June 1, 2001

[Minghui Net] Since the publication of Minghui Editorial article "Send Forth Righteous Thoughts," Dafa [Great Law and Principles] practitioners in the human world, as well as beings from different levels of the cosmos that have been rectified by Dafa, are all participating in this sacred battle to eliminate the evils. The magnificence and greatness of this combat is beyond imagination. "In the end, thousands of energy channels will join together and turn one's body into one without any energy channels or acupuncture points; they will join together to make one whole body. This is the ultimate purpose of opening energy channels." ("Heavenly Circuit" of Zhuan Falun) My personal understanding is that the above statement by our teacher also tells us the ultimate goal of the Fa [Law and Principles] rectification: all the righteous energy throughout the cosmos joins together without any energy channels or acupuncture points. There will be no space for the vices to exist or germinate. The rectified cosmos will be perfectly harmonious, capable of self-repairing, and flourishing forever.

Being in such a great and critical time, we need to be aware that the evils should not exist, and we should use our entire gong potency and supernormal abilities to eradicate evils. Whenever I calmed down and silently recited, "The Fa rectifies the cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated," I immediately felt as if energy from the cosmos had gathered inside me and my body was becoming larger and larger. Wherever my enlarged body reached, all the vices there were annihilated. Sometimes, they were exterminated as soon as my mind reached there, even before I took any action. At that moment, the deep feeling I had was not how great I was. Instead, I felt immersed in Dafa, together with all the righteous energy in the cosmos. By then, I had some further understandings of "assimilating to Dafa." My personal understanding is that the lives assimilated to a certain level of Dafa are the manifestation of that level of Dafa and stay together with that level of Dafa. Their power is the power of the Fa at that level. After the Fa rectifies a being, it could be everlasting. When a being is truly immersed in the Fa, no distinction between the individual and the Fa can be sensed, since they have joined to become one and that being has turned into a particle of the Fa.

As a practitioner who is still cultivating, I sometimes cannot reach that high pureness. However, whenever I silently recited the verse from our teacher, it strengthened me with energy and enhanced my righteous mind. The verse from our teacher is Fa, and it has divine power. Whenever my mind calmed down, I would silently recite, "The Fa rectifies the cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated" in my heart. I would recite it hundreds of times, no matter while waiting for the bus, walking, or having a meal. Although it cannot be heard in this dimension, it can be deafeningly loud in other dimensions. If all we Dafa practitioners can do so, the vices will have nowhere to hide, and no choice but to be eradicated. Let all join together and do it, until that day comes when "The Fa rectifies the cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated."