practitioners.

Several days later, to validate Dafa, Sun Guijie went to Beijing to appeal. She ended up being illegally imprisoned in the Shuangcheng City Detention Center. At the time of her arrest, the village secretary, Liu Chengjiang, seized the opportunity and tried to extort 2,000 Yuan RMB from her family. (about $230, monthly average wage in rural China is about $25-translator) Because Sun's husband didn't have the money, he had to mortgage the family's contracted land to pay off the extortion "debt." But that was not all. Liu Chengjiang then prohibited her family from planting crops on their land for 2 years. More money grabbing was to come. After Sun Guijie had been detained for 20 days, the Shuangcheng Detention Center asked the village to pay 600 Yuan (over $70) for Sun Guijie's release. Liu Chengjiang extorted 600 Yuan from Sun's husband to pay the detention center. Only then did they release Sun Guijie.

Six days later, Sun Guijie again went to Beijing to appeal, and was subsequently detained at Beijing's Baigumiao Detention Center where female police officers brutally beat her with a baton. She was so severely wounded that she couldn't even sit down or touch the pillow with her head when trying to sleep. Other practitioners there were also covered all over with cuts and bruises. Moreover, the villainous police especially hit the female practitioners' breasts. The female prisoners who were recruited by the police to beat up practitioners used outrageous and perverted means. For instance: they hit practitioners' faces with the bottoms of their heavy shoes and even repeatedly beat a single body part of a practitioner over 200 times.

Later, Sun Guijie was again detained by Shuangcheng Detention Center for over 2 months. To gain her release, she had a hard price to pay. She was finally released, but not before by Liu Chengjiang, the village head, extorted over 2,000 Yuan from her. [about $270.00] Another 2,000 Yuan had to be turned over to the Shuangcheng City "610" Office [established purposely to persecute Falun Gong practitioners --translator]. After she went home, Liu Chengjiang added additional time of withholding the contract lease time of public land for 6 more years. Hence, Sun Guijie's family was deprived of their right to use contracted land for a total of 9 years.

On January 17, 2001, people from the Duimiancheng Town, the Shuangcheng Investigation Brigade and the town police station forcibly detained Sun Guijie in the town government cafetaria. At the time of her detention, Sun was over 3 months pregnant. Despite her physical condition, she was still brutally beaten by a government-hired thug named Liu Xingwang. Because she was persistent in her faith in Falun Dafa, Sun was taken to Shuangcheng Detention Center. The detention center personnel refused to take her because she was pregnant. Even so, Sun was sent back to the cafeteria and again detained for over 1 month before she was released.

Eighteen other practitioners were detained along with her. They were Dong Fengqin, Wang Chunlai, Guo Yanling, Wang Shuzhi, Gao Huolan, Sun Yuhuan, Sun Zhanyun, Liu Xiufen, Dong Shengtian, Wang Chengying, Li Yanfen, and Dong Shijin. Two days later, five of them were transferred to the Shuangcheng Detention Center and illegally detained. Dafa practitioners Tang Fengjun, Ma Zhenyun, and Jiang Yahong went to Beijing to appeal and were illegally sentenced to one year in a labor camp.

Reports from Xiqin Towná

Cao Zhongqin, female, 42 years old, went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa in October 2000, but was caught by a police officer in the evening. He took her to a remote place and beat her up brutally. The male police officer kicked her chest and stomach with his heavy leather work-boots until she lost consciousness. Cao Zhongqin was later escorted back to Shuangcheng No. 2 Detention Center where she was illegally detained for 18 days. The "610" Office extorted 2,000 Yuan from her family before they released her. Twenty days later, officers from the town police station again arrested Cao Zhongqin. Arrested along with her were Wang Yufang and Yuan Zhiquan. At the police station, a police officer named Li Zhongge savagely beat her. He slapped her face, yanked her hair and banged her head against the wall, kicking her in the legs until Li Zhongge, the public servant, was exhausted. At night, she was made to sleep sitting on a low stool. Only family members provided food for her.

The police personnel at the station extorted 1,500 Yuan from Yuan Zhiquan's family before they released her.

Seven days later, people from the town police station arrested Cao Zhongqin and Wang Yutian's wife. The village secretary, Xu Zhenqian, brutally beat them and then told Wang Yutian to hand over 1,000 Yuan (about $120) extortion money in exchange for his wife's release. Cao Zhongqin was not released until six days later.

