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Reader's Letter: Inconsistencies in the Self-Immolation Incident

a.áWang Jindong before the self-immolation

b. Wang Jindong after the self-immolation. á

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1.ááááá There are some photos of Wang Jindong before and after the self-immolation posted on news websites in China. From these photos, we found that in the first photo, the cast of Wang's face is thin. He has a black mole on his forehead and his forehead is flat; it also looks as if he has a small body frame. But the "Wang Jindong" at the self-immolation has a big face, wide and bulging forehead, is large-framed and stout (see photo). We wonder if they could be the same person? I suspect there may be a true Wang Jindong, as well as a fake one.

2. The Wang Jindong at the self-immolation has a neat edge between his forehead and his hair. His face is out of proportion. It looks like he may be wearing a wig or mask. His face and clothes were not burned much. According to reports, he was able to shout slogans loudly and strongly push away the fire blanket. He was then able to sit down, loosely cross his legs and conjoin his hands. All of these show that he wasn't seriously burned at all. But the news report claimed, "There were four people with large areas of their bodies burned. Their tracheas [throats] were cut open to allow them to breathe. They all regained consciousness after their emergency treatment." [And one of those sang afterwards, according to another report!] How to explain these conflicting reports? There is only one answer: it is just a show. [Note: hand position is as it should be for a male practitioner, but the leg position is loose. This suggests the burn victim would not be a practitioner.]

3. The policeman on the right side of Wang seemed merely posing for the photographer. The photo doesn't show any movement of urgent fire fighting and he looked quite calm. The fire blanket in his hand was still and is hanging downward.

4. The news report said that Wang was the organizer of this incident, but he was burned the least from looking into the reports. Why wasn't he interviewed? He wasn't even brought out afterwards to speak about the incident. They didn't have any follow-up details of his condition. Instead, they kept bothering the little girl who was "severely injured." Chen Guo's mother Hao Huijun did not come out to speak either, nor was there any follow-up report on her.

5. In such a serious case, everything related to this incident should have been clear after more than a week's investigation. How come there wasn't any report on the other people who coordinated this incident (sending the self-immolation people there, and acting afterwards)?

6. Regardless of the reports' conflicts on the sequence of setting the fire, according to one of their reports, Wang was the first one who ignited himself and was saved with four fire extinguishers and fire-extinguishing blankets. Where did the fire extinguishers and fire blankets come from? It took police less than a minute to extinguish the fire, but the other four who ignited themselves nearby a few minutes later were badly injured and one even died. Having saved Wang, shouldn't the rescuers be in better position to save the others? [Fire blankets, at least in the US, do not burn and are very reusable.]

7. On January 27, the foreign media reported that the police rushed five people to Jishuitan Hospital, which is famous for treating serious burn traumas. Except for the person who died at the scene on January 23, the other four are being treated in the north second building of the hospital's burn unit. A doctor on duty said, "The self-immolation patients are being treated in the burn unit's patient ward." When the reporter called the duty room of that patient ward and asked if there were any new deaths among the self-immolation patients, the nurse answered without a second thought, "No. They are all fine!" In the meantime, the four of them are under 24-hour police surveillance and the public cannot get close to their room at all.


The Xinhua News Agency had conflicting information of "one man and four women" and "one woman and four men" in their early reports. When CCTV (Chinese Central TV Station) showed their sensational report with voice and images, the situation of the self-immolation survivors changed dramatically. At first it was, "all four are fine," then it suddenly changed to "they were too injured to be seen." Yet, they were still capable of being actively interviewed to fit the needs of the authorities [to try to lay blame on Falun Gong]. Note, the number of people in the self-immolation incident jumped from five to seven. Such dramatic changes may only be seen at the theater, and they may have used more than one set of actors. There were many people involved, including those who set fire in front of the camera, the policemen on the scene, foreign reporters, TV photographers, those who were interviewed, doctors, nurses, etc. The details are complex and unstable. The understanding of the policemen and the people is not as controllable as what the leaders' had expected. Not surprisingly, there are much internal inconsistencies during this short operation.

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