Practitioners outside China did a tremendous amount of work to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa during the UN Human Rights Commission Meeting in Geneva. Wherever they were and wherever they went, they explained the truth to people. They collected signatures, held press conferences, and attended various human rights meetings. The night before the Human Rights Committee vote whether or not to single out China for human rights violations, a candlelight vigil was held simultaneously around the globe. From Geneva to Toronto, from Washington DC to Hong Kong, from Frankfurt to Japan, Dafa practitioners are everywhere.

Using money and influence, Jiang Zemin's group again achieved the most notorious veto against censure. The US resolution before the Human Rights Commission, to condemn China's human rights record, was voted down. But Dafa practitioners' continuous efforts allowed more and more people to understand the truth about Falun Dafa and the persecution of practitioners in China, and revealed the Jiang Zemin group's criminal acts of violence, exposing their deceptive scheme, which uses rumors and lies.

Because of the practitioners' effort of clarifying the truth, more and more governments, institutions, and organizations have stepped forward to support justice and help to protect human rights, to resist this tyrannical rule, and oppose persecution. More and more people's minds and bodies are purified during this time of the Fa-rectification. Inside China, this persecution running amok is unable to stop the Fa-rectification process. Labor camps, tortures, and even persecuting unto death, have not been able shake cultivators' strong belief in "Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance," the base principles of Falun Dafa. No matter how overly publicized the slander has been, it cannot withstand a single flyer that clarifies the truth.

The vicious people fear most the revelation of their crimes. Exposing the viciousness is to eliminate the viciousness. Under these malicious rumors and slander, people who still have compassion are most in need of knowing the truth. We have to save the innocent and the predestined people. Clarifying truth is to save people. The Fa gave us power, which is for us to protect Dafa, instead of flaunting it; the Fa gave us compassion, which is for us to pay karma and save people, instead of enjoying it. Those who only want the benefits of Dafa but don't want to pay the price are the worst lives in Gods' eyes. Lives are created by Dafa and should be used to validate Dafa. Lives are created for cultivating Dafa and will obtain their eternal life for validating Dafa.

For those predestined people who have a chance to cultivate, Master is enduring every minute and every second. Dafa's principles are emerging ever more clear. Master's earnest expectation is shown in his plain human language. Practitioners in jails are suffering with blood and tears, and waiting for fellow practitioners who want to but still have not stepped out of their human limitations to take action. Practitioners who have lost their homes and withstood exposure, deprivation and hunger have spent all they have and have overcome all kinds of difficulties in order to clarify the truth and assist Master for the Fa rectification.

Lives are precious. To save all beings, and to avoid lives' being eliminated and destroyed in each level while painfully paying back all of their wrongdoings, Master went through untold hardships and used all he had to save us. He endures uncounted karma for us. He keeps enlightening us in our cultivation. He watches over our safety. He balances the debts that we owe in different levels. Yet, what he gives us is unimaginable and almost unbearable happiness. For all of these, what kind of life can remain indifferent, not coming out to protect Dafa and even go to the opposite side when the vicious people persecute Dafa? If nothing in the Fa-rectification can enlighten a life, what else can save him? The only thing waiting for this life is historic elimination. Master's compassion cannot be described with words. It is as immense as the whole universe and every life is steeped in it. But, all lives have to choose their own paths.

In the future, billions of people will attain the Fa. A person who doesn't believe Falun Dafa is good will be eliminated. Currently in China, not only those who are deceived will be eliminated, but also many predestined and innocent people. All are lives created by the Fa; few are born while Dafa is spread. Cultivators who understand the truth of the universe should be aware of the preciousness of life, and about the compassion of saving lives. In order not to be eliminated in the Fa-rectification, these people are waiting for us to clarify the truth to them. Possibly, a piece of information that clarifies the truth can clear away the vicious thought in his mind of hating Dafa and thus save his life. With just one more practitioner's joining the team of clarifying the truth, and with just one more piece of truth information distributed, there will be hope for one more life.

It has been two years from April 25, 1999, until April 25, 2001, is not really all that long. But within these two years, we have lost more than 190 lives that were seeking the truth of the universe. Among them were old people, young people, middle-aged people as well as an eight-month-old infant. In less than one month, during the Human Rights Commission Meeting in Geneva, at least 15 more cultivators were persecuted to death.

April 25, 2001, is not the only commemorative day. From practitioners appealing at the Beijing Appeal's Office of the State Council on April 25, 1999, until today, every day has been a great day of validating and protecting Dafa. On April 25, 1999, Dafa practitioners began the heroic journey of protecting Dafa in this Fa-rectification era. From then on, not even for a single day have practitioners stopped validating Dafa. Regardless how tremendous the pressure is, and how severe the persecution has been, Dafa practitioners have clarified the truth. In many countries and nations, from China to overseas, Dafa practitioners have clarified the truth. People of all ages, from old people to young children, no boundaries, regardless races and ages, Dafa practitioners have been clarifying the truth, to governments and general populations, displaying great benevolence and forbearance. We have no reason to fear or passively bear the persecution. All evil and filth will vanish into nothingness in front of the mighty Buddha Law. Whether it happened in the past, current, or in the future, "Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance" are the only criteria to judge and treat everything. As human defenders of the truth of the universe, we have the sacred duties of exposing evil and eliminating evil. Clarifying the truth to everyone and rectifying the Fa in the human world is also the responsibility of Falun Dafa practitioners, not just for April 25, but every day, until the Fa rectifies the human world.

Provided by Beijing practitioner

April 20, 2001