[Minghui Net] Around Chinese New Year, groups of Beijing Dafa practitioners who went to Tiananmen Square to validate Fa on January 1st were sent from the Chaoyang District Detention Center to Tiantanghe Labor Camp to receive further persecution. Non-local practitioners who didn't reveal their names were beaten severely to the point that their bodies were covered with bruises. Some practitioners' faces were beaten until they were unrecognizable, and some practitioners were splashed with cold water and placed outside to freeze. Others were sent to police stations to be beaten until they were covered with wounds, only to be returned later. Some policemen even set fire to Teacher's picture. When practitioners threw themselves on the fire to extinguish it and save the picture, they were beaten severely.

Before New Year's Day, there was a practitioner in the Chaoyang District Detention Center whose leg was broken by the beatings. He was sent to the labor camp wearing a splint. There was also a Beijing practitioner there who refused to reveal his name. As a result, he was whipped in the face by a guard named Li with the sole of his shoe. This practitioner's eye sockets became lined with blood. There was a non-local female practitioner there who went on a hunger strike. As punishment, a guard named Zhang ordered prisoners to undress her in front of everyone to publicly humiliate her. Zhang also often slanders Dafa with foul words. If anyone goes on a hunger strike, he would be first in line to punch and kick the practitioner along with the head guard. Afterwards, the practitioner would be sent to the discipline room. There, an evil policewoman, Shun Weijia (directly responsible for the death of practitioner Mei Yulan), would further beat the practitioner and tie him to a cross-shaped apparatus. It is a piece of wood, with two drilled holes, where one's legs are tied. On the bottom, there is a horizontal bar, which separates the arms. One is then tied down with tape. If the practitioner yells, they would fill his mouth with socks and tape it shut. The practitioner is tied there, without any heavy clothing. The door is then opened wide to let the cold wind come in. The practitioner freezes there and is not allowed to use the restroom. There was a female practitioner who endured this for two and a half days. Her clothes were soaked from her own excrement. Prison guards also made prisoners stay up all night with practitionersincluding them in the persecution.

Force-feeding is a cruel yet common form of torture used against Dafa practitioners. Policewoman Shun Weijia not only has zero repentance toward Mei Yulan's death, but instead she says that she loves to see female practitioners being force-fed, and that there is nothing wrong about a practitioner's death.

A 64-year-old practitioner went to Tiananmen Square twice before New Year's Day to hold up banners. She was arrested several times and refused to give her name. She had her face stepped upon by the police, got a black eye, and lost a tooth. When she was force-fed, she tossed away the feeding tube. As punishment, she was tied up and frozen outside. After a period of time, the police had no choice but to release her. However, after getting back home, she was tricked into going back the police station, and they sent her to the detention center. The officials there showed her an affidavit coercing her to "confess," but she refused to look at it. They tried to read it to her, but she refused to listen to it. The officials told her that she was being detained, and she replied that it was illegal detention. This Dafa practitioner, perhaps, has been already sent to a labor camp.

During the detention, the practitioners often recited Teacher's Jinwen and practiced the sitting meditation together. As a result, the prisoners have learned some Falun Dafa principles. Some have even joined in reciting Teacher's articles. Everyone knows that "Falun Dafa is good" and that one should be a good person. The entire body of practitioners in the unit also clarified the truth about the "self-immolation incident" to the officials. They also demanded to restore the reputation of Falun Dafa's innocence, to restore the reputation of Teacher Li, and to release all innocent Dafa practitioners.

A Dafa practitioner who was tied to a cross