Also illegally imprisoned and persecuted were Ai Shen and Zhao Yankun. The latter had to pay 700 Yuan (about $80) extortion money to the local police station. Twenty- three others were imprisoned, including Qiao Chenghua, Xu Shufang, Kou Fangkai, Kou Fangqi, Han Yuxia, Xu Zhendong, Na Shuxian, Zhou Shuyun, Bai Jingzhi, and Yang Yuhua. Among them, five were sent to Shuangcheng Detention Center. The others were forced to pay an extortion sum of 1,000 Yuan each and were released only after being illegally detained for 20 to 25 days.

Kou Fangqi was forced to pay an extortion sum of 4,000 Yuan (about $490). Yang Yuhua's family's four-wheel cart was illegally confiscated and was never returned.

The town politics and law committee secretary, Wang Jiwen, brutally beat and fined the practitioners. One of Wang Jiwen's family members walked out of the house one day to empty a dirty water container. She slipped and broke both of her legs. This is an example of immediate retribution to the bad people and their families.á

Reports from Wanlong Towná

In February 2001, while Wanlong Town No. 2 Middle School teacher Yu Yongxin (female, 54 years old) was correcting papers for her students, the local politics and law committee secretary, Zhang Junguo, brought a group of men and took her forcibly away. They also locked up Dafa practitioners Wang Wenxia, Wang Jincheng, Ma Qingzhi, Chen Shuduo, Li Zhilian, and others on the second floor of the local government building. Several days later, Zhang and his mob arrested practitioners Hu Xiurong, Han Lingxiu and Chen Fuen and also locked them up on the second floor of the same building. By then 15 people, 4 males and 11 females, had been illegally arrested. Dafa practitioner Hu Xiurong felt sick and vomited, yet the temporarily hired guard didn't give him any water. They could only defecate inside the room. During that freezing cold winter, the vicious guards forced the practitioners to sleep on the brick floor without covers every day. The practitioners were allowed only two meals a day, with each meal consisting only of a single piece of cornbread that weighed less than 2 liang (around 3.5 ounces). The meal sometimes consisted only of half-raw corn flour porridge.

The town government assistant, Zhang Kuifeng, sadistically beat up Dafa practitioner Zhao Xiangji until his nose bled. Zhang Kuifeng also forced Zhao to curse Dafa and Master Li. When Zhao refused, he beat him. Practitioner Chen Shuduo has been beaten numerous times. Once Secretary Zhang Junguo asked Chen Shuduo whether she would continue practicing Falun Gong. Chen Shuduo insisted that she would, so Zhang Junguo brutally struck her face. Later, Chen Shuduo was interrogated by the police head Shao Xiaolin who slapped her on the face for her response of planning to continue cultivation in Falun Gong. Meanwhile, other practitioners, including Zhang Fengrong and Xue Dahua, were also severely beaten. However, that was not enough illegal punishment. The detained practitioners each had to pay 5,000 Yuan extortion money (about $600), and their and their sponsors' titles to their homes were confiscated.

The politics and law committee secretary Zhang Junguo and the chief of a police station, Pan Hongwei, treated practitioners in villainous ways. They frequently used foul, vulgar language. Once, in the name of "interrogation," Zhang Junguo took a female practitioner to the third floor and tried to rape her, but because of the practitioner's determined resistance, he failed. á

Reports from Xingfu Town

I am a Dafa practitioner in Xingfu Town. On February 6, 2001, I was arrested and by use of force put in a "reform class" [held to brainwash practitioners--translator]. Later, they arrested 3 more practitioners. Upon entering the door, the thugs ordered the practitioners to curse Master Li, and they beat up those who disobeyed. Dong Jun refused to curse and was grabbed by the collar until she almost choked. They also threw her against a wall, and kicked and beat her. At 5 pm, they arrested 22-year-old Wang Wei. They constantly beat every part of her from head to toe, but still couldn't shake Wang Wei's belief in Dafa. A town government leader, Qu Deping, along with several other thugs dragged her to the female dorm and continued to abuse her. They violently beat her with leather whips. As a result she passed out twice, and was covered all over with cuts and bruises. Over 200 clearly visible scars resulted from the beatings all over her body. That was not the end of the vicious maltreatment. The mobsters also whipped her hands and feet with bamboo sticks.

On February 3, a Dafa practitioner went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa. The town government officials were punished for allowing this to happen. The vicious rogues then took out their spite on us. They carried out barbaric persecution on us 5 males and 11 females. Four of the thugs took turns beating us with leather clubs and bamboo sticks. Our bodies became black and blue all over. The beatings were so savage that in places, even our flesh was detached from the bones. During this process, the villains watched us and didn't allow us to speak with one another. This is what happened in the "reform class" -- we were thoroughly deprived of our freedom and abused. á

May 2001