June 11, 2001


1. Notice on Revisions

Minghui.org will sometimes makes revisions to articles that have already been posted on the site, which include correcting typos and incorrect words, deleting an entire article, and adding new articles. New additions will usually be labeled with a "New" icon. For those practitioners who are putting together Dafa materials, please be sure to download the newest version.

2. Concerning the Hand Gestures for 'Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts'

Since the publication of Master's new article "Teaching the Fa at the 2001 Canada Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference," many practitioners both overseas and in China have raised the following questions:

  1. When sending forth righteous thoughts with one hand held vertically in front of chest, do we hold the left hand up for male and right hand up for female, and is it the lotus palm?
  2. Do we need to conjoin the hands (Jieyin) or press the hands together in front of the chest (Heshi) when we finish sending forth righteous thoughts?

We have already responded to many on an individual basis. However, because we continue to receive such inquiries from all over, with the approval of Master, we are hereby formally posting the following explanation:

  1. Use the right hand to do the holding of the palm vertically in front of the chest regardless of whether you are male or female. Hold the hand naturally and in a relaxed manner up in front of the chest. The natural position when the hand is not held stiffly is fine. It is a hand posture for sending out supernormal abilities and not an exercise movement for practicing gong. Therefore, it does not matter whether one uses the lotus palm or not.
  2. It is not necessary to conjoin hands (Jieyin) or press the hands together (Heshi) when finishing.
  3. Minghui.org will soon publish Master's photos. At that time, please do the movements in accordance with what Master says and does.