May 30, 2001, at noon U.S. Eastern Time

To date, Dafa disciples around the world have twice joined efforts and sent forth righteous thoughts as one mind, using the determined righteous thoughts and the enormous abilities we have developed through our cultivation in Dafa, to eliminate all evil in the Three Realms that damages Dafa. It's been really effective! This is something unprecedented in history. At the same time that we're increasing the depth and expanding the scope of our strong efforts to clarify the truth and expose the evil, we are also completing the great historic mission that Dafa has given us by doing this special and direct type of action, and are establishing great and sacred mighty virtue for Dafa and Dafa disciples.

When Master taught the Fa in Canada on May 19th of this year, he warned us:

"...when this evil sees that it's going to be eliminated, it runs totally rampant. It is bad, it is venomous, and it is evil. And just like poison, if you want it not to poison people it can't do that--that's just how it is. So in the process of eliminating it, don't be lenient at all--just eliminate it! Here I'm not referring to humans, but to those evil beings that manipulate humans." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2001 Canada Fa Conference")

We, too, have all seen that the remaining evil forces are still using the bad notions in people's minds to persecute Dafa and bring chaos to the Three Realms in every way they can. The evil must be completely eliminated. On the evening of June 3rd (Sunday), Beijing time, all of the Dafa disciples around the world will again join together and send forth righteous thoughts as one mind, fundamentally and completely eradicating the evil forces that damage Dafa!

On June 3rd (Sunday), at 17:00, 18:00, and 19:00 sharp, Beijing time (please refer to the time table for your local times), for at least five minutes each time, Dafa disciples around the world will again think together in their minds: Eradicate all evil in the Three Realms that damages Dafa, encompassing all of it and leaving out none. And they will silently recite the Fa-rectifying verse that Master often uses: "The Fa rectifies the cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated." (*Chinese Pinyin for this verse is provided in the footnote for your reference.)

This can be done in any setting--even if you are walking, eating, working, etc. Focus your mind, and you can either sit in a meditation position or not. But you must send forth righteous thoughts to eradicate the evil. While sending forth the righteous thoughts, imagine that you are like a god, as tall as heaven and incomparably noble, with an enormous body. You have to focus your efforts on your thinking, and send forth the purest and most determined righteous thoughts.





Note: For your local times, please refer to Time Conversion Table for "Send Forth Righteous Thoughts for the Third Time, and Eradicate the Evil".
* Chinese Pinyin for the verse "The Fa rectifies the cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated":

(If you are not familiar with Pinyin, you may get help from Chinese practitioners in your area)

Pronunciation of the verse:

fah jhung chyen kwun, shyeh uh chew-en mieh