[Minghui Net]

Recently, Jiang Zemin's regime has conducted an "Anti-Falun Gong, Million Signature Movement." The Chinese Government has videotaped the "signing," and will distribute these tapes during the United Nations Human Rights Conference in Geneva this March. Jiang's purpose is to prove, to the world, that China's human rights are "at their best" and that these signatures reflect the "the wish of Chinese people."

As we all know, like any past Communist political movement, this "signing" is not all voluntary.

According to Minghui (http://www.clearwisdom.net), Qu Mingjun, an eight-year-old child, wrote: "The other day, our teacher at school told us that we all should sign the Anti-Falun Gong movement. I refused to sign. We were looking for opportunities to escape, but our teacher stood in front of us the whole time. So I was forced to sign my name. I felt like crying when I got home. Therefore, I am writing this letter to invalidate my signature."

Fendou elementary school, located in Daqing city, Heilongjiang Province, made all of its students sign their names to the petition. Any child who refused to sign was forced to sign by two policemen.

The Department of Daqing Petroleum Management and Educational Center promoted this Anti-Falun Gong Movement in different schools. The Department staff demanded that every single worker sign this petition. If they did not sign, they were threatened with "expulsion from their position and detention in a labor re-education camp." They were told such guidance came from "above." Retired employees were not exempt. Anyone who refused to sign was threatened with: "expulsion, cessation of wages, termination of pension, seizure of home...." Those who still refused to sign were to be sent to "re-education detention."

Videos of this "Million Signature Movement" will be used at the March United Nations Human Rights Conference in Geneva to show the world that the Annual Report on Human Rights issued by the U.S. State Department is flawed. The State Department's Annual Report (February 6, 2001) finds that Chinese human rights are deteriorating. The Report indicates there is cruel treatment to non-registered religious groups. It also points out how the Chinese Government has sent hundreds of Falun Gong practitioners to jails, labor camps, and mental hospitals. The Report also indicates that more than 100 jailed Falun Gong practitioners have been tortured to death by the Chinese Government. U.S. President George W. Bush's Administration is preparing to bring up the Resolution concerning the serious Human Rights violations in China during the United Nations Human Rights Conference.

Some political observers believe that Jiang Zemin's mandatory "Million Signature Movement" will, itself, provide the international community first-hand evidence of Jiang Zemin's violation of Chinese people's human rights.