Police officers from the local police station, along with members of the Politics & Law Committee in Facheng town, in Haiyang city, went to practitioners' homes on Chinese Lunar New Year's Day. Their intention was to arrest practitioners. Confronted with the righteous thoughts and firm faith of Dafa practitioners, the police failed to accomplish their purpose. Two weeks later, on the evening of the Lantern Festival, they again broke into practitioners' homes, and this time took them by force, not even allowing time for practitioners to put their shoes on. Four policemen held the arms and legs of one practitioner, and threw him into the van. Practitioners were sent to four places to be "transformed"[severely pressured to recant]. They were supposed to bring their own blankets, and sleep on straw, as there were no beds. The meal each day was only a few buns. Family members were not allowed to visit, or to bring any food. The police forced practitioners to stand outdoors for long hours every day.

The local police station in Facheng treated practitioners brutally, with all kinds of instruments , including rubber belt, electric batons and handcuffs. They hung practitioners up in the air, and took turns beating them every day.

We practitioners appeal to those people from Haiyang Police Department, and Politics & Law Committee: "Please think about what you have done. Stop doing evil, and leave a way for yourselves in the future."

Brutal Officer Responsible: Liu Chunfu from Facheng local police station in Haiyang city.

Written on February 26, 2001 by Dafa practitioner