[Minghui Net] On April 25, 1999, ten thousand Falun Gong practitioners peacefully appealed for help. Now two years have passed and on the eve of the second anniversary of the "4.25" event, overseas Falun Gong practitioners have announced two latest documents: One is Jiang Zemin's letter on April 25, 1999, to the standing committee members in [party name omitted] Political Bureau; the other is Jiang Zemin's speech on June 7, 1999, about the suppression of Falun Gong in the Political Bureau. These two statements fully explain that Jiang Zemin's suppression of Falun Gong is not simply "in order to protect people's benefit," but completely stems from his consolidating individual dictatorship. A lot of kind people do not understand: if Jiang Zemin's suppression of Falun Gong is "in order to protect people's benefit," why must he use evil means to frame people with stolen goods, fabricate rumors, slander, etc. Now this can all be clearly explained. It is all because Jiang Zemin's has an ulterior motivation.

Looking back carefully at the Chinese government's numerous plots against Falun Gong, we have discovered that when the "4.25" event began, a great political plot also went into motion.

As every one knows, the direct cause for the "4.25" event is Tianjin police's use of violence to suppress Falun Gong practitioners. Under induction from related government personnel, Falun Gong practitioners believed that the solution required striving for Beijing's support, and so they rushed to Beijing to the State Appealing Office. The goal was to solve the problem through peaceful appeals and the target was the State Appealing Office. No one had intentions to talk with the [party name omitted] Central Committee and the central authorities. They were all completely in line with benevolence and in line with believing that the government could solve the problem. Lest to say, it was nothing like what was propagandized by the government; that the government officers were frightened and so on. One can get just a glimpse of the situation from the dialogue between Premier Zhu and the practitioners on that day. Premier Zhu asked, "Why did you come? Who asked you to come?" Many practitioners said, "We have come to voice issues concerning Falun Gong, nobody has organized us." Premier Zhu also asked, "Why don't you write appeal letters for help? Why are there so many people here?" Many practitioners replied to the question, "We have written bags of letters, but have not received a response" Premier Zhu said, "I have written a reply to your issues." Hearing this, the practitioners were surprised, "We have not received it" [Notes from editor: Those who plotted the scheme purposely hid the response sent by Premier Zhu]. The Premier then let us elect several individuals to further explain the situation inside, many practitioners raised their hands to volunteer. The Premier randomly chose several people as representatives and asked them to enter the State Council. Many people witnessed the situation. After "4.25," on the very same day, the issue was solved. All Falun Gong practitioners, the nation and even the world gave an extremely good opinion, praising how this violent event had been peacefully resolved. At that time, both Falun Gong practitioners and the leaders in the State Council were applauded for resolving this problem created by a few wicked persons.

But this was only the impression of the good people. Those long premeditating persons had already secretly planned out their plot. It is a coincidence that the State Appealing Office is located exactly on the west gate of Zhongnanhai -- the compound head quarters of the Chinese [party name omitted] Central Committee and the State Council. This fact was used by those people and the original facts of going to the State Appealing Office was twisted into what was labeled as "gathers" who were "surrounding" Zhongnanhai. (we know from the report that it was the police who guided Falun Gong practitioners into dividing on to two roads, so that they formed circles outside the fence around Zhongnanhai, making it look like they were "surrounding" it). In people's eyes, Zhongnanhai is the [party name omitted] Central Committee and the State Council. Isn't this what was turned into "surrounding the Central Party Committee" and "surrounding the State Council"? Actually, if the State Council Appealing Office were in Qianmen, or another place, then Falun Gong practitioners would have gone there instead. Then they would not have gone to "surround Zhongnanhai," but to "surround the Qianmen" or "surround" another place. Therefore naming the "4.25" appeals event as "the Zhongnanhai incident," already indicates one of the numerous political misleads. This label falsely suggests that the event was targeting the [party name omitted] Central Committee and the central authorities. Although Falun Gong practitioners have repeatedly stated "Falun Gong does not participate in politics," many people cannot agree because this political mislead has played an extremely important role, subtly influencing people.

We hereby emphatically explain that the "4.25" event was a peaceful appeal for help that was labeled as "the Zhongnanhai incident." Public opinion and good people should no longer be deceived by this political snare.